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  1. Hi, Haven't had a chance to pick up a set of Gen2 lights to break apart yet. And don't want to run the risk first time doing it, on someone else's lights because of the high risk of cracking them. They are probably no different from the Gen1, just requiring a different approach to working round the seal to break it apart. At some point I will pick up a set of used lights off eBay to work on and once I have a routine in place to get them apart effectively I will post up here about it. Latest on the lights is I have been toying with a new design. Calling it the Half moon lights but they end up looking much like the Cayman R style of lights on the Gen2. Picture shows both my full blacked out lights next to the latest 'Half Moon' design.
  2. So I got round to removing the ASK amp this weekend. I can confirm that the noise/speaker issues have now gone. So I can pretty much confirm that it is down to a dodgy amp as expected. Stereo works as when i first got it now but obviously lacks bass because those speakers and the centre speaker are driven by the amp in the frunk. Will be looking into a nice powerful low profile amp as I would like to try and keep it tucked behind the hatch in the frunk for a more OEM look.
  3. So it's happened finally, got to the route problem of my dodgy boomy base noises and odd 'sea' noises from the speakers when the car is unlocked. Turns out the car has sound plus optional extra (who knew) and that the ASK amps that they come with this option in the frunk pretty much always fail (go figure). So its time for an upgrade. rather than send the current amp off to be repaired I think i'm going down the aftermarket amp route and rewiring the current connection block to suit. So wondering if anyone has had this before and swapped it out for an aftermarket unit and what their thoughts were on it. Found a few forum guides from some people in America who did the same thing so going in with some prior knowledge and then just common sense really to get it through the rest of the way. Once the old amps out will be posting up how I get on here and a guide/don't do this, for anyone else who finds themselves in the same situation.
  4. Exhaust recommendations

    Ummm its very loud as its straight piped from the precats back. But I asked for it to sound like a gt3 on steroids and they didn't disappoint. They have done lots of other peoples caymans however who just wanted a sportier slightly louder note, I just wanted something that would go with the overall look of the car. Above 4000rpm in a tunnel however is pure noise porn!!
  5. Exhaust recommendations

    Had mine done at Infinity Exhausts based in Bristol. They build custom stainless exhausts to whatever noise level and style you want. Had a few cars done through them and they transformed my Cayman and nailed exactly the noise I wanted from it. Price wise I think it was around £550 from memory which was for a full exhaust from the precats back (secondary cat delete). They run a lot of events at Castle Combe as a large sponsor there. Not selling or affiliated with them just giving my personal opinion if your based around this part of the world.
  6. Yep I'd be keen. 1. Beanoir (Nick) 2. Crafty1 (Charlie) 3. Woodhouse (Derek) 4. Windymiller (Jason) 5. Andy (...Andy) 6. Bushman (Steve) 7. Equinox (Tom)
  7. Would be keen for another SS meet.
  8. Buddy of mine let me test fit some modified lights to his Cayman this weekend so people can see the contrast against a black car.
  9. Hello, yes ofcourse this this would be fine. My family live in Bath and I'm over Trowbridge way so could arrange to meet at either location. 'With regards to the xenon question I know porsche used the same housing for both types of lights so I could imagine it's a straight swap however can't guarantee this and know the levelling mechanism on the non-xenon is fairly complex so swapping this over might be a lot of hassle. Will post an image of the internals of the lights tomorrow so you can see what I mean.
  10. Xclusive Customz - External

    I've had the spoiler and side skirt from them. Body shop I used said the skirts were good quality and easy to fit and I actually had Xclusive paint and fit the spoiler while I waited. only issue I had was the spoiler cracked along the split line on the top blade where the two fibreglass mounds meet in some extreme heatwave we had last year. They did send me a replacement though so overall been happy with what they supplied.
  11. Latest set of lights going out to a another Cayman owner.
  12. Yep and Yep!! these will be options for the finished product. Standard black internals just like these will be one price and then there will be addons that people can choose to put in place like halo LED rings, carbon surrounds and different coloured internals / details etc... Will just add time to delivery as I can only do so much as this is classed as a hobby and it would obviously increase the price slightly. Will work out a formula and itemised addons and pricing strategies and post up here once I have finished. (With admin approval of course!) \Glad they seem to be going down well though!!
  13. Yeh they have designed a nice deep groove on these lights to aid in sealing them. This however is one of the main issue getting them apart in the first place as digging and breaking this down this is a pain. Will be seeing how these fair over the next few weeks and will be offering an exchange program for anyone who would like to swap their set of lights for a completed set that will be stocked. There will be the option to buy a set outright or wait to have your set modified however these will come with added costs and time to complete because this is just something I will do in my spare time.
  14. Hi all, Wanted to share my latest modification with the 987 community. Always liked the look of headlights with black out internals rather than two big chromey beacons being on the front of the car. Did some research and found a company that produces replacement headlights that are aftermarket for about £1k from the US. Felt this was pretty steep so set about modifying my own lights and painting the insides black to achieve the same result. Found a forum thread on another Porsche owners club from someone who had taken on the challenge. And trust me when I say it was a challenge!!! Porsche around the 987 model years changed the supplier of the sealant used to glue the lens and housing together on the lights. This stuff unlike most other headlights does absolutely nothing when exposed to heat. You would usually head the light in the oven which would break down the sealant enough to pry the two parts away from each other. However with this stuff the actually light will melt and burn before the sealant does anything. This set about its own set of challenges. After making some custom tools at work and I set about getting the two bits apart. Won’t go into all the details but it was a pig of a job and took up a lot more time than I thought. And here is the finished results. I personally love it and think it really makes the car look much more modern.