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  2. I use Meguiars shampoo I bought in Halfords. Its not as foamy as others I’ve used and therefore not as lubricating. I use Megs quick detailer to spray and wipe off after a wash. Smells lush and makes it shiny. No idea if it’s doing anything other than snake oil effect . I use bilthamber surfex degreaser for inner wheel arches. Excellent stuff. I’ve ditched 2 bucket method and gone for 1 bucket 5 different mitt method lol. I try and strike a balance and not clean or touch bodywork of car too much. Mainly through the winter my cleaning has been jack up each corner and using a fan pattern spray the suspension bits I can see to try to try and de salt (you’ll never do it all), degrease wheel arches and de crud arch inside lips. Then I get out my touch up pen and repair any stone chips on the leading edge of the sills.
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    With enough notice (ie couple of weeks) i can be free for a SS / Jacks Sunday morning butty run and meet. If further afield then preferably a bit more notice. What about a ‘pilgrimage’ to the ACE cafe?
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    Ah yes. I've often seen similar gatherings of cars at Jacks as I drive past coming back from the Super Sausage. Parking for 50 cars is about the same as the SS?
  7. Meets

    Hi Benoir, hear what you're saying as regards the weather. The pics from the Cayman ragtop meet shows all the cars ending up black from the road grime but they have another run to Wales for the 8th of April so hopefully the conditions will be kinder. Normally around 10 Boxters, 2 of us in Caymans and one or two 911s attend. Did not make the RPM meet unfortunately, Maybe next time.
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    Always up for a Super Sausage visit. A little further north up the A5 is Jack's Hill Cafe, some Friday evenings they have a car meet which attracts all sorts of classic and sports cars, bikes and hot rods.
  9. Meets

    I was planning one the other week but the snow kind of delayed events. Happy for others to arrange something at at any time - but I’ll get the usual meet back up and going again shortly. Did you come along to the RPM meet Keith?
  10. Meets

    Is everyone still hibernating for the winter. Even the guys have awakened for 2018 and meeting up with tops down. Surely it must be time to grab a super sausage and a cuppa !!! Any takers out there with a different venue in mind possibly ?
  11. There are several of these threads already active but... I generally just rinse my car down with a Karcher to remove most of the dirt. The amount of mileage I do (800 miles per week to and from London) means the car is never clean for long and taking time over keeping it spotless is an exercise in futility. From next week my mileage will drop drastically so my car will do less miles and require less cleaning.
  12. Interested to what you drive. Favourite Car cleaning brands used. How often you clean your car? I Currently drive a Mondeo Estate, I use many different brands including but not limited to, Bilt Hamber, Auto Finesse, Meguairs, Autosmart, Valet Pro, Autoglym. (The List goes on) I aim to clean my car Every weekend, Normally an hour quick safe wash and dry then will take the time to Wax it once a month or so. Look forward to seeing your Replies!
  13. Any recommendations for a paint shop that can repair stone chips, a small scratch and repaint my rear wing? I live on Teesside. Also does anyone know the name of the colour the gloss black goes by that is used on the side intakes?
  14. Which snow foam?

    My go to after trying lots is either Valet Pro PH Neutral or Valet Pro Advanced neutral snow foam. Its well priced and works really well. Doesn't affect the Wax/Coating thats applied while breaking down the road film and grime making you barely have to touch it with the Mitt.
  15. As Stated above, I wouldn't recommend trying ceramic coat unless you know what you are doing. There is a specific way it needs to be done and in a certain environment etc. Also there is not much point unless the paint has been corrected in the first instance or you will lock the swirls or scratches underneath the coat. Badly Installed Consumer ceramic coat can be removed by machine polishing but it would take time and would be expensive. Badly installed Professional Ceramic coat will require wetsanding to remove. For DIY a good Sealant and wax will still do wonders, Will also have a filling affect to a point if you do not correct your paint first to hide or mask swirls but most of all it will ensure your paint is Protected.
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  17. Which track days are you on in 2018 ?

    Ive never been mate. Where is it?
  18. Cast aluminium internal door handles

    Yeah, the interior door handles in the 9x7 have always been a let down. 9x6 has metal ones and they feel much nicer. Some cast aluminium handles would be a really nice finishing touch. I've seen the idea discussed before, but don't think it's ever actually been done.
  19. Thanks all, some helpful advice and recommendations here , cheers
  20. RS day vids from my car

    That’s ‘cos you were goin so fast (and I was going so slow) that you must have blinked as you past me and therefore missed me.... 🤔🤪
  21. RS day vids from my car

    Don't think I saw you out on track all day. Must have been on different shift
  22. Which track days are you on in 2018 ?

    Look forward to it.
  23. Which track days are you on in 2018 ?

    Grand, see you there Malcolm and welcome to the COC... 😉😁 I’ll be in a white 987.2 S, I’ll look out for you in your 718.
  24. Which track days are you on in 2018 ?

    I am doing the morning at the PCGB event too.
  25. Which snow foam?

    @idlewild they very much aren't. That's coming from someone that develops products for manufacturers across world for a living
  26. RS day vids from my car

    I need to tap him up for some (a lot of!) coaching then 😉🏎👍🏻 I felt like like I was driving Miss Daisy round most of the day 🤔🙄
  27. RS day vids from my car

    Spud who was driving the Boxster is a very good driver
  28. Which track days are you on in 2018 ?

    Just booked the morning session of the August 10th PCGB ‘drive your Porsche at the Silverstone PEC’ event. Anyone else going? Jason
  29. RS day vids from my car

    Great videos Andy, nicely driven as usual. Although your race Boxster seemed to be being driven even better... 😉🏎🏎🏎👍🏻 i just want to get out to another event now 🤔 All the best Jason
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