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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hi everyone my 987 cayman s has the 6 disc CD changer in the front luggage compartment and it doesn’t seem to be working every time I load the cds (correct way round etc) and select cd c it just says STOP and won’t play cds will play ok through the normal cd slot in the radio unit. If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated thanks regards Matt
  3. Not a peep, unfortunately... I’ve been offered a 3.2 boxster for a few days by a chap on 911uk, but am really after a Cayman S... There was a nice debate on Facebook’s Porsche Owners UK group, but mostly tech talk about what ECU is best for the V8 LS3 motor. So still looking for a car... :(
  4. MJ let me know the make and I could be interested. Thanks Darren
  5. Car was a showroom car and then a dealer car for 150.000km Interior is really good, exterior as well, original paint, all things working right, so a nice car to keep. Even if the cyls are scored I think I'm going to sleve it...but lets hope it does not come to that. I haven't pulled the spark plugs yet, I don't have such a long connector...but i'll get it this weekend. Thanks for the replies guys.
  6. have you pulled a spark plug and looked at one ? 172 k is not too bad it depends on how they were driven. scope/compression leak down and aos.....if that does not fix it.....get a for sale sign
  7. I have one for sale if still looking? its a very good one and I used it for the first winter I had the CR until my garage was built. Still looks as new and storage bag. I cant remember what make it is but will look when home. I know it retails about £150 but looking for £70 for it.
  8. Car is now 172.000km old. Using Motul 5W40 x-cess. It was on Mobil 0W30 when I got it not long ago. I'm more concerned about the oil consumption rather than the jumpy idle or slight shuddering at idle when cold. Aldough they may be related or coming from the same reason. It feels like its running/idling on just 5cyls or less in the first minute of running. Porsche Budapest said the 3rd and 5th coil give out slight missifres. I chose to replace the coils myself for both the costs and the fact that I like learning about this car and working on cars. I used this information to identify the 3rd and 5th cylinder and replaced the coils with new ones but nothing changed in terms of oil consumption or cold behavior.
  9. Count me in. It's the same wknd as the Kop Hill climb in Princes Risborough, which I also intend to go to - but I’ll plan to do that on the Saturday and come to the COC butty meet Sunday 👍🏻 Thanks for setting up Nick
  10. i do not see in your post the mileage on the car.....this is really needed. rough idle can be caused by many things ...among them aos,slow o2 sensors ,high mileage spark plugs ....get it bore scoped/leak down compression test and change aos.....what oil are you using ?
  11. I did for a while , about 6-8 months on first ownership but you soon rack up the miles and pick up annoying little scuffs/dents from other idiots In car parks etc. so I tend not too anymore. I'm fortunate to have a Ducati and a classic 911 as other distracting ways of getting to work
  12. Oil cap secure, damaged or not sealing? If your oil cap is even fractionally loose you get a rough idle.
  13. We'll be holding the first one of the Cayman Breakfast Meets on the 16th of September at the Super Sausage Cafe, venues after that will be different so watch this space and/or the Facebook page for the events invites! See you there!
  14. Ok, thanks very much all for helping with your votes and comments. It appears that majority interest is for a monthly breakfast meet and if not then b-monthly, so on that basis seems right to go with monthly anyway. We'll hold the first one off the 16th of September at the Super Sausage Cafe, venues after that will be different so watch this space and/or the Facebook page for the events invites!
  15. Good work! Vote Cast. Voted for bi monthly Sunday, but could probably do most months. not much excuse as it's just up the road from me. Cheers Gary
  16. My 987 2.7 ate 3.3L of oil in 3000km. The tail pipe is black from the burned oil and it sometimes smokes when cold with the AOS connected. I also got a check engine light caused by one of the cats going below efficiency limits because of so much burned oil. A few times I took the oil cap off as the engine was cold and I noticed that the smoking was less or none at all so I concluded that the AOS must be bad. I had a look and there was oil on the outside of the AOS and its hose connecting it to the intake as well as in the intake tract. A few days ago I disconnected the AOS from the intake and plugged the intake connections towards the AOS. I linked a hose from the AOS down under the engine and it vents to the atmosphere. I expected that the AOS is putting oil into the intake and there will still be oil in the intake that needs to be burned off so i drove the car a bit hard for a day. I start the car every other day to monitor the oil burning situation and oil level. Now with the AOS venting to the atmo. the car produces a thick mist of smoke and vapour at every cold start up and keeps smoking/vaping for a minute or so until it warms up. Trying to figure out if there is something else wrong with this engine other than the AOS. I took it to Porsche service and they told me two of the coils are missfiring, so i replaced them but absolutely nothing changed. When cold the engine idle is not perfectly smooth(feel the engine shudder a tiny bit), and I think it should be very smooth for a 6cyl. Also when warm the idle needle does not stay still...jumpy idle. I have to do a bore inspection but i'd like to know if there are other checks i can do myself to find the root cause of the oil consumption. Opinions and experience are welcome.
  17. Hi all, Sorry for the delayed response. Jo is currently away - she will need to look into alternative availability on her return, which is early September. Thank you in advance for your patience. KR Lynne
  18. That’d be great to catch up with you both and have look round your GT4. Ill PM you my mobile number and let’s keep in touch on the day. 👍🏻
  19. October 13-14th or 20-21st are best for me I’m afraid, but please don’t arrange just around my dates if others suit the majority. 👍🏻
  20. Last week
  21. Hi I have the same clutch judder on mine exactly as you describe and the same slight vibration when revving the car in neutral.its been like it since I bought it two years ago and hasn't got any worse.
  22. Thanks for the quick reply can you give me an idea where to look for it,ive had the car off the ground and looked around the bell housing area and can't find it.
  23. Hi yes I have done it and it is not that hard but need to get it up in the air to get to the underneath.
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