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    Had mine go in the pouring rain!!! My only suggestion to anyone doing it is masking tape is your friend. Mark up the current position of the mounting locations and it will save you loads of time having to mess about. As mentioned though def not something I would do again in a hurry
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    I find Porker drivers never wave back bar a few. Some seem pretty miserable looking. I like waving at the very high end ones on the odd time I see them, like the Gt4s, GT3s etc. It’s always these guys that wave back! I find Cayman guys wave back if they’ve modified them. Not sure what the link is. The Cayennes and regular 911s I don’t bother anymore. Besides, I’d be waving like a plastic cat in a Chinese restaurant if I waved at every 911.
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    Just got my R Pdk at Xmas looking at mods any recommendations? I'm looking at Fabspeed sport cat headers and PSE exhaust, 82mm throttle bodies & plenum with induction kit, plus rolling road remap & tune. brakes disc& pads are pagid all round is it worth the upgrade on the master cylinder? also got Gt3 Brake ducting on front is there an upgrade for the rear? any suspension upgrades? heard a lot about wheel spacers are they worth it? Sizes front / rear cars going to be mostly road but with 3 or 4 track weekends per year! Cheers in advance for any input 👍
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    Interested in general opinion. I’m not really fussed about styling ‘mods’, I bought a cayman 987 for many reasons, one of which being the gorgeous curves and lines (please tell me others get the same enjoyment from wiping down those beautiful rear quarter panel ‘buttocks’ as I do....?!? 😉). However, I have a Carrera white S and the side vent grills are colour coded. Sometimes I think the side of the car is ‘too much’ all one colour and a bit ‘slabby’ (cant really explain what I mean here). I really like the CR black side vent and ‘PORSCHE’ decal contrast against the main colour (eg Benoirs previous white CR), but don’t want to look like I’m trying to make my CS look like an R. Or what about the ‘Cayman’ script black side decal? Thoughts and opinions on contrasting vents and side decals invited.... cheers, Jason
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    took mine out today for the first time since October!! I remembered pretty well what a great drive it is, but I forgot just HOW great it is!!!! It'll get a proper clean and polish in a couple of weeks and then hibernation will be officially over! (no time to do it sooner or I would!)
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    Finally got round to fitting today, was a right royal pain in the butt. Would of been easier if I had 6 pairs of hands . It was well worth buying a packet or two of the door card clips/rivets as broke 5 or 6 when trying to get door card off. So refitted and well chuffed but wouldn't want to do it again in a hurry so let's hope passenger side stays hanging in there for a few more years yet. Regulator was well shot, so keeping fingers crossed for passenger side.
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    Hi Tom. yes these are defo the correct ones. set them up off the car using a jump battery, 14swg wires with croc clips and a workmate, shining onto a white board or white wall.. Set up your headlamp unit with the back cover off, in the workmate so that you can change the bulb without moving the unit. Power up the dip beam and project onto the wall. use masking tape or drywipe marker to plot the beam centre point and edges, especially the flat top cut off. swop the original bulb for the Nighteyes LED and do the same again. you need to try and match the new one to the old factory set beam profile by tweeking how the bulb sits into its bayonet mount. I found I had to trim the wings off a bit to allow the bulb to rotate a bit more than it should to get the best beam. yours being a LHD vehicle might be different though. good luck.
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    That's something I do I'm fitting it to mine so your welcome to have a look
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    As an observation, most manufacturers do not include the replacement of water pumps as routine service item however, most owners forums do. Of the reasons given for replacement 1) the pump will fail shortly after the replacement of a belt and attendant retensioning because the load (tension) on the pump bearing is now greater and will cause a premature failure, and 2) cost, if you’ve gone to the expense of accessing the belt then the extra cost of a new pump is a minor. Set against that for a 987.2 is 1) a routine belt replacement does not not involve replacing the tensioner or manually resetting the tension - so the loads on the pump shouldn’t increase and 2) it’s relatively easy (well compared to some) to re-access the pump. The don’t lose sleep but be attentive approach sounds pragmatic to me.
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    I used to own a Fiat X1/9. It was 20yrs old? About 84% plastic filler, i swear it left an orange stain on the road every time it rained. I loved that old pile of crap though.
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    i fitted my H and R lowering springs on my 987.1 s. it took me around 15 hours mainly due to the rear droplinks that had corroded into the rear hub carriers and took up some extra time.also a fair chunk of the rear interior trim had to come out to get to the top of the struts.
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    Ive got 35 mm H & Rs on. Didn’t get them fitted so can’t advise on that. Few folk on here have though and will be able to help. I really love the look. The ride is firm on 18 inch wheels and can crash a little on small pot holes or ridges but not too bad. There’s zero body roll. Be prepared for even more stone chips though, oh and when you put them on, watch your front bumper as I found out lol.
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    Google "galvanising primer." I've no idea which to use, but it occurs to me that you may be able to re-galvanise the areas you're un-galvanising? I'm guessing the Bilthamber Epoxy mastic anti corrosion coating is like an undersea which will absorb rock impacts without damage under? Ah... here we go... According to Bilt Hamber, after the Electorox (6) and before the Mastic (7) "galvanised steel should be etch-primed with etch-weld self-etching primer." As here: https://www.bilthamber.com/which-paint-or-coating (3rd from last sentence). 2 here may help too: https://www.galvanizing.org.uk/painting-galvanized-steel/ as may the rest of page/site. Fair play to you for having a go at this. I can imagine you must have done hours of confusing research trying to find the correct process? What we need is an "expert" to come along and dissect your plans. That is NOT me!
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    Hi @Buggyjam I just used Halfords grey primer and there own brand satin black.. The beauty of satin black is it's so easy to touch up should you ever need to.. Just never rub it too hard with polishing cloth or use any wax etc on it and it'll stay satin look... I've used this paint on loads of items over the years on various car and motorbike items... Just watch YouTube videos of removing vents.. They can easy crack.. So warm them first with hairdryer before popping them out... I did my bars on ducati multistrada last month.. they were satin silver.. but new model has them in black...
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    I have white Cayman S.. and I just popped side vents out.. and rattle canned them satin black.. they've been d9ne nearly a year now.. and covered about 8k miles.. no chips or marks.. cost me about £16 for paint and primer...
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    Awww i understand mate.. yeah im over moom wi mine... use Cayman every single day.. this upgrade is a must...
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    It’s my poor explanation mate. It had an after market HIDs xenon set fitted by previous owner. I’ve just pulled out the HiD set and stuck in a pair of nighteye LEDs. Meant I’ve got the HiD set lying on my living room floor (where I was fiddling with the headlamps).
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    Just fitted the LEDs. Took about ten mins, I turned the lights on with one side still the previous HID and the other side LED. It’s only daylight but looked a lot brighter. Tried to upload a photo showing them fitted but upload limit wouldn’t allow me?! Anyway. Can’t wit to try them tonight! Ive got the old biXenon after market gubbens laying on my floor. I’m going to drop them down the recyclers as don’t think they’re safe or responsible to sell on. Extremely poor, at least in the Cayman.
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    What can happen is the bearing and impeller become completely separated - you hear a really bad sound for a brief moment, then the temp starts creeping up as the pump is no longer functional. The head would probably warp before any real damage is done, however, that doesn't defer from the sting to the wallet afterwards... I doubt a new engine would be required, likely just removal and skim of the head. Water pump failure isn't that common; I wouldn't lose sleep over it. Just keep your ears peeled - everyone that pays a mild bit of attention will know what it sounds like when something isn't right.
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    I'm currently on ~117,000, and it's using about 250ml of oil per 1000miles. As far as I know, no engine rebuild work has ever been carried out
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    You'd generally hear a grinding coming from the water pump area, which would suggest the bearing is worn and should be replaced. It's not common for water pumps to give out without much warning, it's a very simple part. The issues start to arise when the bearing has worn excessively causing play yet the engine has still been used; the play then allows the impeller to move and start making contact with the engine internals. As eponymoose says, a plastic impeller would break up into pieces and spread about the cooling system whereas a metal impeller would do some serious damage to the coolant passages. Flushing the plastic pieces out is much easier than swapping the block because the coolant passages are ruined...
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    There is some merit in preventative. But I probably wouldn't do it until 80-100k. I'd also steer clear of 'oem'. It very rarely is truly oem. No big deal on some parts, more of an issue on a part that can potentially kill the engine. If you can determine the oem part is truly the same part from the same supplier as the Porsche part, fine. But it usually isn't. Really, the whole oem thing is a bit of a scam a lot of the time. One final note, if you do decide on an 'oem' / pattern part, ensure the impeller is not metal. If the bearing goes and the impeller starts moving around, it can hit the engine blot and do serious damage if it is metal. Original part has a plastic impeller that will break up in those circumstances. Not ideal as it will put bits of plastic into the cooling system. But better than grinding away at the block.
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    Thanks BM - I might as well try them now I’ve got them and will report back once they’re fitted!
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    You're not wrong. Mine has nav but it's so out of date the the M1 was still under construction!!
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    Hey All Just wanted to introduce myself, I picked up a Cayman on the weekend after spending the last few months trying to find the perfect car! This forum was extremely helpful with so many tips of what to look out for, big thanks! In the end, I went with a 2009 Gen 2 Cayman S PDK with 56k on the clock from the guys at Ashgood near Heathrow T5. Really fabulous service, can't recommend them highly enough! Its such a raw and thrilling drive - feels like a grown-up version of my 1987 MK1 MR2! love it! Look forward to contributing to this great forum! Thanks, All - Peace!
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    So finally got round to buying a set of LED rear lights. Been wanting a set since I purchased the car and these came up for a great price second hand so had to pull the trigger. SUPER!!! easy to fit. Its just 3 screws on each light behind the panel in the boot that you take off to change a bulb, then they just slide out.
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    I prefer the black, without the silver `rim` would be an improvement perhaps ? My previous car on silver rims ...
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    The R on it's winter wheels and tyres. 18s instead of the usual 19 spyder wheels. When I fitted these my first thought was that while I prefer the original wheel design, I actually prefer the look of the car on silver rims.... (the originals are black). So now I'm in two minds about getting the original wheels refurbed in silver before they go back on the car. I just think the silver looks fresher and shows the detail of the wheel better. Anyone any thoughts on this? I not the original Porsche promotional pics had the R in green on silver rims...
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    My Cayman R. Had it just over 3 years now. Love it. New tyres needed soon and the exhaust brackets at the very back are looking a bit split. Anyone ever replaced these themselves?