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  1. Window Regulator

    Had mine go in the pouring rain!!! My only suggestion to anyone doing it is masking tape is your friend. Mark up the current position of the mounting locations and it will save you loads of time having to mess about. As mentioned though def not something I would do again in a hurry
  2. LED Rear Tail Lights

    No these are not the dynamic 'Audi' style indicators. Unfortunately I could only find those for LHD cars so they would throw a code on the dash because the rear fog light is on the wrong side and would fail and MOT due to this i believe. That is something too loo out for when buying rear lights for these as not all sellers specify this in the ad so its worth checking first. Havent got the exact link as there are a few sellers on ebay. Design911 do sell them for about £450 i believe but they are cheaper in ebay but obviously more risky with quality and if they are for LHD or RHD.
  3. So finally got round to buying a set of LED rear lights. Been wanting a set since I purchased the car and these came up for a great price second hand so had to pull the trigger. SUPER!!! easy to fit. Its just 3 screws on each light behind the panel in the boot that you take off to change a bulb, then they just slide out.
  4. Best advice is: Is the car for you to enjoy or are you just borrowing it for the next owner? Your answer to that question should give you an idea on what you want to do with the above modifications. I'm bias however as mine is very much 'heavily modified' with no thoughts about resale value because its been done for me, IF i ever come to sell it (unlikely) I can approach that 'hit' in value knowing full well I have enjoyed every moment driving and changing it into exactly what I wanted.
  5. khumo

    Running some on mine at the moment the PS91 or PS71 I cant remember off the top of my head, but I really like them. And unrelated to the performance of them but they are a good looking tyre.
  6. Active spoiler bypass

    Pop into your local OPC as mentioned. Usually wont charge for it or at least they didn't for me, so long as the guy doing it could hear the straight pipe exhaust on full chat
  7. 987 bodykit and side intake scoops

    That an Xclusive Customz kit. Had my side skirts and wing from them early last year. Was told by the bodyshop who fitted them for me they were one of the better fibreglass kits he had come across and very easy to work with. I have been tempted by the GT4 looking bumper but I'm yet to pull the plug and get it purchased as I'm still unsure on if i like the look of it.
  8. 2007 cayman

    Welcome along Paul. I too own a 2.7 gen 1. It gets abused every day for the daily commute, track days and road trips. The fear disappears with anything engine related as Gear linkage cables are the most likely thing to go! Any car is likely to have issues but you only hear of the car makes and models ones owned by 'enthusiasts' and not your usual Mondeo driver etc... so take it all with a pinch of salt.
  9. Usually I can turn around a set in a week so long as no other commitments crop up as i'm sure you can understand I do this as a hobby more than anything to help people out who feel uncomfortable trying to do it themselves. I have been getting a problem with the 'half moon' design however. Where I attach the detailing tape to mask off certain areas of the light. Upon removal I have been finding it is pulling up the matt silver section of the lights to expose the plastic bellow. The actual surface of that bit is rough, almost like felt. So I think its clinging to these pockets and causing bits to come off when removing the tape. I'm going to try and find a replacement paint that will match this section or another way to mask the sections off but I have since repainted these to the normal black housing I do but gloss black instead of satin too see what they look like. When I get round to trying out the 'half moon' design again and finding a way round the issue, I'm more than happy for people to come round to try them out and I can supply a 'spare' set while they are being completed so people are not without their car. I'm yet to do an Xenon equipped car however the procedure will be the same as they share the same housings etc... Will just have to test a set to make sure the differences in thermals doesn't cause an issue.
  10. Car stereo head unit recs

    If you have the non bose but the sound plus package you will have an amp in the frunk in the hatch that holds the tyre sealant etc... Wont need to be replaced but this is what will then drive you bass speakers and centre speaker in your car. If you have the completely base speakers then you wont have an amp there and its all run off the HU
  11. The outer silver rim is a textured print from what I can tell. Easy to scratch but not something that peels off or anything unfortunately. Only thing I have seen done is headlight edge covers in FRP or Carbon or someone does a vinyl sticker that does the same job. Currently have a spare set so maybe I will give it a go and see what happens scraping it all off.
  12. Can't say I have noticed a difference. The main reflector is still chrome on rear part of the light and the upper lens doesn't 'use' any of the surrounding chrome to reflect as the lens is what draws the beam angle in and that is left unchanged.
  13. Hi, Haven't had a chance to pick up a set of Gen2 lights to break apart yet. And don't want to run the risk first time doing it, on someone else's lights because of the high risk of cracking them. They are probably no different from the Gen1, just requiring a different approach to working round the seal to break it apart. At some point I will pick up a set of used lights off eBay to work on and once I have a routine in place to get them apart effectively I will post up here about it. Latest on the lights is I have been toying with a new design. Calling it the Half moon lights but they end up looking much like the Cayman R style of lights on the Gen2. Picture shows both my full blacked out lights next to the latest 'Half Moon' design.
  14. So I got round to removing the ASK amp this weekend. I can confirm that the noise/speaker issues have now gone. So I can pretty much confirm that it is down to a dodgy amp as expected. Stereo works as when i first got it now but obviously lacks bass because those speakers and the centre speaker are driven by the amp in the frunk. Will be looking into a nice powerful low profile amp as I would like to try and keep it tucked behind the hatch in the frunk for a more OEM look.
  15. So it's happened finally, got to the route problem of my dodgy boomy base noises and odd 'sea' noises from the speakers when the car is unlocked. Turns out the car has sound plus optional extra (who knew) and that the ASK amps that they come with this option in the frunk pretty much always fail (go figure). So its time for an upgrade. rather than send the current amp off to be repaired I think i'm going down the aftermarket amp route and rewiring the current connection block to suit. So wondering if anyone has had this before and swapped it out for an aftermarket unit and what their thoughts were on it. Found a few forum guides from some people in America who did the same thing so going in with some prior knowledge and then just common sense really to get it through the rest of the way. Once the old amps out will be posting up how I get on here and a guide/don't do this, for anyone else who finds themselves in the same situation.