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    I’ve emailed the following enquiry to MSV - I’ll report back on what response I receive, and we can take things from there... Dear MSV, Having participated in 3 events at your tracks this year (Porsche RS day at Oulton Park in March, General track day at Brands Hatch in April, ‘How Fast’ at Bedford 21/07) and been very impressed with the quality of event and management and running of them by your staff I would like to know if it might be possible to organise a Cayman Owners Club (http://www.caymanoc.com) only ‘how fast’ style event at Bedford later this year (October time perhaps). I think we’d be interested in 10-20 vehicles with 1-2 hours track siting time and then perhaps 2 sets of timed runs per participant car. I’d welcome a conversation with you to discuss this idea and come up with some dates and prices that I could put to the Cayman OC members community. Thanks in advance
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    Afternoon All FYI we are not members of ADTO .... Millbrook is a proving ground, not a race circuit Ryan Motorsport will also provide quotes for stand alone insurance. Know that on insurance – some take it out, some don’t – probably more that don’t. It’s whatever gives you peace of mind but know that Health & Safety is our highest priority as is that you leave as you arrived. We’re now in our 14th year and have worked with over 4,700 clients …. we have never had an incident in a client vehicle at Millbrook. The instructor is sat alongside you when it is your turn for the exercises and an extra pair of eyes looking out for you both. There could be other users in the proving ground on the day as we don’t have it exclusively – cost would be extreme if we did … but it is a professional working environment. The facility isn’t like Silverstone/Donington etc. which is built with run off areas in mind, so other than the exclusive circuits (Steering Pad / Dynamics Pad / Mile Straight Apron) there isn’t run off areas to ‘fall into’ – but this is why we like it. Training is progressive and you will be making incremental increases as you develop through the day. Also know this is where Porsche used to bring all their clients before building their facility at Silverstone. KR Jo
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    Rumours are mounting regarding a Cayman GT4 rally car. Stuttgart is currently working on a rally derivative of the the GT4 based on the previous gen car. The company’s motorsport arm posted on Twitter the other day a series of images of a rally car study based on the current Cayman GT Clubsport. The car will serve as a course car later this month during the Rallye Deutschland and is going to be driven by Romain Dumas, none other than the new record holder at Pikes Peak with the I.D. R electric rally car. Porsche has not been forth coming with details of the drive train and other interesting bits, but has said it will decide on a production version later this year. The car appears to be based on a 981 GT4 Clubsport, but with extra modifications customary to a rally car such as the light pod on the bonnet, a roof air intake, and a very flat underside presumably for both protection and aerodynamics. We await news and will be watching to see how this develops. It will be the first time Porsche has entered a factory car into a rally event since the very early 1980s.
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    Here's a few pics & a couple of laps from my evening sessions at Brands Hatch on the Indy with MSV. Managed to get in a sub minute lap despite the less than favourable conditions... Cue the "racing excuses" ... Started spitting with rain during the briefing & it was windy as fook down the Cooper straight! 😱
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    Hi Graham, i believe this is normal on all front nose cone undersides. I have it on mine too - it’s about 2-3”x2-3” square. No idea why, or what for. Jason
  6. 1 point
    Cheers.....as it happens, my In Laws live in the Forest of Dean, so know some of that area (local drivers should stick to tractors....), but the route from there on towards the A44 etc sounds a cracker!
  7. 1 point
    Morning All Looks like 7th October could be the one then but it would only have 3 spaces. Let's get into August and then I'll be clearer on being able to offer this date or another October option. Back once I have news. KR Jo
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    I’m planning to have Sunday breakfast / brunch run out (EDIT: to the Supersausage cafe on the A5 south of Towcester) in the Cayman on the 29th as Mrs ‘Miller’ picks up her new MINI next Saturday and we want to play out in both of our ‘toys’ - also means we can take the kids with us for a change as not constrained by number of seats. Probably going to aim for 10am ish if anyone else is interested in meeting up there ☕️🥓🥐👍🏻 Anyone not familiar with the SS, its this: http://supersausagecafe.co.uk/ And does the best cooked breakfast and butties etc EVER! Jason
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    Got my "R" side decals from eBay... Cheap as chips & top quality!
  10. 1 point
    @PMGPete ... This guy is a legend at drifting the Zed (Chris Drift) 😁 ... I hasten to add I'm nowhere near as proficient as he is though!!! ... I'm sure he could happily drift a Cayman as good as Chris Harris lol... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1IHdDNbjDvq9g_SfTOKvKA
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    Usually what you have described is generally either due to the clutch driven plate/pressure plate or flywheel or an engine/gearbox mount... Do you have any "noise" when depressing or releasing the clutch pedal?
  12. 1 point
    Thanks P&Cs, I’ll check the family calendar when I’m back home on Thursday (currently away with work) to confirm whether 29th is ok for us. Jason
  13. 1 point
    lol... I do in my CS... I also have a 350z 313 GT with the viscous LSD... Both are a hoot around long rounbabouts!! 😂
  14. 1 point
    I'm running the Kinetix fronts on my CS & my 350z GT 313... Zero issues with them... They look cool & are cheap to boot... Paired with my Ferodo DS2500 compound pads (on both cars) & using DOT 5.1 fluid I get zero fade... Performed faultlessly at Brands a couple months back...
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    That's the same reason I keep hesitating to go ahead with the Gert GT system. But must say Brands have been an arse over sound for quite a while now. I tried to take the CR (stock) on and they rejected it for being too noisy even though the same car had passed at both Bedford and Snetterton (both MSV tracks!!). There have been lots of people unhappy with the Brands noise police who are being a bit of a jobsworth on all accounts. I think im still going ahead with the Gert sytem as I loathe the quietness of modern pork, it just lacks any drama in sound. A sportscar should sound like a sportscar.
  16. 1 point
    I've just bought and fitted side decals from Design Stuff Online, really nice quality and great service, I had ordered a center Stripe too but I'm not brave enough to fit it. I can highly recommend their products.
  17. 1 point
    Had my R out for a Kent driving tour yesterday and had a great day. Peas and sweet corn photo as well.
  18. 1 point
    Never been an RSOC member, but have been an FRSOC member for a while, both on the current forum and the original that The Mad Welshman setup. In fact I bought my Mk1 from Stuart Griffiths, placed a deposit over the phone while I was in Sydney, I knew I wanted one that badly 🙂 Been to Ford Fair a couple of times and other meets, but never tended to do the whole club area thing. In fact, I think Simply Porsche recently was the first time I've ever parked up in a club area! One thing I've always loved about Fast Fords, though, is that I've never experienced any of the snobby attitudes that you so often see from other marques, everyone has always been really friendly and inclusive, no matter what people are driving.
  19. 1 point
    Mine arrived in January and completed its first Euro road trip last week 😎
  20. 1 point
    Another GTS owner here. Only joined forum today! Bought mine in May last year (Jan 2015 registered), but only done 2500 miles since. Put it away for 3 months in winter. Just got it out of hibernation and looking forward to summer and putting some miles on it this year.
  21. 1 point
    May I be the first submitter from Switzerland here...... CGTS 981 owner since August 2014, rhodium silver, manual transmission. Here on top of the Klausen-Path:
  22. 1 point
    I recently swapped my 981 S for a 981 GTS. Quite an expensive upgrade for what is ostensibly the same car, but I'm really happy with it! Looking forward to summer in it. Saphire Blue paint; 20" Carrera S wheels; carbon fibre, leather, and alcantara inside; all the usual GTS stuff. It's excellent!
  23. 1 point
    This electric nonsense seems inevitable so I was hoping the next generation of elec vehicles will have more about them and not artificially, but some sounds created by the newer technology. Less of this silent, vibration free nonsense that the Tesla “ inoffensive” has. Something like the back to the further delorean sounds . Plenty of fan noise at idle. You need some noise at idle. Maybe some loud and involved sounds as it accelerates or even some ability to rev something, like a capacitor rep charge like the old film cameras charged up with that jet noise sound. Problem is the beardy hipsters at these californaian car companies like Tesla (and everyone copies them) hate noise or anything other than what you can connect to phones via apps.
  24. 1 point
    Just introducing myself.... I have a GTS PDK in racing yellow... absolutely love the thing!!! It's a keeper!!!!
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