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  • Our picks

      This is supposed to be a regular piece about Motoring Icons who would have hopefully at least a tenuous link somewhere in history with Porsche.  However unless you keep a keen eye on the latest Nurburgring lap times or are a Porsche fan, you’ve probably not heard much of this chap and so household name he isn’t.  But in the Porsche world he is very well known, the question is why and where’s he come from….who is Walter Röhrl? 
      Keep reading...
      #porschecayman #caymanowners #caymanoc
      • 0 replies
    • Recommendations for aftermarket Sat Nav and head unit for Gen1 Cayman

      Just bought my first Porsche, Cayman S Gen 1.
      As the car does not have a sat nav fitted I am looking to fit an aftermarket unit, radio/sat nav/blue tooth. May be a dumb question but does the Cayman have a single or double DIN arrangement, also appreciate recommendations on what unit to go for.
      • 6 replies
    • For the last few weeks I have been strapping my suitcase (5 days worth of clothes, wash tackle, and laptop + necessary stuff for living) to the passenger seat as my current suitcase is too big for the bonnet or the boot.  Heaven help us if me and La Girlf decides to go away for a week.
      Most of the cases I have looked at have shopping trolley wheels which take up valuable (and limited) boot/bonnet space.
      Does anyone have a favourite brand and size when it comes to packing him and his significant other on hols?
      And with a faint twist of irony the Porsche Design cases are too large also...
      • 9 replies
    • Its that time of year when I subject you all to my thoughts, reminisce on the previous 12 months and contemplate the next 12.  
      Its a little over two years now since the club was born and since then I genuinely believe there have been some significant milestones reached and the club has grown both in member numbers (nearly 1,000) and in reputation.  We've been approached by one or two car magazines now to assist with features and input to relevant editorial pieces.  We've developed relationships with a number of well know Porsche indys some who offer to host our club meets, and the Super Sausage loves us more than the Honda owners club! (source: @Beanoir).  
      All of these are great achievements which many of you have helped to contribute towards, so thank you. 
      The Admin and Moderation team constantly work hard to ensure that the website, social media platforms and forum is kept running smoothly.  We do rely on members to alert us to issues particularly relating to the general performance of the website, some of you (@DJMC) are particularly efficient at such matters - i'm sure i'd be far less busy without you .  We try to correct the issues raised, but some of a more technical nature can often keep us scratching our heads with little in the way of solutions being found for months on end.  Keeping a website going can be a mine field of jargon and tech sometimes! 
      Big thanks to @Andy this year for keeping up with Mod duties and helping out with the social media stuff whilst dealing with the fun of fatherhood, i'm sure 2018 will bring a better balance of sleep vs. semi functional human existence!   
      Next year we'll be focusing more on getting out there, more regular local meets and more representation at national events.  Its great when members offer real support for the club and our presence at Beaulieu this summer wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for @Nail it taking on the job of arranging our spot at the show - huge thanks Duncan!  The meet at RPM Technik in January promises to be a great venue with the guys there really rolling out the red carpet for us, so it would be really great to see a good turnout, looking forward to that.  
      I encourage every member who wants to contribute to come forward with feedback, ideas and spare time, we'll consider most things!  
      Christmas is very nearly upon us, so I wish you all and your families a very merry Christmas.  Enjoy the down time and in between; in the words of a famous Porsche guru, "Get Out and Drive"
      The OC Team 
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      • 4 replies
    • Does anyone run winter tyres/wheels?
      I  use my R most days and in the last few weeks it’s got away from me a couple of times. Nothing major but enough to make me opt for the backup vehicle as an option when it’s cold/icy. 
      So so the question is, winter 19”s or do it properly and come down an inch on rim size?
      • 16 replies
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    • someone on here recently and kindly posted a link to the new MOT regs. this might help. if nothing else, wire up the spars through the front fog switch
    • get your local battery re-seller  or auto electrician to do a drop test on the battery, it should be a free or nearly free check.  places like Halfords or other high st car accessory and bike shops will just tell you its FUBARED and get you to buy the most expensive option without having any skilled techys on site to do a proper drop test. Batteries like to be cycled and will last longer if not kept overcharged.. On the flip side, a low or flat battery will not like being in the cold for long. the Cayman has a 150 amp alternator and will happily charge a low battery within a few miles as long as it starts in the first place. a low but healthy battery should never drop below about 11.5 volts and should not deliver more than 13.5 volts whereas an unregulated charger can chuck out 17 volts without load. I have heard of many motorcycle batteries ruined by so called smart chargers that are left plugged in over winter. the batteries sulphate (gass off) if overcharged  and can grenade under sudden load if gassy so a drop test must be done carefully and safely.  you could try connecting another battery to your Cayman  in parallel using jump leads  then reconnect your charger. the extra load might just kickstart the charge cycle. hope this helps.
    • Good excuse to come back to Wales though !!
    • My OPC just gave me the same malarky about the exhaust bolts/clamps after my MOT.  I took it to my exhaust specialist and he said not to bother, the OPC is just being picky about it.  I would go to an actual exhaust specialist and get a second opinion on that front, personally.   Sounds like your battery needs a test and that it could be naff.  Even if it's been sat over winter without charge, I wouldn't expect a decent quality battery to lose its capacity so quickly.  I have a battery tester but I think you're a bit too far away to borrow it.  
    • Here's a quick snap of the headunit:     I took some photos with the interior light on and flash but it's not that great.  I'll have to take some on the weekend in the natural light.
    • Just before the winter set in and the road tax renewal demand reminder dropped onto the doormat, the R was serviced, drive belt changed, and brake fluid refreshed. The battery decided life was no more in the same week and so it was swapped for another Porsche OEM item. I've had the car on a SORN since end of October, but my wallet has now recovered from the earlier trauma and so the next phase of cost begins..........   Tyres seem to be headed towards GY Eagle F1 Asymmetric N0 - largely on price vs the aged Michelin SP2 currently fitted which seem to significantly more expensive for probably not a proportionate return in performance advantage for a car driven only on the road. It'll get a track outing but it will be a very rare event. Any experiences and anecdotes with the F1's would be appreciated.   The new battery has barely been used. The car did about 300 miles between the service and battery replacement before being locked away in my garage and hooked up to a Ctek MXS 5.0 charger for the duration of its winter slumber. However, having taken it off charge a couple of weeks ago, and taken for a very short drive of about 5 miles to agitate the fluids and rotate the tyres, the battery has refused to allow the charger past the test for it retaining 12v. With red error light brightly glowing, it fails and refuses to step onto the next phase of the program. I've tested the charger on another car (no problem) and disconnected the battery from the car to ensure nothing is draining it during the charge cycle (still errors). Any suggestions ?  Could the car just want a damn good run to warm the battery up chemically, so to speak ? I've clearly no idea but don't want to go back to OPC and look like a muppet for not doing something basic! (The battery is not draining or losing charge that prevents the car from starting).   Lastly, the service showed up that the bolts on the exhaust where it joins the manifold are corroded, but they wanted to charge me approx £400 to drill them out and replace them. I don't know if they tried to remove them, but I suspect not. Do I let OPC do the work, or do I go to a specialist ? The car is still under OPC warranty.     I'm on the verge of taxing it for Feb 1st as I really miss driving it. I feel I should leave it to March so that the salt is washed away more so from the roads, and temps begin to improve. The novelty of driving the car has still not waned in the slightest and I am truly gagging to get behind the wheel for a decent run out. These winter months and salty roads are driving me insane and the 13 year old Mini Cooper S just isn't cutting it !!!!   Well done if you made it to the end of this lengthy monologue - all advice, thoughts and opinions greatly received.        
    • That paintwork is looking awesome. What sort of money does paint correction of that nature cost ? Do they sort out stone chips etc as part of the package ?  Nicely done mods that are pretty sensible too. 
    • We use Dakine butterfly type cases. Medium size is ideal in the front. You could get two in, but we have one medium, and one small which leaves room for another holdall along with other bits and pieces.
    •   It gets about 1/4 the way across, I then shut the engine off and hop on the train...  I could drive to another station (which is less than 1 mile there and back) but it's in a different zone and costs a tonne more for a season ticket.  Don't worry, when she's not going to the train station, she goes to Powys or the Evo triangle for a thorough hoon.   60 miles is a long drive... I was doing that a few years back and vowed to never get another job where I couldn't easily commute after 11 months of it!     It does replace it indeed.  Gives the interior that modern lift that the PCM system seems to restrict it from.  B&B Audio Concepts (who did the install) also supply a fascia for the double din that is pretty much spot on with the interior appearance and gives a factory look.  They do an interesting little tweak which I'll take a pic of later.   The plenum and TB was 10 WHP pretty much across the rev range, if I remember correctly.  I sought to eliminate the flatness in the midrange and it's now clear and progressive after the mods.  If I bought another CR, I would definitely do it again to eliminate that midrange bog.   As for the remap, I never had another dyno after installing the Softronic map.  The map was done to cater for an exhaust manifold should I decide to fit one later in the future and I was waiting to see if I'd take the plunge and never did.     As above regarding the engine mods.   Funny story about PS4s... I was going to fit some myself, but ended up stranded on the side of the road with a nail in my tyre!  The only tyre they had in stock was the Goodyear Eagle F1s.  I'll be switching to them once these Goodyears wear out.     I enquired with Revolution Porsche; the price was £399 + VAT (I offered cash but it wasn't accepted) and then, adding on the 400 mile round trip, it just didn't make sense to not use Cardiff.   The Android Auto headunit is a Kenwood DMX7017DABS.  You can pick one up for ~£400.  You can have the high-end model that comes with a CD/DVD player but I didn't have any interest in those features so spent the money on a reversing camera instead.  Speaking of which, said reversing camera is fantastic for reversing off sloped drives and the likes - gives you eyes where you simply couldn't have them!   ---   Good news.  My exhaust specialist has checked the clamps and said that, whilst they are indeed corroded, there's nothing wrong with them and they don't need to be changed.  It's just the Porsche MOT tester being picky.  I'm going to pick the car up shortly and I'll snap those head unit pics.
    • Best advice is:   Is the car for you to enjoy or are you just borrowing it for the next owner?   Your answer to that question should give you an idea on what you want to do with the above modifications.   I'm bias however as mine is very much 'heavily modified' with no thoughts about resale value because its been done for me, IF i ever come to sell it (unlikely) I can approach that 'hit' in value knowing full well I have enjoyed every moment driving and changing it into exactly what I wanted.    
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