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    Some photos, normal & "arty", here: https://www.flickr.com/gp/139728314@N05/4A3ta5 Hope you find your car amongst them? My favourite snaps...
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    Hi all, Wanted to share my latest modification with the 987 community. Always liked the look of headlights with black out internals rather than two big chromey beacons being on the front of the car. Did some research and found a company that produces replacement headlights that are aftermarket for about £1k from the US. Felt this was pretty steep so set about modifying my own lights and painting the insides black to achieve the same result. Found a forum thread on another Porsche owners club from someone who had taken on the challenge. And trust me when I say it was a challenge!!! Porsche around the 987 model years changed the supplier of the sealant used to glue the lens and housing together on the lights. This stuff unlike most other headlights does absolutely nothing when exposed to heat. You would usually head the light in the oven which would break down the sealant enough to pry the two parts away from each other. However with this stuff the actually light will melt and burn before the sealant does anything. This set about its own set of challenges. After making some custom tools at work and I set about getting the two bits apart. Won’t go into all the details but it was a pig of a job and took up a lot more time than I thought. And here is the finished results. I personally love it and think it really makes the car look much more modern.
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    The guys at RPM Technik have kindly offered to host a Cayman OC meet at their HQ! Details to be refined but there will be a guided tour of their workshops, various cars on display including their latest CSR Cayman and the RPM GT4 and the RPM team around to chat about the cars. You will also be very glad to know that a cafe van serving drinks and bacon sandwiches will be open and serving. RPM will be opening up on the Sunday morning just for the event, for us, so can people please put their names down on the list so we can keep track of numbers for the day to ensure there is enough parking space on the day. Time: 9am-12noon Date: Sunday 14th January 2018 Location: RPM Technik, Units 6&7, Old Airfield Industrial Estate, Cheddington Lane, Long Marston, Hertfordshire, HP23 4QR More details closer to the time, but this should be a really good event to get out and beat the new year blues and blow away the cobwebs! For those unfamiliar with RPM Technik, they are a well known independent Porsche specialist and individually they are enthusiasts. https://rpmtechnik.co.uk
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    Rusty bolts or not, I swap an exhaust in less than 1 hr . We charge 25 euro extra for the hardware kit : Stainless steel bolts, nuts, washers and 2 original Porsche seals
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    Added some graphics
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    I'll throw another option into the mix... You can have the pleasure of my 21 year old Seat Arosa. Overall the car is in a very good condition, mechanically at least, with a genuine 53k on the clock and ALL receipts from new. However, it seems that the previous one Lady owner had a propensity for striking wooden objects at low speed, unless there's a trend amongst the older generation to set garden fence and gate posts at jaunty angles. The performance from the 1.4 auto is more than enough for a road trip of this nature, after all you'll be applying the age old convoy rule of slowest at the front...this will make you the fastest. I've no intention of putting the car on a dyno but suffice to say that on a dry and well compacted surface it will easily pull a chicken of its nest. The weak link here will be the tyres, these are Chinese Slide Masters, 40mph feels like 60mph, 70mph feels like a ton and a ton feels like...well, this being Norfolk we don't have a hill or sea cliff high enough. Storage wise thing's aren't too bad, with the rear seats up you can get a pair of trainers in the boot, there's a decal on the back of the seat to offer advice on achieving this, with seats in the down position I can then get the rest of my running gear and a towel in the back. No AC installed, but if you reach over to the nearside window you can wind it down to offer an ample supply of free, non power sapping, cooling air. Admittedly the ICE system is fairly basic, that said the LW reception is pretty adept at picking up errant Russian trawlers working in the Dogger Bank area. But...it does offer a good old fashioned cassette player, unfortunately there's a Jeferson Starship C90 tape stuck in it...if you can remove this tape you'll find a Bony M one in the foot well. The handling is limited by the choice of rubber, see above, but cornering is 'interesting' with a certain amount of body role in evidence, recessed door handles would be a welcome addition. Overtaking maneuvers are best conducted by going between the cats eyes, strike one of these ruddy mini tank-traps and on a wet road at speeds above 35mph the resulting shimmy is enough to induce blurred vision, above 50mph and you risk a detached retina..... There's more, but you get the jist. Take the Arosa, give me the keys to the Bee Em and the Porker and upon your return I'll inform you of what you should have taken, simples
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    Should anyone be looking for a cargo net I've found that the OEM Mini R56 net is a pretty good option, very well finished item. I bought 2 yesterday, although posted as secondhand they are as new and do the job just fine. Best part is they are £10 as opposed to £40+ for the Porsche item. Ebay item No - 262872206723
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    Hi all, I've owned my Gen 2 Cayman S for over 3 years now, but (rather shamefully) this is my first visit to the forum. Anyway, I thought I would share some pics of my car and hopefully be more of an active forum member. I have a 2009 Cayman S in GT Silver and have done nearly 50,000 miles in it over the last three and a bit years and I don't see this slowing down!! It's been the best car I've owned so far and was my first experience of Porsche ownership. It took me ages to find the right car with the right spec, but really pleased with what I ended up with.
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    Just traded in my z4 for a Cayman had it for 2 days. 1 word amazing!!
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    Early spring morning in the peak district.
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    To start you all off, here goes the first one ? (though not really arty):
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    I spoke to a couple of guys on Sunday and this was mentioned. I've slept on it, and I concur with David and David above. The last supercar run I partook in (PH's finest group of muppets) ended up with a days old Lamborghini Huracan parked in a field in the middle of rural Hertfordshire and a people carrier (complete with family on board) having narrowly missed a head-on with said super car at god knows what speed. There followed lots of worried and deleted messages on the forums, it all left a bad taste and the meets in that area where cancelled and there hasn't been one since for fear of anybody being associated with it. Guys and girls are all welcome to arrange their own run outs, pre/post meets etc but there won't be an official OC run organised as part of our normal monthly meet-ups. Sorry to poo-poo the idea for those interested. And yes, I can look at arranging a proper weekend type trip (Wales, Scotland etc) for those interested in going on a road trip with some great roads etc.
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    great meet as normal. A drive out is hassle imo, Public Liability insurance is hassle, loads of cars midday on Sundays are hassle. we own Porkers and having a "drive out" at 40mph to 60 mph is dull as dishwater. Me and my mates use these meets TO HAVE A DRIVE OUT at 8am when the roads are clear, just pick a nice route to the venue. That is our drive out, you just have a point of interest to get to and it gets you out of bed on a Sunday. I did speak to a few people and people seem to just come on a main route or main roads to the venue ! hence they then feel the need for a drive out ! I am looking forward to a coffee and a break when I arrived as the run in was "spirited" as normal and is normally an 1hour to 1 1/2 long. On the whole club runs can be quite dull, also can be quite dangerous once a few people overtake a few cars and then another 15 people have to overtake the same cars, and people DO take risks to keep up, see it time and again. Then you have modern roads and grit vs 20 Porsches with 265 tyres, the gaps have to be hugh between cars other wise it's cracked windscreen time. The last 2 super car meet runs I have done have ended up with stone chiped screens, it's just a given. Any way it's not my forum or group, but from past experience group runs are not a good idea. Best to chat to people in your area and use the end point to make your own interesting route to it, with just 1 or 2 other local people.
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    I love the manual vs. PDK debates! I had had some fun with this car, but the PDK made it too easy to drive, tamed the beast so to speak. The previous variant and the CR was far more rewarding having to work it, digging deep and timing down shifts perfectly. I don’t give a s**t about lap times and have no interest in nanny gadgets to assist my lack of skills - I’d rather learn without them covering up. For thrills the manual CR gave me more.
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    Hi all, New to the club (and my car, will have had it 2 weeks by Sunday) but hope to meet a few of you at Super Sausage on Sunday as I'll be heading over with some of the TIPEC Peterborough crowd for a look round cars and meet like-minded folk.
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    New to the site but i like this idea ?
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    Not very arty....but pics of my gen1 at Pennan on the north east coast of Scotland....... as featured in the film Local Hero.... if you look closely, in the back ground you can see the red telephone box outside the inn... for those that know the film that is ?
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    Ok, feeble attempt at the lawn connection..................anyone know where this is?
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    How about this : http://www.porsche.com/silverstone/en/experience/psds/warmup/ You take your own car and an expert tells you how to get the best from it. Once you know your limits and the car's limits, it might give you a good idea of what might make it better for you. Cheers, Bryan
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    Get a new specialist, I am afraid they do not know what they are talking about. All 987.1 Caymans have the final big bearing which firstly very rarely fails and secondly can't be replaced without splitting the crank case, so there's little point in checking it.
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    Ha! Based in the Cotswolds and OPC Swindon are well located for easy access for lots of people, and have a nice showroom and car park
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    Since it's now spring, we decided to have a bit of a freshen up and bring a more collegiate feel to the website with a new theme applied across the website and a few other more modern touches. So we can now unveil the new look CaymanOC.com website! The main change is the landing page is no longer the forum, but a page of articles which so far have been populated by a few of our stories and with the help of Beanoir's blogging. We'll continue with this and if any members feel they would like to submit any articles for the home page then please send them to any member of Staff and we will have a read and stick it up for the world to see. For those of you who use a mobile device to view and use the website and forums, you should find there is a big improvement in the way it works too - I certainly have. The forum retains the same structure and is easily located on the navigation bar at the top of the page. Thats about it for now, but should anybody have any issues then let myself or @Andy know and we'll try and help your out (again website only please - we charge for health and relationship problems. Enjoy Tom
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    Couldn't stop smiling yesterday after I picked up the Cayman S and drove it home, via he Suffolk coast. Everything seems to be in order, sounds great and for a 10 year old car it has been well looked after, the paint work is almost perfect apart from the odd small stone chip, the interior is spotless and looks almost new. The only noise I have come across is from the steering wheel which is like a rubbing, so quiet that you can't hear it from the passenger seat, will investigate more. Will add pictures and a list of extras later this week.
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    This weeks pictures can be posted here, this week we'll be keeping the theme to general Cayman pictures.. as arty as you can! A reminder below on the rules: Each week we will start a new thread for you to post just ONE picture of your PORSCHE Cayman... not the animal variety… If you decide to change your submission, then please edit the original post – duplicate submissions will be removed. We may suggest a different theme or model for instance, but each picture will have a nod towards the car. The members who's photo gains the most likes will be that week’s winner, if there is a tie break situation then staff will arm-wrestle over the one they prefer.. or consult the resident professional photographer.
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    On the way to Lands End in Cornwall and a great driving road.
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    Too Late? Or am I excluded?
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    Well there's no comeback to that is there, to be fair it pretty much sums the place up! Half a mile from here and you'll even find roads made of concrete, we've half a dozen fords locally and most of the roads still have a strip of grass running up the middle...seriously. However, there's some lovely roads with a decent dressing coupled with fun, challenging corners...shame that most of them are below sea level
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    So far only the pics from the supplying dealer but will get some more on a sunny day
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    Well....I'm sitting here with a broken neck (seriously) and Google has become my best friend. Due to an extended moment of boredom I can lay the blame firmly and squarely at the door of Google for the purchase of a Cayman, and the subsequent search for a decent owners club!
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    Hi all, Not sure if it has been covered here in the past or not so I thought I'd share... I've been suffering from the dreaded "Trunk Clunk" for months and this weekend, I finally decided to look into it. Basically, there is a rubber/metal counterweight fitted within the rear hatch to aid opening/closing as well as damping vibrations by frequency matching but 180 degrees out-of-phase. Over some bumps it moves so much it contacts the inner structure of the hatch giving the most annoying and predictable 'clunk'. I found this guide really helpful and it seems to have solved the issue for now! http://www.planet-9.com/reviews/miscellaneous/p7-porsche-stopping-the-hatch-26quot-3bclunk-26quot-3b.html Greg.
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    Just introducing myself.... I have a GTS PDK in racing yellow... absolutely love the thing!!! It's a keeper!!!!
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    On the 21st December 2016, following an agonisingly long six months of waiting, at last I became the owner of an individually specced Graphite Blue metallic 718 Cayman S PDK. The DVLA V5c form shows the "Vehicle Type" as a 982, not a 718, as the marketing suits have designated the emissions driven flat 4 turbo model. Whatever moniker you choose to label this new Cayman with, one thing is certain from the outset. This car provides a very different driving experience from my previous 987.2 Cayman R manual. I shall be reporting more details on this topic later following conclusion of the running-in period. The spec I have chosen is mainly driver focused with a few comfort and safety options attuned to the purposes for which I intend to use the car. The full option list is as follows; PDK with Sport Chrono and mode switch and dynamic transmission mounts Smaller diameter GT Alcantara steering wheel with mode switch Porsche Torque Vectoring (PTV) mechanical rear differential lock Porsche Sports Exhaust (PSE) with tail pipes in silver -20mm lowered PASM sports suspension 20" Carrera Sports alloy wheels Front 8.5" wide, rear 10.5" wide Sports seats plus Side air intakes painted Rear apron painted PCM navigation module Porsche Connect Plus Alcantara gear selector and storage bin lid Electrically folding door mirrors Lane change assist Power steering plus Cruise control Seatbelts in silver grey Smokers pack Aluminium fuel cap Bi-Xenon headlights including Porsche dynamic light system So far I have driven 214 miles with the car, including a trip to Cullen on the Moray Coast on a surprisingly mild Christmas Day, where the attached photo was taken. First impressions are good. Having jumped two generations of Cayman from my previous 987.2 CR to this, the 982, the upgrade in cabin quality and refinement is immediately apparent. Even allowing for my self imposed 4000 rpm rev limit during running-in, the early arrival of prodigious quantities of torque from 2000 rpm upwards means the considerable poke of the 2.5 litre turbo is all the more accessible and rewarding. Now, I had better cover the engine in the room.............Firstly, I absolutely loved my CR and the glorious stepped urge as the revs soared through 4000, 5000, and again at 6000 and onwards to 7400 as the variable valve timing and lift kicked in. It was pure shock and awe. Regrettably, this joy could not often be experienced on the public roads as illegal speeds were attained just as things were becoming fun. The 982 offers a very different power delivery experience with this new flat 4 turbo. It's sound is more of a drone than a wail, with a pop, crackle, bang on downshifts and throttle lifts to break the monotony. Select Sport on the mode switch, and use the paddles to shift the cogs just as if you were driving a manual car. Approach a dual carriageway roundabout at say 70 mph in 6th, click down rapid fire style to 3rd or 2nd gear, throttle blipping all pre-programmed in Sport mode, tuck the nose around the roundabout with the new delightfully quicker steering rack, squeeze the throttle on the exit and the car just flies. No lag, no emissions flat spot, just pure get-up-and-go. This new car is more easy to drive than any previous Cayman I have ever owned, and I speak as someone who has owned four Caymans over the last 8 years and driven more than 75,000 miles in total. I shall leave it there for now as I am still digesting the owners manuals and trying to get the hang of the Apple Car Play stuff. Driving I can do reasonably well, with computer software and smart phone techniques I am still on a learning curve. Further impressions on living with my new 982 PDK will follow in due course. Am I happy with the car so far? Yes, Yes, Yes! Brian
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    Great turnout today guys and girls! Good to see you all and meet some faces, look forward to next time
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    Bugger, typical. Finally a meet I'm not working and only 15 mins down the road from me. However this is my car at the moment... waiting for alloys to come back from refurb. Have fun guys. See you at another one.
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    I had my first trip in my 718 CS PDK across the Cairngorm mountain route from Inverness to Corgarff and the Lecht ski centre earlier this week. The power delivery of the flat 4 turbo is admirably suited to empty, flowing mountain roads as I experienced on my trip. Even while still running-in the car and short-shifting the gear changes, progress is prodigiously quick on such roads. The revised PDK gear shift mapping is ideally suited to the wide torque band of the new engine. I used the paddles and Sport mode throughout this 130 mile trip. The ease with which the accessibly of such smooth power was delivered was a joy to experience. I've done this same route many times in my CR manual and it is much more frantic. The n/a engine has an emissions flat spot between 3000 and 4000 revs which can only be overcome but down changing to a lower gear. No so with the 982 CS. Above 2500 revs the car pulls like a train and makes short work of the gradients and hairpin bends. Fuel consumption on this particular trip was 24 mpg. Not bad considering the mountain terrain and rapid progress. One thing especially impressed. The new -20mm Sport PASM is very good. On the normal setting it is surprisingly compliant, and on Sport mode it is much more comfortable than the CR ever was. The grip levels, even at public road speeds, are very high indeed on the chassis spec I have chosen. I'll have to wait until my first track day to find out more. I love the new quicker steering ratio and the smaller diameter GT Alacatara steering wheel. The road feel of the electric steering however, is way short of the tactile "fizz" of the CR's hydraulic set up. I guess I'll get used to it, but I miss the sublime steering feel of the CR. The cabin comfort is good. and the Sports Plus seats provide excellent lateral and lumbar support. Although I miss the little cubby hole the CR had in front of the gear stick. Porsche Connect Plus also takes a bit of practice.....let's just say I am still on a learning curve. More impressions will follow after the running-in has been completed. Brian
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    LATEST UPDATE, Over the last couple of weeks, I've spent some time experimenting with various IED bulb options. here are my conclusions. these , I emphasise are my own findings are these maybe different on other cars. the dip beams, (the first ones I changed) using the fan cooled 6500k 35w Nighteyes, are brilliant, ( if you will excuse the pun). almost too white, the flat top cut off shadow is very sharp and defined and identical to the old H7 halogens, so no dazzling. looks very modern too. I then changed the mains to LED H9 equivalents, only cheapies, no cooling fans or fins. result, nice white light but with no beam at all, completely diffused, couldn't see more than 25m with them. Comparing the two, the Cree elements are 5mm further forward than the tungsten so the reflected focus is all wrong. also these bulbs threw up canbus errors. they had to go. then changed the front round fog/ running lamps to H9 leds. same problem as the mains, no focus. in this case though it doesn't really matter as they work ok in fog and better as a running lamp. again the white light looks more modern and is defused enough not to dazzle. no canbus errors this time as the fogs are supposed to be H11, an identical fit to H9s but lower power changed the LED H9s on the mains to 100w Zenon blue coated H9s, perfect. 6000K so nearly as white as the dips. Sorted. tried putting LED replacements in the 6off rear lights but didn't like the pink sun faded look and the light distribution was not as good as standard bulbs so I went back to normal 21/5w 380 bulbs. Ive left the orange rear indicator bulbs as standard and at the moment am undecided about the LED or standard reversing light option. Pity about the Mains, probably cos I went cheap, lesson learnt. happy with the setup now though..
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    Folks, I know this topic is not purely for Cayman owners and I apologise if it goes against CaymanOC rules (if it does I'll remove it). However we're all Porsche enthusiasts at heart. If anyone is within driving distance Peterborough and fancy a night of Porsche chat? There is a Tipec meeting next Wednesday 11th January, it's for the newly formed Peterborough Tipec region, everyone is welcome to pop along and chat about all things Porsche. The Botolph Arms 465 Oundle Road Peterborough, PE2 7DD Meeting will start at 7.30pm. http://www.tipec.net/regions/Peterborough/
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    Hello All, Would there be any interest in a few of us going to this event in France? http://amicaleporschistesnormandie.org/ I don't know anything about it but could be nice Cheers, Rich
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    I'm happy to do my bit and arrange a venue and a route for a drive if anyone is interested in attending?
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    Latest set of lights going out to a another Cayman owner.
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    Welcome to the `R` world ... Both items are in the front `boot` ... there is a removable panel at the bottom - rear, released using two `twist` tabs. Word of caution ... take care with the wheel bolt adapter, it is a softer material than the wheel bolt. Take a note of it`s ID in case of replacement. I damaged mine and had to wait a few weeks for a replacement. Having replaced my 2012 Carrara White CR I now have a Porsche touch up if you want it, it is coded B9A ... no charge, PM your details if required.
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    My little Cayman tried to disown me yesterday and sent me to Coventry. just because we went on holiday for two weeks to Tenerife and I didn't put the Porsche in my suitcase and take it with us. Bast**d Battery was so flat even the LED interior lights showed me no respect. I'm not really surprised, I have long suspected that either the after market tracker/ imobiliser that was already fitted by someone previous was a drain, or like most modern cars, some on the electronics never really fully switch off, and I had to fit a new battery last winter. No problem I thought, I'll just pull out the little red link in the fuse box and hook up a jump lead, release the front lid and charge the battery, no worries. Yeah right!! two hours later, 3 batteries and a large battery charger later, I am still locked out, Not happy, the link did not seem to be talking to the battery. I grovelled up under the front nearside wheelarch searching for the manual release cable that I saw was there when I had the headlamps out. ( I thought back then about how difficult it would be to find it and give it a tug and maybe I should extend it and put a ring pull on it. Nah, I'll never need it. Muppet, I should have.) In the end, I cut the heavy duty cigarette lighter plug and lead from a ceramic heater./demister and wired it up to a battery charger and plugged it in. Nothing for nearly 10 minutes then the alarm went off and I was able to ping the lid. happy days. Determined this will never catch me out again , I raided the shed cupboards and made up a jump led system using an Anderson plug connector.. larger versions of these are used on forklifts to connect the battery packs.. trial and error with some cardboard space claims and masking tape, I searched for the most protected and discreet mounting location with reasonable routeing back to the battery. as you can see from the photos, I ended up mounting one half of the connector to the plastic panel to the right of the battery cover, right at the back and angled up so that I can just plug in the other half with the front lid shut whilst it is still invisible unless you know where to look.. 4 hours later with a fully charged battery, I thought I would start the car and go for a shakedown drive. PSM Failure warnings, Buggar. back on the forums, this could be very expensive or a simple brake pedal brake light switch. I wiggled, sprayed, tapped and whilst I was down there, prayed. no one up there was listening, still had PSM failure. Sod it, I'll see if its still driveable as I need it for work on Monday. Less than half a mile later, the PSM failure went away, not sure why, maybe low brake pressure or something sticking., I switched the PSM on an off a few times but everything is back to normal. NOTE TO SELF; don't neglect the car in future, it wants a holiday too, with voltage.!!.
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    Me at Snetterton, as you can see I'm ahead of a GT4 which proves that both me any my Cayman S are amazing.
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    Silverstone WEC, April 2017 - maybe the wrong club banner is showing?
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    An offer of 2 SEATS...compelling opportunity honestly, but I already have too much choice You guys are so helpful!
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    The difference in applied torque between a dry assembly and a lubricated assembly is vast, and the type of lubricant applied to the thread will aslo have a masssive effect upon the torque figure, let alone type of material, coating etc, etc. As much as an increase in the region of 70% can be achieved if using a generic 'copper grease' anti-seize paste...and as most manufacturers quote a dry assembly torque figure you can imagine the result; BTW ever seen 'copper grease' on a factory assembled car? No. That's the reason for dry assembly torque figures only. Of course I would advocate the use of an anti-seize assembly paste for automotive use, I use it everywhere, but if you want to go down the route of a torque assembled fastener then consider using an easily downloaded chart listing the correct figure for lubricated or greased fasteners. Be nice if cars were to be assembled at the factory with anti-seize, but then this post wouldn't exist! As an example; if you were to replace your corroded exhaust fasteners with a 10.9 8-1.25 set up then the dry (as received - generally has a light anti-corrosion oil present) torque will be 34Nm, apply some anti-seize assembly grease and that will drop to 23Nm. Of course you'd be smart, it's a Cayman after all, and you'll be using 316 St Stl 8-1.25, so dry would be 16Nm and with anti-seize 11Nm; you would use anti-seize or assembly paste in this aplication to prevent galling of the threads. The subject matter here has the potential to run and run for ever and a day! I will say though that with over 20 years of working on high-tech, and a lot of low-tech military equipment, that includes 4 different types of fast jets and some awfully slow ones (due to my age!) I never, ever used or seen a copper based assembly paste...did see a lot of it in MTMS though, which is where it should be found. I've now moved on and have over 10 years experience as a marine engineer, now lets talk 'real' corrosion...!
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    I've got 19 inch wheels on my gen 1 987 S and I don't have any issues with the ride at all. I don't have PASM either which is supposed to soften the ride slightly in comfort mode. The Cayman is a sports car though so you have to expect it's going to have a firmer ride than most cars on the road do. My 5 Series also has 19 inch wheels but that's silky smooth in comparison to my Cayman. But I've also driven a Lotus with 16 inch wheels and that was really harsh...