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    Hey All Just wanted to introduce myself, I picked up a Cayman on the weekend after spending the last few months trying to find the perfect car! This forum was extremely helpful with so many tips of what to look out for, big thanks! In the end, I went with a 2009 Gen 2 Cayman S PDK with 56k on the clock from the guys at Ashgood near Heathrow T5. Really fabulous service, can't recommend them highly enough! Its such a raw and thrilling drive - feels like a grown-up version of my 1987 MK1 MR2! love it! Look forward to contributing to this great forum! Thanks, All - Peace!
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    Thought I’d report back with my feedback on RPM Technik. Dropped the car with them on Saturday (20/01/18) morning to perform the work through the week. Monday afternoon I received a call from the actual technician (Neil) who was working on my car to talk through everything he’d done and found. It transpired that there is nothing wrong with the rear springs or shocks and having measured the ride height of the car on their factory standard geo set up rig everything was normal. The ‘sag’ that I’m perceiving could just be due to a camber on my driveway which ‘rolls’ the car over to one side slightly when parked. I was really impressed with the fact that there was no attempt to ‘upsell’ any new parts or unnecessary work to me. The wet door card was investigated and some missing / incorrectly fitted clips were found to be the culprit, which permits water to penetrate from the door inner through to the card. The road test identified a flat spot in the Rev range under 2k rpm, which I’m aware of, but I think this is due to my usually <10 miles per day station commuting, and after a long / spirited run this seems to get ‘blown out’ with the cobwebs. ‘She’ sailed through the MOT the following day and I received another call on Tuesday from Ian (service manager) informing me all work was complete and the snow queen was ready for collection. Due to work I only collected her yesterday (Thursday) and she’d been fully valeted and was sat gleaming in the sun when I arrived at RPM (although I cleaned the windows again when I got home - but I am a bit OCD when it comes to glass smears). RPM even sent their young new engine workshop tech (Carl) to collect me from the local station at Cheddington (40 minutes out of Euston). I got (another) tour of the facilities by Ian, drooled over a silver and orange 996 GT3RS being valeted, had a quick chat with Ollie, was very well looked after by Zoe (anyone who charms me with the words ‘young man’ is a winner in my books 😉👍🏻), and the best bit was the bill! I’d budgeted £1,500-£2,000 and all the works came in at just under £1,400 incl VAT! Not bad for: • MOT • 40k service • Belts change • Brake fluid change • Aircon service (its cold as ice now and demists in seconds!) • Wet door card investigation • rear suspension ‘sag’ investigation • Rear coffin arms replacement (I supplied MEYLE arms myself from Frazerparts @ £270inc VAT) • Full geo set up In summary, incredibly impressed with the level of customer service, attention to detail, quality of work and excellent customer focussed attitude of every member of staff I’ve met, and all at a very sensible price. I had intended to make RPM ‘my’ garage as they’re only 12 miles away when I bought my CS from Cridfords last April, and I’m so pleased to find they are every bit as good as their reputation indicates. Highly recommended! Jason
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    The guys at RPM Technik have kindly offered to host a Cayman OC meet at their HQ! We will be treated to breakfast (Bacon rolls and drinks), a guided tour of their premises and workshops, various cars on display including their latest CSR Cayman and the RPM GT4, a guest speaker with a Q&A session. RPM will be opening up on the Sunday morning just for the event, for us, so can people please put their names down on the list so we can keep track of numbers for the day to ensure there is enough parking space on the day. Time: 9:00 - Breakfast 10:00 - Guided Tour of RPM 10:45 - Guest Speaker 12noon - Finish Date: Sunday 14th January 2018 Location: RPM Technik, Units 6&7, Old Airfield Industrial Estate, Cheddington Lane, Long Marston, Hertfordshire, HP23 4QR More details closer to the time, but this should be a really good event to get out and beat the new year blues and blow away the cobwebs! For those unfamiliar with RPM Technik, they are a well known independent Porsche specialist and individually they are enthusiasts. https://rpmtechnik.co.uk
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    Yesterday it was the first time that I had to install an exhaust on a 981 with more than 100.000km = 62.5K mls. It was a 2013 2.7 PDK from Belgium. Some observations : When I “switched on” the handbrake, only one side engaged, the other side engaged 1 minute later when the car was already up in the air. This was new to me. I have seen plenty of 981's of which one side of the handbrake didn't grab. At this mileage, the 2x 2 nuts of the exhausts are so corroded that the exhaust is about to detach from the manifolds. None of the bolts and nuts from the exhaust can be undone. What doesn't snap off, needs to be cut and replaced. Over the past 4 years, the time to swap a 981 exhaust went from 25 min till 65 min. It is now even easier/faster to change the exhaust of a 987 ! The foam part on the top of the rear springs starts to fall apart. When this part is gone, this will make the car to drop 10 to 12mm on that corner, causing an imbalance and wrong alignment . And that is just by looking at the rear wheel wells on a 981 with 100.000 km Will the car fall apart after 100.000 miles ?
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    Just a maintenance wash that I did this weekend for Nick, And some drone fun.
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    I would be prepared to pay an annual fee to contribute to the running of the site - I have made a donation previously since joining a year ago. However, my concern would be the club then becomes officiated like the PCGB. Although I’m a paid up member of the PCGB and I like all its benefits and activities, I also like the casual and informal nature of the COC - I like that it doesn’t seem to take it self too seriously and seems to have a more ‘just a bunch of mates / like minded enthusiasts’ feel. Jason
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    Hi All After quite some time looking for a Cayman R I have finally bitten the bullet and bought one. Haven't had much chance to use it yet other than the 170 odd mile drive home from collecting it which was great fun. Loving the car and starting to understand why people rate them so highly, looking forward to some better weather now. Davy
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    So finally got round to buying a set of LED rear lights. Been wanting a set since I purchased the car and these came up for a great price second hand so had to pull the trigger. SUPER!!! easy to fit. Its just 3 screws on each light behind the panel in the boot that you take off to change a bulb, then they just slide out.
  11. 4 points
    New door frame fitted, oh and also PSE fitted. Really makes the car
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    Best advice is: Is the car for you to enjoy or are you just borrowing it for the next owner? Your answer to that question should give you an idea on what you want to do with the above modifications. I'm bias however as mine is very much 'heavily modified' with no thoughts about resale value because its been done for me, IF i ever come to sell it (unlikely) I can approach that 'hit' in value knowing full well I have enjoyed every moment driving and changing it into exactly what I wanted.
  13. 4 points
    Personally not a fan of the duck tail but if we all liked the same thing we'd all be driving identical cars... Although a GT3 RS one of the other hand 😍 Regarding loud exhausts.... Loud pipes saves lives, be heard be seen 😁
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    It would be helpful if you could share with us prices and where you are sourcing your new tyres, i'm sure other members would appreciate it given the interest many of us have in them Cheers
  15. 4 points
    Rusty bolts or not, I swap an exhaust in less than 1 hr . We charge 25 euro extra for the hardware kit : Stainless steel bolts, nuts, washers and 2 original Porsche seals
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    Just got my car back from Glos Detailing https://www.glos-detailing.co.uk after machine polish and ceramic coating. Used these guys before and will do again. Great results. Cheers, Bryan
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    It’s currently having new chassis legs replaced but this is the drivetrain - Lexus 3uz V8 with a BMW M3 gearbox V8 MX5 pics
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    Done a little video of the day at RPM...
  20. 3 points
    A few of @Andy's photos through the edit
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    Sorry to hijack this thread, but had a great morning out meeting a few of you! Here are the pics I took, enjoy.. On route, standard service stop picture: Tom
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    Hi to all at Caymanoc, have been following this forum for a while as I've been considering buying a Cayman for quite sometime. So, finally took the plunge a couple of weeks back and bought a 2008 2.7 gen1 in guards red it's basically a standard car apart from 18" Carrer 2 alloys ( think that's what they are ) and rear parking sensors. To be quite honest I'm more than pleased with it, I've kinda got a big grin from ear to ear when driving it and even the wifey approves which is a first, so big thumbs up. So, guys and girls apologies up front for any future numb skull questions and queries etc. cheers all
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    Just got this GT4. March 2016 / 2,100 miles / 1 owner. Replaces very low mileage 2013 Cayman S of last 2 years.
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  25. 3 points
    I love the manual vs. PDK debates! I had had some fun with this car, but the PDK made it too easy to drive, tamed the beast so to speak. The previous variant and the CR was far more rewarding having to work it, digging deep and timing down shifts perfectly. I don’t give a s**t about lap times and have no interest in nanny gadgets to assist my lack of skills - I’d rather learn without them covering up. For thrills the manual CR gave me more.


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