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  1. Google ads pop-ups covering content

    We've amended the ad settings to hopefully remove the 'in-text' ads. Completely agree they ruin the experience of using the website and forum.
  2. Glad it all worked out ok, what a shocker though coming home to find the car gone!
  3. Google ads pop-ups covering content

    If you’re referring to the drop down Google ads from the top menu they can be dismissed and only a thin grey line should then show without obscuring content. If it’s appearing more than a banner cover for some folks then do take a screen shot and post so we can look into it, we need to balance revenue to keep the club and website running with member experience. All your feedback is important It might be that for smaller/older mobile devices more of the screen is obscured.
  4. Pumpkin Double Din Head Unit

    Thats unusual, even the Porsche brochure states the Sound Pack Plus was standard fitment in the 2006 S...
  5. Cayman R Owners

    Very nice Davy, welcome to the OC!
  6. New Owner - Any Meets Planned

    Welcome to the OC Gary!
  7. Big Freeze

    Make sure you’re all prepped folks, looks like a prolonged severe cold and snowy spell coming! Havent seen even a weather warning like this from the MetO in 30 years ‘Snow showers may become persistent from late Monday afternoon, continuing overnight and throughout Tuesday. There is the potential for travel delays on roads, stranding some vehicles and passengers, as well as delays or cancellations to rail and air travel. Some rural communities could become cut off. Power cuts may also occur and other services, such as mobile phones, may be affected’
  8. Can’t upload photos - 1000kb limit

    Yes and donations are massively appreciated! The Club Contributor is slightly different, it's a member level that we put in place for members that want certain additional benefits but which come at a cost to the OC, such as greater upload limits, etc. The link to the post below explains a bit further:
  9. Can’t upload photos - 1000kb limit

    All regular members have a total of 5mb of upload allowance (you've used 10% of yours) and a single upload size of 1mb. We keep it fairly low and encourage the use of photo hosting websites instead of our server space, as its costs a lot of money to increase the space. Club Contributor Members have much larger upload limits and no single file upload size. T.
  10. Which thread/posts in particular Matt? Have you got a link?
  11. Welcome to the OC mikeijay! Great looking car
  12. PCMs

    I believe all Gen2 cars have PCM3 models (black fascia), the earlier PCM2.1 (grey fascia) were only found in Gen1 Caymans. PCM3 did not come as standard with 7 digit post code search, it was done by software upgrade at OPCs (normally at cost!) I don’t believe there was a ‘jukebox’ option on 987 cars, came later on 981 - whether the parts are backward compatible is a question for the techies.
  13. 1. Beanoir (Saint-Nic) 2. Crafty1 (Charlie) 3. Woodhouse (Derek) 4. Windymiller (Jason) 5. Andy (...Andy) 6. Bushman (Steve) 7. Equinox (Tom) 8. Masher (Mick) 9. UKtom (Tom) 10. Magic8080 (Stuart) 11. Nis200k (Nik) 12. noddy (Jo) 13. Andrew L (Andrew?) 14. Junky (Dunky) 15. Lodgey (Jon) 16. StevenG (Steven) 17. Bilko (Phil) 18. DJMC (Rudolph) 19. Nail it (Duncan) 20. Glenn W (Glenn)
  14. Welcome Giff, sure there will be some pointers from other members. Have you driven one yet? Tried the S vs non-S?