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    It would be helpful if you could share with us prices and where you are sourcing your new tyres, i'm sure other members would appreciate it given the interest many of us have in them Cheers
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    Its that time of year when I subject you all to my thoughts, reminisce on the previous 12 months and contemplate the next 12. Its a little over two years now since the club was born and since then I genuinely believe there have been some significant milestones reached and the club has grown both in member numbers (nearly 1,000) and in reputation. We've been approached by one or two car magazines now to assist with features and input to relevant editorial pieces. We've developed relationships with a number of well know Porsche indys some who offer to host our club meets, and the Super Sausage loves us more than the Honda owners club! (source @Beanoir). All of these are great achievements which many of you have helped to contribute towards, so thank you. The Admin and Moderation team constantly work hard to ensure that the website, social media platforms and forum is kept running smoothly. We do rely on members to alert us to issues particularly relating to the general performance of the website, some of you (@DJMC) are particularly efficient at such matters - i'm sure i'd be far less busy without you . We try to correct the issues raised, but some of a more technical nature can often keep us scratching our heads with little in the way of solutions being found for months on end. Keeping a website going can be a mine field of jargon and tech sometimes! Big thanks to @Andy this year for keeping up with Mod duties and helping out with the social media stuff whilst dealing with the fun of fatherhood, i'm sure 2018 will bring a better balance of sleep vs. semi functional human existence! Next year we'll be focusing more on getting out there, more regular local meets and more representation at national events. Its great when members offer real support for the club and our presence at Beaulieu this summer wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for @Nail it taking on the job of arranging our spot at the show - huge thanks Duncan! The meet at RPM Technik in January promises to be a great venue with the guys there really rolling out the red carpet for us, so it would be really great to see a good turnout, looking forward to that. I encourage every member who wants to contribute to come forward with feedback, ideas and spare time, we'll consider most things! Christmas is very nearly upon us, so I wish you all and your families a very merry Christmas. Enjoy the down time and in between; in the words of a famous Porsche guru, "Get Out and Drive" Cheers! The OC Team View full record
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    Best advice is: Is the car for you to enjoy or are you just borrowing it for the next owner? Your answer to that question should give you an idea on what you want to do with the above modifications. I'm bias however as mine is very much 'heavily modified' with no thoughts about resale value because its been done for me, IF i ever come to sell it (unlikely) I can approach that 'hit' in value knowing full well I have enjoyed every moment driving and changing it into exactly what I wanted.
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    a few pics from the meet today. many thanks to all at RPM Technik who gave up their Sunday for us and supplied the bacon baps FOC and to Nick for organising it all. Thanks chaps.
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    Personally not a fan of the duck tail but if we all liked the same thing we'd all be driving identical cars... Although a GT3 RS one of the other hand 😍 Regarding loud exhausts.... Loud pipes saves lives, be heard be seen 😁
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    Sorry to hijack this thread, but had a great morning out meeting a few of you! Here are the pics I took, enjoy.. On route, standard service stop picture: Tom
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    Have a great day and drive down, was hopping to join you but still feel ruff and not long got up, this dam bug that's going round has kocked me for 6 for almost 2 weeks now plus you wouldn't want me me anywhere near you right now lol
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    Hopefully see you all Poplars at 08:15
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    May 20th sees the introduction of revised requirements for MoT, whilst the headline commentary is on the dropping of testing requirements for “historic” vehicles their are other changes. Included in the proposal is that the retrofitting of HID lamps will be banned, but LED replacements are to be allowed - go figure. Aftermarket steering wheels without airbags (where the OEMs had an airbag) are now to be banned. See what else you can spot. Duncan https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/671818/mot-inspection-manual-for-classes-3-4-5-and-7-from-20-may-2018-draft.pdf
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    I'll be coming down the A1 / A421 I'll swing into Poplars for 0815 to make the last bit in covoy. See you then.
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    I bought myself a new drone for Christmas, been practicing with video and photos - it's a very impressive piece of kit. Anybody else in to their drone flying? Needed to be a bit higher for this shot, but turned 'ok' after some PP. Wrest Park is just up the road from me so a good location to go fly when it's quiet.
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    + me, new member but know RPM very well, bought my 997 Turbo from them, excellent to deal with. Will be in Turbo as new Cayman not due until March.
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    1. Beanoir (Saint-Nic) 2. Crafty1 (Charlie) 3. Woodhouse (Derek) 4. Windymiller (Jason) 5. Andy (...Andy) 6. Bushman (Steve) 7. Equinox (Tom) 8. Masher (Mick) 9. UKtom (Tom) 10. Magic8080 (Stuart) 11. Nis200k (Nik) 12. noddy (Jo) 13. Andrew L (Andrew?) 14. Junky (Dunky) 15. Lodgey (Jon) 16. StevenG (Steven) 17. Bilko (Phil) 18. DJMC (Rudolph) 19. Nail it (Duncan) 20. Glenn W (Glenn)
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    I think a 330d touring xdrive is one of the best all round cars money can buy. Plenty of power, involving enough to drive but super smooth auto box and bags of torque make it an incredible daily
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    Whatever you buy, get a red one. Reds are always faster. Mines white. Its slower.... 😉🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎
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    Demon tweaks vouchers (for a new helmet) AND MSV vouchers for more track days, AND a PCGB soft shell jacket for standing around at Cayman OC & PCGB meets in and keeping warm. Could my Xmas day presents get any better? Um, we’ll yes. A new 2018 Porsche Calender for the man cave and a pot of novelty chocolates that look like mini caymans. If Carlsberg made wives she’d be called Mrs Windymiller! thank you Santa 👍🏻 🎅🏻😁
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    Hi all Last week had a call from Porsche Silverstone asking if I fancy having a nice 911 HRS for the day, well in a split second I said yes why not. So Thursday morning I popped over signed all the forms and off I went. The car in question was the 2wd with pdk and rear stear plus a few nice extras. First impressions where how fast it changed gear and the low down grunt from the 3.0L twin turbo engine, the roads a little wet and in standard power setting it span it rear wheels while I was still in ear shot off the Porsche centre lol. After a few more miles and a play with in sport and sport plus including the over boost button, I must say I was taken with it. A lovely car to drive and plenty fast enough to boot and got me asking questions about my car (gt4). As the day went on and the more miles I did in the car, slowly the car started to become a bit boring, boring how can a 911 with 450bhp be boring? Well for me the car was just to easy to drive, the sound was to quite and the involvement that the car gave was a bit lacking, sure it was fast and quite a bit quicker than my gt4 on the road but it felt large and you could feel the extra weight it was carrying. Great car the gts is but for a special Sunday drive I feel its not quite there and more an everyday car that's very nice. So on my return to Porsche later that day and the question of do I want to swap ? Egg no was the answer, but it has made me start looking once again about sorting the missing hp from the engine as that 3.0 L twin turbo was very nice. Cheers dunc
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    If ever there was a topic which raised such debate among Porsche enthusiasts it’s tyres...
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    Yes that is what I have just paid for the new cables which come as a pair. One of mine had broken - apparently a fail safe if two gears were selected to stop the gearbox blowing apart! Not sure if that was what happened in my case. Didn't manage to get a look at the broken parts as they had already been binned. Hoping that things remain reliable from now on. Going into the local independent specialist for a free car clinic checkover at the end of January when I believe they will plug in and see if anything is amiss. Let hope they don't reveal its racing history!! Looking forward to long summer days with dry roads. Our recent snow and ice is no place for Caymans. Mine is fitted with PCM, telephone hook up, heated seats etc. Think this is the PCM Mk 2 or 3 but there are a huge array of functions and the navigation repeater display in the instrument panel is good. Now what journeys can we plan? Scotland for sure at some stage. SimonP
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    I'm not known for my patience i'm afraid.
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    I'm calling bullshit
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    you could pop off the gearstick gaiter and cover by gently teasing up the front edge then lifting and rotating 90 degrees to remove it. this will allow you to peek at the shift selector and the 2 cables with their pop off ball joint ends, one underneath and one to the passenger side. most likely, one of the cables has come off or one of the swivel bushes located front and behind the gear lever has collapsed. you can get a replacement quick shifter kit from the net for less than £50 ( anodized blue aluminium chassis). I bought one recently but havnt had time or decent weather to fit it yet. there are plenty of you tube clips showing how to do this far better than I can explain. hope this helps. Steve
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    Wheels are gen 2 987 Cayman S, not Carrera. Good colour choice. Red ones are known to be slightly faster. This is a placebo-controlled, double-blind, peer-reviewed fact.
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    Of course, yes! Be good to meet you there.
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    The guys at RPM Technik have kindly offered to host a Cayman OC meet at their HQ! We will be treated to breakfast (Bacon rolls and drinks), a guided tour of their premises and workshops, various cars on display including their latest CSR Cayman and the RPM GT4, a guest speaker with a Q&A session. RPM will be opening up on the Sunday morning just for the event, for us, so can people please put their names down on the list so we can keep track of numbers for the day to ensure there is enough parking space on the day. Time: 9:00 - Breakfast 10:00 - Guided Tour of RPM 10:45 - Guest Speaker 12noon - Finish Date: Sunday 14th January 2018 Location: RPM Technik, Units 6&7, Old Airfield Industrial Estate, Cheddington Lane, Long Marston, Hertfordshire, HP23 4QR More details closer to the time, but this should be a really good event to get out and beat the new year blues and blow away the cobwebs! For those unfamiliar with RPM Technik, they are a well known independent Porsche specialist and individually they are enthusiasts. https://rpmtechnik.co.uk
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    I have owned a 996, a very thoroughly sorted one at that and I found it rather disappointing. There is just no excusing the cars odd handling. It will feel like a major step back from the dynamics of a Cayman
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    Do it 👍🏻 CR - no - you’ve been there and done that. CS - no - you’ll always be comparing to your former CR. 996 - future classic at relatively low prices currently. Get one that’s had a quality engine refurb, or one cheap enough that you don’t mind doing a refurb yourself. Have yourself a potent, cheap weekend toy and winter ‘project’ car. But don’t buy one in the awful metallic burgundy colour....
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    That an Xclusive Customz kit. Had my side skirts and wing from them early last year. Was told by the bodyshop who fitted them for me they were one of the better fibreglass kits he had come across and very easy to work with. I have been tempted by the GT4 looking bumper but I'm yet to pull the plug and get it purchased as I'm still unsure on if i like the look of it.
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    It might be worth checking the vehicle side of the lamp connectors too, see if they are still putting out 12 volts? LEDs can have quite high inrush current, so it may be that they've used part of the loom as a fuse... Joe.
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    I would, where would be best to meet up?
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    I recently changed the rears to Michelin PS4S and they are very good so far. No problems in the cold weather; obviously the real test will come in summer when I can carry a bit more speed through the corners.
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    I think I might have to take them out and change two over to see if it is the coil
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    I switched from old Bridgestones to Pirellis cos I couldn't afford to stretch to Michelins that were my first choice. A couple of guys at work are tyre nerds and both do trackdays and Nurburgring events so we went through all the options I could afford, taking into account, dry grip, wet grip, tyre noise, wear, shoulder deformation under cornering, contact patches, car weight and balance, loading and ratings etc. the P zero N1's are actually ok, much better than the Bridgestones that were very noisy , hard on the sidewalls and slid all over the place, but to be fair were probably over 5 years old. I drove through the snow last week without any heart stoppers and have found them competent in the rain. as I have no plans to track day my daily ride, not having a set of PS4+ boots isn't really a massive disadvantage, the Pirelli's are more than good enough.
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    Yes, burning rubber smell is normal, don't fret.
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    Giff I certainly didn't mean my comment as an insult, I apologize if it came across that way. What I meant was that while a 4 pot turbo usually is quite effective with its performance it isn't usually a stand out part of the package it's fitted too. The 987 and 981 were such a well rounded package in each their own rights and the sound and power delivery of the 6 pot really did add to that package. The 718 though feel like something is missing in comparison, whilst the car feels very capable it does feel like something is missing. However if you haven't driven a 6 pot Cayman you may find it a fantastic car as the chassis is wonderful and everything else is fabulously Porsche. I by my nature don't generally enjoy driving turbo charged cars unless they are of the older Japanese variety. Everyone is different though. Still dont rule out a 981 GTS
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    I can only comment from the Ohlins side as I have never experienced the KW stuff first hand. Below are the various spring rates of different setups : Cayman S 987 - 27NM / 37NM (10nm) Cayman R - 30nm / 43nm (13nm) KW Clubsport - 70NM / 120 NM (40nm) PSS9 CS - 50nm / 114NM (64NM) Ohlins - 70NM / 80NM (10NM) GT4 981 - 45nm / 80 nm (35nm difference) On my car in the end we went 50nm / 80nm (30 nm difference) so about the same as 981 GT4. We lowered the front spring rating as Centre Gravity (who fitted my suspension) felt the Ohlins recommended 70nm would be a bit too stiff and could induce understeer. I am very happy with the result, the Dual Flow Valve of the Ohlins seems to allow the car to work well on bumpy roads but also is fine on track. If the car was to be road only I would probably gone with even lower spring rates than mine and I know CG have fitted a Cayman R with Ohlins with lower rates and were impressed with the results. Hope this helps.
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    If you’re considering an A6 then why not a BMW 5 series? It’s much better appointed then the 3 series.
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    I know I could rely on you guys. Battery charged over Christmas Day and reconnected this morning and all working fine. Quick clean and off for a drive in the sunshine. happy days.
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    Great job running the club Nick, Tom and the other ‘founding fathers’ and moderators. Keep it up, it’s hugely appreciated. Here’s to 2018 in the COC! Jason
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    I have to say I like the idea of this car, a nicely paired back simple 911...just a shame it’s £85k before options Nice video here though:
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    Recently announced ... https://www.northeast250.com/
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    On lack of info! If you’ve got a source then you should share it or stop shouting about it.
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    Cayman taken into local Porsche garage this morning. They tell that they have replaced two gearshift mechanisms in the last 18 months so maybe just bad luck on my part with a car that has only done 30,000 miles on my first day of usage! Will report back on outcome. I checked for design faults on this model before I bought it and this did not come up on the radar! SimonP
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    Just for fun.... It’s not Christmas for me until I’ve opened the bottle of Stones Ginger Wine!! 🎄☃️🎅🏼
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    Congratulations! Be sure to show us some photos!
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    Last track day I used half worn discs with part worn RS29 pads. Bite was good, stopping was good (squealing I could have done without). After that track day the pads were about half worn and the discs completely knackered. With the car in for service and advice to change the brakes I got the pads and discs changed for standard items and replaced the brake fluid with fresh racing (high BP) fluid. Saturday was my first track day on this set up. I was expecting poorer braking and more fade. In reality, the brakes lacked the immediate bite but fundamentally felt like they had all the stopping power required and didn't fade. So, I'm questioning whether there really is much wrong with the standard set up. On Saturday my friend joined me who races historic FF and Ferraris (I'm saying this to add background to his observations, not to sound like a knob). I let him take the car round the track for a couple of sessions. Again, his observations on the brakes was that they did the job and whilst a bit of additional immediate bite adds some confidence when pushing to racing speeds / commitment, for track day use assuming you are not trying to beat every car out there, the standard brakes were fine. This being the first time he'd driven a CR, his overall reaction was that it was criminally good and to say it was unmodified (save the MPSS tyres) it was testament to the excellent set up Porsche have given the CR. A car you truly can use as an everyday car and then take it on track and really enjoy. Despite his strong leaning towards Italian cars he was genuinely impressed and starting to ask questions about ownership costs! Just thought I'd throw this into the mix before it becomes gospel that in order to track a CR you MUST upgrade the brakes. Cheers Mick