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    My air conditioninghad stopped working recently so I guessed it was time for some new condensers and a re gas. The old condensers were looking pretty sorry for themselves and there was plenty of rubbish between them and the radiators so certainly worthwhile getting the bumper off to clean them up. Old condensers New ones fitted Pretty straightforward job only hard part was removing the old bolts they were pretty much stuck solid and required plenty of persuasion. £35 Groupon for a re gas at ATS and jobs a good one blowing ice cold air once more. It's certainly a job you can do yourself and save a decent amount of money. I wanted to protect the new condensers and have been looking at grills. I'm not a massive fan of them being stuck on the front so decided to have ago at making some myself. Some £8 mesh off eBay did the job and I was pretty happy with the out come. I used the smallest cable ties I could to keep it tidy. I know others prefer the Zunsport ones but I'm happy with my DIY job. Next up is it's 6 month's oil change and MOT next month. Approaching the end if my first year of ownership and can still say I'm hugely enjoying my first Porsche and Cayman.
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    Hahaa! no not at all mate I love a Scooby! yeah lets sort something!
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    The quotes from Aliens, by the character ‘Newt’.... (yep, I’m a movie geek... 🤓) unfortunately I have no night time photo of my car though (it’s too dark at night to see it 🤔🙄😉)....
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    Just Joined! some lovely cars on here 😀
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    My lawn.... 😉👍🏻 (If only) Hartwell House near Aylesbury, Bucks. Its a National Trust hotel and spa. It’s fabulous 🥂👍🏻
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    just had car redone all the black in satin and a complete front spray job.
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    Mid 80s 930 turbo ‘slantnose’ (in black of course) - the villians’ cars from the movie Condorman that started my desire for a Porsche 35 years ago....
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    Build update - Car is repaired and back on track. Stuart from Jago body shop in Chichester filled in the damage caused by the tyre wall, reshaped the front fender, resprayed the bumper and even rebuilt the damaged canard out of fibreglass. Simply amazing service. As you can see from the picture it looks good as new. Not many auto repair shops will rebuild your aftermarket aero parts to a high standard at no extra cost. Finally got to play with suspension settings and knocked off another 3 tenths around Brands Indy, also removing some more boot and interior trim to save weight. Rear wing mechanism and rear wiper motor is coming out next as they're not needed anymore. Going back to Brands next week with new tyres to hopefully go faster. Heigo clubsport roll cage is ordered in preparation for UK Time Attack next year - probably fit it over the winter as it will be a big job.


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