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    Yesterday it was the first time that I had to install an exhaust on a 981 with more than 100.000km = 62.5K mls. It was a 2013 2.7 PDK from Belgium. Some observations : When I “switched on” the handbrake, only one side engaged, the other side engaged 1 minute later when the car was already up in the air. This was new to me. I have seen plenty of 981's of which one side of the handbrake didn't grab. At this mileage, the 2x 2 nuts of the exhausts are so corroded that the exhaust is about to detach from the manifolds. None of the bolts and nuts from the exhaust can be undone. What doesn't snap off, needs to be cut and replaced. Over the past 4 years, the time to swap a 981 exhaust went from 25 min till 65 min. It is now even easier/faster to change the exhaust of a 987 ! The foam part on the top of the rear springs starts to fall apart. When this part is gone, this will make the car to drop 10 to 12mm on that corner, causing an imbalance and wrong alignment . And that is just by looking at the rear wheel wells on a 981 with 100.000 km Will the car fall apart after 100.000 miles ?
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    Hi New member here , 1st post , not had time to properly introduce myself or post photos. My name is Dave , and along with my wife Carol have just purchased our first Porsche. Its a Peridot green Cayman R and hopefully we will be coming along to the Super Sausage on Sunday. Hope to see you all there. Dave
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    I keep this url bookmarked, it takes me straight to the unread posts (I use a similar url on the PCGB website) http://www.caymanoc.com/discover/unread/
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    Really enjoyed it today guys. Sorry I couldn't stay longer and meet a few more of you but really interesting conversations with Jason, Nick, Graham and Scottish 911 owner. Will definitely be coming again - even if I do leave 2 cylinders at home 😉
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    Blinking colds not the word, 4 hours outside was enough and eventually the thought of heated seats got the better of me and decided to head home to Solihull at 12.20pm. Great to see some new faces and thanks to Lee for the cuppa who came along with Paul. Nick, as for possible change of venue maybe the staff member was just having a bad day as they have not moaned in the past. Meeting somewhere different now and then would be nice anyway. Wish I could have come along to the RPM meet, next time. See you at Simply Porsche, Dunc still has the flag and he is planning to go so he can mark our territory. Cheers, Keith.
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    Another good meet, butty and natter with some fellow enthusiasts , and good to see some shiny new 718s turning up (and take some friendly banter about having clearly left 2 cylinders behind somewhere 🤭😉). Thanks for organising Nick 👍🏻 Cant remember the Scottish gents name, but a lovely 992 (is that right?) 911 in black too. ‘Man of the match’ surely goes to Graham for sheer commitment driving down from Teesside for a butty and brew and to kick some tyres in a cold windy car park for a pair of hours 🤔👍🏻 Cheers all, Jason
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    I'm driving to Super Sausage arriving at 9:15. Follow my drive using Waze and see my location in real-time: http://waze.to/smren_GBrQbSiSWGQBegM
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    This forum is a gold mine of information!
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    With winter now firmly behind us we have arranged our normal ‘spot’ for a Cars and Bacon Sarnie meet at the Super Sausage Cafe near Towcester. Date: Sunday 29th April Time: 9am until Midday Location: Super Sausage Cafe, Towcester Be handy to get an idea of numbers so we can manage the space with the Chris and Gail at the Cafe. See you there!!
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    Just a quick survey, we’re keen to know how many 718 owners we have here in the OC Don't be shy 😀
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    This thread needs photos!!!
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    Nice to attend for the first time and be welcomed well by all. Nice to meet you Keith!
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    White with black piping.
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    Found a non-car application for a spare sticker today...
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    From the land of the rising sun has emerged a 987 Cayman like no other. It is often phrase head in Cayman circles "what if Porsche put the GT3 engine in a 987". Well, now its been done, and this time in a package which appears so thoroughly executed. Allow me to introduce M’s Machine Work's Cayman GT3. The car is the work of Takayuki Mizumoto, a Japanese motorsport engineer. Mizumoto-san is the proprietor of M’s Machine Works, an outfit that designs, builds and manufactures bespoke components for the Super GT race series, a race series for road-going cars made famous for being incredibly fast. This latest project car from Mizumoto-san however is not a race entry, it's a road legal track toy - for pleasure!! Taking a closer look at the spec of this hooligan Cayman the obvious place to begin is the engine, which in fairness needs very little introduction. The Mezger derived lump is from a 997 GT3 Cup car providing c. 450bhp. OK, so it has been done before, we know Jurgen Alzen Motorsports entered a similar set-up in the GT4 series, but they were not road legal...and they didn't look this good! The transplanted engine is kept alive using a Motec ECU and the engine is mated to a manual 6 speed transmission with a custom LSD. One hopes with some form of adjustment to the final drive. Cosmetic surgery has been performed quite extensively making the resemblance from a base 987 quite distant. The front end has been reconfigured with 997 GT3 facelift but with a few custom teaks and downforce enhancing upgrades including a carbon fibre splitter, oversized dive planes and a more aerodynamic flatter floor. Mizumoto-san has increased the track by some noticeable margin on the car, the result is a car requiring some rather extreme wide arches. The rear of the car is barely recognisable as a Cayman of any known species with hardly any bumper to speak of, a rear wing that quite honestly is super-massive and a rear diffuser spanning nearly the whole width of the car. This an extreme make-over, but one which has genuine performance enhancements at the core of its design. The interior of the car has not escaped the motorsport inspired treatment either, a race spec steering wheel, fully fitted roll cage, air jack, poly windows and a whole other heap of goodies adorning the stripped out cabin again point to this being a seriously specced racer. Finishing touches include the lightweight Volk wheels, super sticky Advan tyres and plenty of vinyl die-cuts plastered across the car. This is certainly an impressive machine and track times posted by Mizumoto-san are even more so. With a 100kg weight saving over a GT4 and plenty more power you'd hope so though. There are rumours of a MkII car which will feature a GT2 engine instead of the naturally aspirated GT3 motor, we await news... View full record
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    If you hover over the 'Forums' menu at the top of the page, it brings up 'Unread' as a dropdown menu, this is the same page that Andrew posted above but it is available as a link in the forum.
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    I'm hoping to go... Never been to Beaulieu before! 😐 What are the time arrangements??
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    I'll be there in my 981 - what time are we aiming to arrive as it looks like club members have to arrive at the same time?
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    Hi All, I've spoken at length to Bag-world, and sent some photos and dimensions. The boss there is Colin Surman and can be contacted on 01527 592333 or colin@bag-world.co He is suggesting a pair of vertical standing 'cases' for the front compartment, similar to those shown in the McLaren section of their web site, and a pair of shallow cases that would lay flat in the rear compartment, and possibly a matching suit bag to lay on the engine cover. budget price for a full 5 piece set would be £420.00. (around double that if anyone fancies leather) The above budget would be in a vinyl with contrasting piping and can be personalised with embroidered names or car model, He's happy to sew on Porsche badges if the buyer supplies them. he buys his vinyl from www.macflex.com and likes the Tavira range. His leather is from www.inlep.com. each set can be a different colour/ finish to match individual cars. I have no connection with Bagworld, I've just seen their products. He suggests if anyone wants to go ahead, that we take a car in for final measurement. I'm happy to do that unless anyone is around Redditch. Have a look at the Bag World web site, and the material suppliers, he said he's happy to send swatches. Let me know what you think. Cheers Gary
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    I have been for the last couple of years and will be attending this year. Hundreds of Porsche including many 996s plus the house and the famous motor museum to see makes it a brilliant day. Nick
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    26,000 miles in my base 981 PDK and I intend to keep it forever if possible. Out today in the dry and sunshine and still loving it as much as when I bought it 27 months ago...
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    Have you seen the 'Donate' button in the lower right hand side of the Home page? When you click on Donate the following page pops up, alongside where you enter the amount you can elect to make it recurring.