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  2. Where are we planning to meet up as Warwick services is too far north for you I think and Oxford services is past the A34 turn off. By the way if anyone would like to join us to tag along feel free to come to the meeting place and anyone a bit further North I will be coming right past Solihull Porsche Centre if you would like to join me. Dunc I trust you have found a good place for breakfast on route and ice cream and fish and chips oh and nearly forgot Pancakes, actually shall we go back to the Evo Triangle and the Country Cooks Cafe lol...
  3. Today
  4. Thanks Barry, I had it looked at by a specialist who can't hear anything unusual! Checked the water pump etc. Could it be the normal sound of the timing chain? I can only hear the noise inside the cabin. Being my first Porsche I don't know what is normal and what is unusual.
  5. Yes fine to sort out parking on the day and will have the flag Can also sort out a meet time and place near by like I did last time so we can all drive in together?, services on the M27 near rownhams Myself and Keith will be meeting up on the M40 and then coming down the A34 down to the M4, ECT if anyone wants to tag along
  6. Don't rely on the marshals' as they will be extremely busy trying to clear the queues. Beanoir, if you can try to obtain a map with the designated area and post it here, that would be a big help. Nick
  7. Great work Beanoir, thanks! As for the rest of us, if anyone's up for "Convoying" , we should discuss here. I'm based "South of Beaulieu" in Poole, but happy to drive and meet somewhere up the M27/M3 ? One of the major services on either might be easiest....Rownhams (M3/M27 cross over) is the closest to the venue, followed by Winchester Southbound (further North). Re timings....PCGB are meeting at Ringwood Services 9am, and closer to the venue at 920am, so I'm guestimating we need to target an ETA of 930am at Beaulieu. Am open to suggestions, but as an example, it's 13 miles from Rownhams Services to the car museum ......say 25-30 mins drive at non warp speeds, so could meet circa 830am and hit the road 9am
  8. That's my concern with regards Db levels, annoying as it is. I don't want to prevent myself ever being able to do a trackday in it as these cars are so capable in that environment. Maybe I need to bite the bullet and go for the more expensive valved systems for the best of both worlds. Its farcical that you can be as loud as you like on the public roads but have to be quieter on a race track idiot councils. Do you guys with PSE get on a trackday okay? Anyone know what Db level they push? I even wonder if a valved system with sport cats would pass under 105db on a CR ?
  9. If anybody wants a CR exhaust to send to Gert to convert then mine is up for grabs guys! Gert ordered me brand new CR exhausts and converted them for me, expensive option but it means I’ve still got the original exhaust which came off the car at around 9k miles
  10. Ok folks, updated the list... 1. UKtom (Tom) 2. Nail-it (Duncan) 3. Woodhouse 4. Keith W 5. Gadgit 6. Guzzi 7. Bushman (Steve) - Maybe 8. Richjar (Rich) 9. Davyrob 10. Craiglm68 11. Craig’s mate in 996 12. Nick 13. Nis200K 14. Ryan Chan 15. Mavrik  16. Budflicker  17. Kai 18. Andrew Batson We’ve booked an area at the show and you will be directed by the marshalls when you arrive to the area reserved for us. In in terms of meeting up ahead of the show, I propbably won’t be able to head out prior as I’ll apready be there but obviously if others want to then great. I’ll enjoy watching you all arrive together👍🏻 Is anybody staying over the night before? I’ll be at the Master Builders late afternoon on the Saturday if anybody fancies a beer!
  11. Hi Keith, it all went quiet on this and I’ve satiated my appetite to some extent with a couple of trackdays through the spring and a couple more booked for the summer. Perhaps lll resurrect this thread later in the year with a view to early scheduling a euro trip with interested folks for late spring / summer 2019 🤔 👍🏻🏎🏎🏎😁
  12. Yesterday
  13. Money no object I would go 200 cell cats and some form of switchable exhaust too. The Carnewal GT exhaust is good value for money, it gives the car more voice without being ott, and there is no drone either, whether it gives any more performance is debatable, however now on my car it means I can't really clear Brands Hatch, Bedford, or Goodwood db limits.
  14. Supercars run a valved exhaust system. Flows through extra resonators at low RPM/low load, then the valve opens, bypassing the resonators, and giving a less restrictive exhaust for higher load or RPM. You can get them for the 987.
  15. Hi Graham, I gave the plans out at the Super Sausage meet. Here is the link that obtained them from: http://www.planet-9.com/reviews/miscellaneous/p7-porsche-stopping-the-hatch-26quot-3bclunk-26quot-3b.html Hope this helps. Regards, Keith.
  16. hmm that's kind of a worry as even 'noisy' days are usually restricted at 105db these days Having owned a few porkers over the years I really dislike the restrictive standard exhaust systems with their ever quieter tones, no doubt dumbed down to suit EU /Swiss/US emission laws. Putting an aftermarket less restrictive system on generally makes a much better improvement in sound and performance in my experience. When I heard a few CR's at Oulton this year they sounded very disappointing/tame from the outside and the sound definitely doesn't live up to the look or vibe of the car which deserves to sound more exotic. Out of interest what exhaust systems do the more exotic cars like Ferrari, Lambo, Aston martins run? Are they generally free flow headers and sport cats from the start? Seems crazy that a CR is expected to gain an easy 15-25bhp just by swapping for a better exhaust and sport cats...that means they should be on the car from the factory!..bit like sport mode! A CR should be in sport mode by default and you press a button if you want it in economy mode, not the other way around
  17. Just been doing some perusing of random sites with Caymans for sale....quite a few out there with > 100K miles (saw a 2.9l with 123K on the clock for sale).....obviously can't comment on their condition, but must still be running ok for car yards to be marketing them
  18. At the meet a kindly gentleman was distributing plans of the boot clip locations. Does anyone have linkage to a copy of those plans? I need to get my boot off so I can run the camera wire to the rear and so I can remove the rear wing for painting.
  19. Last week
  20. Would be up for this for long weekend or a week. Have crossed the Alps many times on bikes and in cars and there is a particular pass that has something like 600 bends in 12k.
  21. I hope not, I have two Porsches a 98 Boxster and a 02 911. Both high mileage, both mint my comparison.
  22. Hethel they definitely don't care judging by how loud some of their v6 Exiges and Evoras are !
  23. Hi All. I own a 2002 Porsche 911 and when buying I purchased a set of Bilstein PSS10s for my car. I let them sit over the winter as I wanted to do the work over the following summer . I was getting married and didn't have the time or money. I went to fit the coilovers and found they are for a 2012 onwards Cayman or Boxster. Bilstein UK have been awful to deal with and won't allow an exchange even at a penalty or restocking fee for 996 items even though they were sent by them in error. Any idea what these are worth ? They are brand new and in bubble wrap in my garage. I will be buying a Cayman track car but a 07 to replace my 98 Boxster track car with.
  24. Having just the Carnewal on my CR took me just over the static limit of 105db at Hethel, but they turned a blind eye 🤔
  25. wow that's a big db noise difference between the Gen1 and Gen 2 models. 104 seems very loud though for just an exhaust box change. I would expect that if headers or sport cats had been done too.
  26. I am a fan of the Carnewal GT exhaust on my Gen II S, however mine is quite loud for track work, at Snetterton on the static test it was 104.7 db at 5,250 rpm (limit was 105). I would like to add 200 cell cats at some point but then it will be too loud for the track...
  27. Patches were advertised as £10.00 each with zero p&p. I offered £30 for four. He countered £35. I accepted. Got charged £1.50 as the sender failed to put correct postage on. Spot the odd one out...
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