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    Just got back from Carnewal today. Had the GT exhaust fitted after much research. MOT is due in Oct but Carnewal exhaust is not a detrimental move in terms of emissions and I have not heard of anything untoward. Out of interest he has done over 1300 993 exhausts and so very much knows everything you need to know about exhausts and is a huge enthusiast. If anyone out there is thinking of doing the exchange it is well worth it. I took my 14yo son to ride shotgun (getting him off his iPhone was a major achievement!!!) and we set off at 3am, caught the 06.20 shuttle from F'stone to Calais and 35 mins later we were on our way. The Satnav took us on the Northern route (towards Ghent etc) and then down to Maarkedal in just under 2 hours. Schoolboy error on my behalf I forgot to read Gert's comprehensive email and map and paid for it by relying on the Satnav which tried to take us down a few no entries and a circuitous route around Maarkedal but we eventually found Carrnewal (Gert, you need a larger sign!!!) and got to our appointment in time. We met Gert and received a great welcome and drove the car into Carnewal's large workshop adorned with Gert's 993's (which brought back pleasant memories!). He then showed us through to the waiting area, replete with merchandise(all high end stuff here, no cheap Chinese imports) and said he'd only be an hour. His charming wife brought out a jug off coffee and cakes and chocolates which were very much welcomed and within an hour we heard the rumbling and growl of the Carnewal GT exhaust. What an amazing sound. There are many reviews on YT about this exhaust but I have to say it is no comparison to listening to experiencing it live. I went for the twin tail piece as well and the car has been transformed. Gert told us it would need about 100 miles to really bring out the best of the conversion as the car's computer would adjust to its new exhaust. We took the route via Lille back to Calais which was a more straight forward run with much better roads and as the miles went by we could here the incremental difference from the new exhaust. Again, less than 2 hours and we were boarding an earlier train back to UK and never stopped smiling. In summary, if you are thinking of upgrading your exhaust then this has to be the way to go. Gert is also an absolute pleasure to deal with and to quote a well known beer advert. If Carlsberg did garages they'd probably look like this!!! A major US sports brand once said 'Just do it!'. I could not agree more. Some stills here but have short clip of exhaust sound which I'll have to post separately. Get after it folks. Stu
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    Hi all Well let's get something sorted, and what could be nicer than a nice drive around the Cotswolds. I would say meet up in the morning at Morton in the marsh, go for a nice drive around the Cotswolds, taking in some great roads and some nice pics, then go for a nice afternoon lunch at a nice pub. I don't mind doing some research on good roads and pubs, but if anyone has local knowledge, then please do say. Myself and Keith are up for it and guess the only thing that stands in the way is the weather, and as long as it's dry then let's do it, it will be something different to the A5 supper sausage Hope you like, cheers dunc
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    If that’s the answer, then what’s the question. . . . .? Loading stuff into the car with both the bonnet and tailgate open and aware that a guy who had returned to the car next to mine was alternately peering into the front and rear boots. Nodded and then the question . . .”Is it electric?” Answer as title of the post, chatted briefly, the lack of a visible engine at the both the back and front had caused his query.
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    You won’t be alone, but I’m sure we’ll keep up
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    thanks for all your input, it is booked in monday for clutch, replace exhaust manifolds (pre cat delete), plugs oil and filter. then booked a weekend away in Norfolk so a good few hundred miles run then go from there again thank you all for your input Tristan
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    ‘Shame’ - were at Bedford autodrome on the 14th for our youngest daughters first ‘track day’ 👍🏻 We bought her a MSV Mini experience for her 11th birthday (she loves Minis), and I want one of my gals to be a petrol head at least, so thought I’d start her young 😉😁.
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    Never heard of this event before, it’s only 40 miles from me too, id attend a COC meet here in the future 👍🏻
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    Of course Steve, goes without saying (which is why I didn’t say it... 😉😁👍🏻)
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    Hi all, after a chat with Nick on Sunday, we agreed that the club should put more events on ECT, and I sort off said I would see what I could do lol. Anyway so before I get stuck in, I feel I need to introduce myself to you all, some will know me others not. Have owned 2 Porsche Cayman's, 981 GTS and GT4 and before that I have a long history with the Ford RS range and over the 25 plus years I did many roles for the club, one being involved with sorting and running shows, so I have a good back ground in sorting stuff, anyway enough off that and back to what's this post is all about. So then shows, trips and meets. I would like to try and sort more stuff out for us all, as seeing a nice stand full of Cayman's and the owners chatting and enjoying themselves is what it's all about and with many shows over the summer month's I am sure we can arrange more meets and hopefully a trip. So any ideas on what you would like to see a stand at then please let me know and as long as we get a few that want to do it I don't mind arranging it. I don't mind sorting tickets out ( as done all that in the past and still have a car only account set up just for tickets ect) but a few ideas that I have right now are Weymouth Porsche on the prom 13th July Silverstone classic, runs from 20th to 22nd July Yorkshire Porsche festival 5th August WEC 6 hours of silverstone 17th to 19th August Brands Hatch Festival of Porsche 2nd September Porsche club national concours 22nd September Plus we have the A5 meet at the supper sausage and may be a trip down to the Ace cafe. But one trip I would really like to sort out is a few days away in the alps, the ring on the way back may be, as I feel that would be a fantastic driving trip away. Also lots of Porsche track days up and down the country that might be of interest. I am off to LeMans next week and once again that is a great trip. Anyway cheers for reading this and hope that you would like to maybe do one, or even a few. But as said ideas are more than welcome Cheers dunc More info and discussion thread: http://www.caymanoc.com/forums/topic/1328-sorting-out-stands-and-meets/
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    really? OEM on cayman was textar..... For track PF are great but will eat the bottom of your car. I have first hand experience of this on my track car. I run RS29s on my Cayman
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