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    Crikey!! How long is your crotch strap??? That must reach your chest!
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    Booked back in for this Friday. I'll update on the outcome.
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    Having owned a number of Porsches with this type of headlight securing mechanism, all of them have required a fair amount of torque to release. We currently have two Gen 1 Caymans and every time I remove a headlight, it feels like something is going to break!
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    Hey Cayman Owners 😎 I've just sold my current car and in the market for a gen 2 Cayman. I'm going to see and possibly test drive this tomorrow, which seems good spec and mileage for the price - I specifically want a PDK model. Can anyone advise me of things to look out for? https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/porsche/cayman/porsche-cayman-2-9-2dr-pdk-stunning-example/7516543 Thanks, Tom
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    Thanks twopointnine - some good points. I checked the car over, it met all of my criteria and I absolutely loved it. Flappy paddles would've been nice, but were not an essential for me. Good news is, deposit has been paid! It is due an MOT and new rear brakes, plus a few bodywork bits to be sorted, but I shall be collecting it this coming Saturday - I'm too excited!! Here it is: The drive was superb, I was really impressed with the PDK gearbox and impressed with the comfort too. Putting a deposit down made it all the easier to accept the fact that a few hours earlier someone drove my other pride and joy away Onwards and upwards. Roll on next Saturday 19th! Tom
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    It says it's got full service history, it would be nice to think the stamps in the book were backed up by receipts detailing exactly what was done, and any additional work. Check when the PDK oil was changed, and the spark plugs. Make sure the engine is cold when you first see it, then start it and run it for a few seconds and turn it off, leave it for a while and look aroung the car & paperwork, then start it again and check there's no oil smoke - sometimes, some 2.9s can smoke on start-up and those are typical conditions when it might occur. The car you are looking at does not have satnav (I'm not sure whether that will meen it doesn't have bluetooth phone connection), it does not have Sport Chrono, and it has button gearshift rather than paddles, all of which may or may not be important to you. Have you seen this one, a little light on spec again but it does have proper paddles https://www.mole-valley.co.uk/porsche-cayman-24v-pdk-in-dorking-surrey-6198416
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    The Cayman OC buyers guide for the Gen2 is here Tom http://en.calameo.com/read/004578836891bab5e14cc Let us know how you get on!
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    Info ... https://www.porscheclubgb.com/regions-registers/registers/modern/cayman/porsche-cayman-buyers-guide/987-buyers-guide
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    Thanks for the video John, I'll take these points onboard and get back at the end of the week. Although if I now have pulls or strains, it might take a while to get these cleared up first. Very keen to put the pointers in practice though.
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    When I bought my first Cayman (standard seats) I immediately started getting back pain (something I'd never had in any car before) and after a while thought I was going to have to sell it - dream over. Then I watched the Porsche YouTube video below, followed the set up advice and never had a problem again - even on long Euro road trips. I found the ideal seating position to be a lot more upright than any previous car (without watching the video I'd never have tried it the "correct" way randomly) and was surprised how comfortable they were. I've got sports seats now and find them even more comfortable.
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    Well there's a CR to avoid - launch control straight outside of the dealership 😕 The guy is a proper tool
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    Binned ... as soon as he selected Sport Plus in the dealership !
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    Thought I would conclude this off. I do not have dyno numbers (yet) as I may get an exhaust in the future. That's still up in the air right now. I think the car is fine as it is, in all honesty. Anyway, onto the main purpose for this post: I recently drove a friend's 350Z (the 313 HP model) and, whilst it felt more powerful than my car, how fast the speedometer climbed was markedly slower. I was, previously, rather accustomed to the Japanese 'pull' that you would feel under WOT. Having now driven the Porsche for 7 months and gone back to a Japanese sports car temporarily, however, it has become apparent that the butt dyno sucks in a Porsche. The acceleration is deceptive and is hard to just feel. For that reason, I will need a dyno to confirm that the remap has done anything at all. I will revisit this in a few months, or maybe a few years, or perhaps not at all; it all comes down to the exhaust.
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    I got a pay rise! (3.2%, not life changing but better than a poke in the eye) so i got this http://www.dscsport.com/product/dsc-vplug-n-play/ has rave reviews so why not? Gutted that its arriving a day AFTER my Bedford trackday. A simple 5minute fit, I'm not into modding but this appeals because i can simply swap it back to stock when i sell. I can then sell on this unit for a few hundread. You can download the tuning software if you want to play, I don't. Will report back after a test drive to sainsburys over the speed bumps
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    Hi peps, some owners did upgrade a GT4 with differents brakes, exhaust, IPD plenum, else......? i found nowhere on the forum some thread about it. maybe we can talk about it here and give some differents returns on materiels and brands used? thx
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    There are 2 fuel tank sizes, a 65 litre and a 50 litre. Maybe they left it on default setting or opposite to what you have?
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    Knows his stuff does Bushman!
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    Head lights sorted Bushman cheers, now to sort crap side light and fogs as headlights make them look old now!!! Dean
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    Ive got 20mm spacers at the rear with 45mm thread radius seat bolts and 10mm spacers up front with 35mm thread radius seat bolts, 19 inch rims, 35 profile rim protected tyres. no wheel arch clashes and the rears clear the struts by about 35mm. steering feels lighter but is more sensitive to surface changes. no understeer issues on wet or dry roads, never track dayed it though.
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    What you will need is Paint Protection Film. Check our Xpel or Suntek