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  1. HELP on purchasing a Cayman S :)

    Welcome! Options are largely down to personal taste. Here are the ones I really value and are must-haves in my ongoing hunt for the right Gen 2: Xenon headlights Sports seats Full leather (dash, door cards etc) PCM Rear Park Assist (though don't think I've ever seen one without this) My Gen 1 also has: Sport Chrono - actually a must - have but can be retrofitted (without the dash clock, which I've never used in 5 years) PASM - we have two Gen 1s and the other has standard suspension which I prefer as PASM has a slightly synthetic feeling Short shifter - makes the shift action a bit stiffer - again, our other car is slightly nicer Auto dimming mirrors & rain sensing wipers - nice to have but not essential TPMS - nice to have but few have it Bose - nice to have (especially after stuffing the subwoofer with wadding!) but not a huge improvement over Sound System Plus in our other car CD changer - haven't changed the discs in maybe 2 years! Rear wiper - nice to have but slightly spoils the aesthetics Heated seats - highly desirable but could live without Cruise - actually a must - have for me but easily retrofittable Multi Function Steering Wheel - I do use it but it looks a bit naff and the buttons are not very tactile Red Seat Belts - nice to have on my Guards Red car but easily retrofittable Painted Centre Console - ditto Automatic Climate Control - nice to have but could live without 12v Passenger Charging socket - ditto Crested Headrests - ! I don't have: Porsche Sports Exhaust - I have the aftermarket Carnewal modified exhaust which is great but you can't turn it off! It adds a slight harshness to the whole feel of the car which is noticeable when I compare with the standard exhaust on our other car. PSE would be a nice option to have. Multi Way adjustable seats - really wouldn't bother personally. 19" wheels - not fussed. The Gen 1s apparently drive better on 18's and I think 19's without PASM would be a bit harsh Probably missed a few but that's most of the available options, at least on the Gen 1.
  2. Be The Banner - Striping the Lawns!

    Ok, feeble attempt at the lawn connection..................anyone know where this is?
  3. 5 weeks in and first issue

    Don't underestimate the utter PITA involved in getting the rusted bolts (studs) out of the flanges. It took me about 10 hours. Cutting the studs off flush with the flange face is easy; however the stud heads are tack welded to the rear face of the flange and so they need to be ground off too (access is very poor) and then you either need a hot torch (oxy acetylene) and try to punch the stud remains out (the shanks are splined and an interference fit in the flanges!) or drill them out (and again access is poor). Had a quote from our local specialist to do this on our other Cayman - 4 hours labour. I'd take that option next time!
  4. IMS Bearing

    I've owned a Gen 1 for 5 years and visit Porsche forums every day. IMS bearing failures on Caymans to date have been very few so I personally don't worry about it.
  5. Carnewal Exhaust Fitting Costs

    When I replaced the clutch/flywheel/rear main seal on my 2006 Gen 1 S three years ago, it took me about 10 hours to deal with the six rusted exhaust studs! There are three studs on each of the two flanged connections between the headers and the rear system and they were all completely rusted. Getting the exhaust off wasn't a real problem - they either sheared off or I used an angle grinder to cut them off. But the studs have splined shanks and are a push fit into the flanges on the end of the headers and the heads are tack welded to the back face of the flange. I don't have oxy acetylene these days so I had to drill and grind them out. Lots of cobalt drill bits required, along with disconnection of the rear struts from the control arms so I could swing the struts outwards to improve clearance for drilling. Oh, and epic amounts of swearing! One of the worst jobs I've ever had to do. The clutch, flywheel and rear main seal were a doddle by the way. The really daft thing was, I then went to Belgium to get Gert to fit the Carnewal exhaust a couple of weeks later. How I wish I'd gone to him first!
  6. crap headlights

    Funnily enough, I was thinking the same thing driving down a country lane on Friday night. From the PET, it looks like main beam is a H11 halogen bulb. There are LED versions available but I haven't tried them.
  7. Cayman R Price Watch

    I test drove my first R on Friday. It's a newly arrived Guards Red PDK at OPC Bristol. It's got just over 8k miles and is a one owner car with Spyders, Buckets, Sport Chrono/Chrono Plus, PSE, Aircon with Climate and Cruise but no Nav or Xenons. They are asking £47k for it. The low miles and 2 year Porsche warranty obviously need to be taken into account in terms of price but I'm not tempted enough, despite how fab it looks. If it were manual or had Xenons I'd be a bit more tempted.
  8. TIPEC

    Yes, I'm a member. The forum is very quiet but our local region (Bristol) is very active. Monthly meets are well attended - I've not seen less than 20 people even in mid winter. There are several Caymans in our region and lots of events. We've also got some good deals for servicing and parts discounts with our local OPC - around £60/hr I recall. We have a very good regional organiser, which makes a big difference.
  9. Cayman Exhaust Blowing

    I had to drill out all 6 studs when I replaced my clutch. It was a complete pig of a job up on axle stands without a heat torch. Part of the problem is the studs are not only a press fit into the flanges but the heads are tack welded to the back faces of the flanges. Access to grind off some of the heads is really difficult, as is getting access to get the drill squarely aligned. I used an angle grinder, Dremel grinder, 90 deg drill with flexi drive and normal drill. I also disconnected the control arms to swing the suspension struts outward for adequate drill access. Lots of cobalt drill bits and cutting fluid needed! I recon the studs took me an additional 8 -10 hours. Without this problem the clutch/flywheel/rear main seal replacement would have been a doddle in a comfortable 6-8 hours doing it for the first time. We have another Cayman which could do with a clutch (heavy pedal) but there's no way I want to do this again. I'd rather pay £200 for domeone else to do this part. A few weeks later I had Gert fit his Carnewal exhaust. The best advice I have is to take the car over to Belgium, have Gert do the hard work and drive away with a great exhaust for around £400.
  10. Cruise Control Retrofit

    I retrofitted CC to a 986 Boxster a few years ago. From memory the new stalk unit cost around £110 from my local OPC and a friend did the ECU coding to switch on the CC function (this was after my OPC tried and failed to do it!). I heard that Porsche significantly increased the cost of the stalk units but as a DIY it was pretty straight forward, providing you have access to someone who can do the coding which requires a Durametric Pro or Porsche factory PIWIS/PS2.
  11. Car dealers

    You could also check out Northway Porsche near Reading. They have a good reputation and usually have a Cayman or two in stock.
  12. David, the supplier link in your original post is the one who supplied the decals on our Arctic Silver car in my post above but their website image appears to me to show the problem I referred to on the OPC GT4, i.e. the decal doesn't properly follow the door curve. If you closely compare the decals on our 987 or a Cayman R with those on the 981S or GT4 in your/Beanoir's posts above, you'll see that the 987 version has a tighter/sharper curve than the 981 version. If you are contemplating getting these, I suggest you check this with the supplier as the 987 sharper curving variety didn't look right on the GT4 I saw this weekend.
  13. The Cayman R style decals on the car in my post above cost around £35 on ebay. They were easy to apply and seem to be holding up fine after a year or so. So far no complaints at all. I saw what appeared to be a new yellow GT4 in our local OPC showroom over the weekend with similar decals. They didn't look quite right as they didn't follow the contour properly where the lower edge of the door curves upward at the rear of the door. I was surprised and wondered whether they might be 987 rather than 981 decals though the pictures above show they are obviously available specifically for the 981 and look much better IMHO.
  14. I quite like the decals - both our 987 gen 1 S's have them but I prefer the Cayman R style "Porsche" type.
  15. 996 turbo

    A friend at our local TIPEC branch has a 996 turbo with one of the 9E tuning packs producing around 630 bhp. He took me for a quick spin back in the summer and I literally couldn't stop laughing for about 10 minutes after! An absolute hoot but how you keep your licence clean and still have fun with one of these must be a big challenge!