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  1. As the summer is coming... Just testing the water to see if there is any interest for OC t-shirts....something like this If there is then stick your names down and we can go from there.
  2. Just a quick survey, we’re keen to know how many 718 owners we have here in the OC Don't be shy 😀
  3. 1. Beanoir (Nick) 2. Simonl (Simon) 3. Windymiller (Jason) 4. DJMC (David) 5. AndrewL 6. graham.reeds (+ 1 Supra owner) 7. Keith W 8. Magic8080 9. Jonnyb
  4. You may have noticed that the website is looking a bit sick today. This is because we had to upgrade the version of the software we were running, but unfortunately it has meant that the front end interface that normally looks fairly respectable is currently not. We are working on the bits required to return the normal look and I’m hoping this will be completed by Sunday evening or latest early next week. That said, there should already be some noticeable upgrades for users as part of the back end upgrade although I’ve not yet worked them out yet myself - if you spot them then do let us know!! 😊 (edit: turns out there are more Emoji) T.
  5. 1. Beanoir (Nick) 2. Simonl (Simon) 3. Windymiller (Jason) 4. DJMC (David) 5. AndrewL 6. graham.reeds 7. Keith W 8. Magic8080
  6. Tom

    Premium Membership

    How about a t-shirt??
  7. Tom

    Premium Membership

    Not that I’m suggesting we’re going forward with a particular solution but a ‘free’ member wouldn’t lose out, but they would have access to the website and forum with revenue generating adverts on display. The idea is to give other members an ad-free option and potentially with other benefits if they are interested in paying for club membership.
  8. Tom

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    All very useful comments folks, it’s helping build a picture - keep it coming 👍🏻
  9. That’s a lot of coolant to be leaking past a faulty filler cap. Have you checked the rest of the system for leaks too, rads etc?
  10. There’s 4 pages of the evolution of the club sticker and locations people have been using here http://www.caymanoc.com/forums/topic/168-caymanoc-stickers/?page=4
  11. I think the trouble is Graham, at the moment the revenue from stickers is so minimal and the donations are rather random. We are still covering the majority of costs of running the website from our own pockets which increases as membership does. So ad revenue keeps us going. There might be some options to explore though and happy to do so, i've started another thread with a poll. http://www.caymanoc.com/forums/topic/1223-premium-membership/
  12. Recent feedback from members suggests that some prefer to see less or no adverts on the website. As some of you will appreciate the running costs of the club and website does unfortunately cost money. We currently receive some funds from member donations, which is greatly appreciated and supportive, and we also receive some from selling the stickers and ad revenue. This said, the costs still outweigh the revenue and the balance is still coming from the admin team pockets. The team really love running and building the club, but as we grow so do the website costs and we should really be breaking even if we possibly can. The alternative to running advertising and the current donations is to look at introducing a membership fee for members, or a fee for premium membership which would provide an ad free route and other benefits. We have always wanted to avoid a membership fee as we set out from day 1 to be free and accessible, but we're happy to consider something along these lines if there is appetite to go that route from enough members. The poll gives some options, and so feedback would be really helpful so we can ultimately try to provide the club and website/forum experience that you all want. T.