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    • I made a technical enquiry to Michelin regarding my thoughts on the fitment of the new Michelin PS4S tyres to my 718 CS.
      The 20"Carrera Sport alloys I specced on my car are half an inch wider than the other 20" options and the Pirelli P-Zero 265 section rears look stretched on the rims.
      Below is the reply I received from Michelin earlier this week.
      • 13 replies
      Excellent news! A 718 I can actually like.
      • 1 reply
      This is supposed to be a regular piece about Motoring Icons who would have hopefully at least a tenuous link somewhere in history with Porsche.  However unless you keep a keen eye on the latest Nurburgring lap times or are a Porsche fan, you’ve probably not heard much of this chap and so household name he isn’t.  But in the Porsche world he is very well known, the question is why and where’s he come from….who is Walter Röhrl? 
      Keep reading...
      #porschecayman #caymanowners #caymanoc
      • 0 replies
    • Recommendations for aftermarket Sat Nav and head unit for Gen1 Cayman

      Just bought my first Porsche, Cayman S Gen 1.
      As the car does not have a sat nav fitted I am looking to fit an aftermarket unit, radio/sat nav/blue tooth. May be a dumb question but does the Cayman have a single or double DIN arrangement, also appreciate recommendations on what unit to go for.
      • 20 replies
    • For the last few weeks I have been strapping my suitcase (5 days worth of clothes, wash tackle, and laptop + necessary stuff for living) to the passenger seat as my current suitcase is too big for the bonnet or the boot.  Heaven help us if me and La Girlf decides to go away for a week.
      Most of the cases I have looked at have shopping trolley wheels which take up valuable (and limited) boot/bonnet space.
      Does anyone have a favourite brand and size when it comes to packing him and his significant other on hols?
      And with a faint twist of irony the Porsche Design cases are too large also...
      • 29 replies
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    • I use Meguiars shampoo I bought in Halfords. Its not as foamy as others I’ve used and therefore not as lubricating. I use Megs quick detailer to spray and wipe off after a wash. Smells lush and makes it shiny. No idea if it’s doing anything other than snake oil effect . I use bilthamber surfex degreaser for inner wheel arches. Excellent stuff. I’ve ditched 2 bucket method and gone for 1 bucket 5 different mitt method lol.   I try and strike a balance and not clean or touch bodywork of car too much. Mainly through the winter my cleaning has been jack up each corner and using a fan pattern spray the suspension bits I can see to try to try and de salt (you’ll never do it all), degrease wheel arches and de crud arch inside lips. Then I get out my touch up pen and repair any stone chips on the leading edge of the sills.    
    • With enough notice (ie couple of weeks) i can be free for a SS / Jacks Sunday morning butty run and meet.    If further afield then preferably a bit more notice.    What about a ‘pilgrimage’ to the ACE cafe?
    •   Ah yes. I've often seen similar gatherings of cars at Jacks as I drive past coming back from the Super Sausage.   Parking for 50 cars is about the same as the SS?
    • Hi Benoir, hear what you're saying as regards the weather. The pics from the Cayman ragtop meet shows all the cars ending up black from the road grime but they have another run to Wales for the 8th of April so hopefully the conditions will be kinder. Normally around 10 Boxters, 2 of us in Caymans and one or two 911s attend. Did not make the RPM meet unfortunately, Maybe next time.
    • Always up for a Super Sausage visit. A little further north up the A5 is Jack's Hill Cafe, some Friday evenings they have a car meet which attracts all sorts of classic and sports cars, bikes and hot rods.
    • I was planning one the other week but the snow kind of delayed events.     Happy for others to arrange something at at any time - but I’ll get the usual meet back up and going again shortly.     Did you come along to the RPM meet Keith? 
    • Is everyone still hibernating for the winter. Even the guys have awakened for 2018 and meeting up with tops down.   Surely it must be time to grab a super sausage and a cuppa !!!   Any takers out there with a different venue in mind possibly ?
    • There are several of these threads already active but...    I generally just rinse my car down with a Karcher to remove most of the dirt.   The amount of mileage I do (800 miles per week to and from London) means the car is never clean for long and taking time over keeping it spotless is an exercise in futility.   From next week my mileage will drop drastically so my car will do less miles and require less cleaning.
    • Interested to what you drive. Favourite Car cleaning brands used. How often you clean your car?    I Currently drive a Mondeo Estate, I use many different brands including but not limited to, Bilt Hamber, Auto Finesse, Meguairs, Autosmart, Valet Pro, Autoglym. (The List goes on)   I aim to clean my car Every weekend, Normally an hour quick safe wash and dry then will take the time to Wax it once a month or so.    Look forward to seeing your Replies!
    • Any recommendations for a paint shop that can repair stone chips, a small scratch and repaint my rear wing?  I live on Teesside.   Also does anyone know the name of the colour the gloss black goes by that is used on the side intakes?
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