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    Yes, ninexcellence said it’s not uncommon.

    so the outcome: Replace standard shifter £260 + VAT Reconditioned Steering Rack, including Geo after fitting £730 +VAT his usual supplier doesn't have any in stock, he normally swaps with the donor car, so will have to send mine off to be refurbed - i assume that means strip and replace any seals. seems an OK price, ive seen refurbed ones on line for £450ish on a 53000 mile car, not that impressed but s**t happens i guess, like i say he said i could drive it and just keep an eye on the power steering oil bit as you have to get the engine lid off, i don't fancy it.

    Call from the porsche doctor. It’s not the cables, something has sheared off in the shifter mechanism. So new one of those required, almost went for the short throw option but want to reign in the creeping modification spend! He also spotted a steering rack leak, just waiting on a quote for refurbished replacement unit. He said i could just top the oil up as its not a serious leak but don’t fancy that and will only have to fix it when i sell in any case. Bugger

    i'm trying not to get sucked into the upgrade/mod hole (saying the guy who bought an upgraded PASM module for £900) AA took ages and so cant tow to Nine Excellence before they closed, cant leave it in the car park so had to tow home and now have to tow to 9E for ££, AA wont do that. ARSE!

    Sat in Sainsbury’s car park waiting for the AA, almost certain it’s a broken shifter cable so shouldn’t be ruinously expensive. Hope the AA will tow to Nine Excellence. Deeply cheesed off.
  6. 718 tuning

    Interesting..... https://twitter.com/Nineexcellence/status/913792400262234114
  7. 718 Cayman vs. 981 GT4

    I did a track day at Rockingham, the instructor kept telling me to sweep out toward the wall on the banked bit but was never that comfortable even though it was the better line. Great track though.
  8. GT4 Gearbox

    Just idly nosing thought the new Nine Excellence website, theres a link to their Instagram feed with some cool pics of the inside of a GT4 gearbox, gearbox photo Remind me never to attempt taking one apart. Apparently theyre shortening some of the ratios.
  9. Headlight removal

    Apparently the 781 doesn't have a tool as you need to take the bumper off to change the lamp! Couldn't the top engineers work out how to enable the owner to maintain their own bulbs?
  10. Bedford Autodrome Trackday 26/6/17

    There were a couple of chaps there in a red Boxter S, turns out that the driver was a Brazilian guy who flew over especially to get a whole day instruction with his fav instructor from Porsche Silverstone! Different income bracket to me i suspect. The instructor strongly recommended a day or half day at Silverstone, said that they take you on the low grip circuit and take you through the whole heel & toe thing as well as circuit driving without having to worry about other users. Sounds tempting but £400ish for a HALF day? Or £800 for the full day, includes an hour on Silverstone track apparently. Not sure I'm I'm that committed! Oh to have the Brazilian chaps budget.
  11. DSC Sport suspension upgrade

    I'm at Rockingham today, without a back to back test its difficult to be objective (should have brought the old module, its a 5 min swap) but the turn in feels MUCH sharper and seems to hold a line through a corner better. The Sport setting is also much more usable in town over the bumps. I'm no race driver so not sure how much my subconscious wants it to feel better after splashing the cash!
  12. Track Day Tyre Pressures - Michelin

    Sorry, misread your post. No, when i spun at Snetterton I hadn't warmed up with predictable results. Not so much on the brakes but the tyres have a huge amount of extra grip after some heat, only for a few laps though being road tyres though. No dramas so far today.
  13. Track Day Tyre Pressures - Michelin

    Yep, all of that. I'm at Rockingham today (I'm on leave so have squeezed in an extra one). Great day so far, a bit wet this morning so chickened out of turning PSM off, will turn it off this avo now that ive got my eye in. I had a lesson so understand the lines a lot better - after he barked them into me, I'm a poor pupil. It's a great track, you get to go on one of the banked turns on the oval before rejoining the normal track. The solid concrete wall is a bit sobering but as its banked and very wide its no biggy in these cars. There's a trick chicane that i kept buggering up, also the first turn off the banking onto the inner track. The lesson sorted it.
  14. Track Day Tyre Pressures - Michelin

    Not sure temperature 'Hot' is but probably not worth obsessing about. Last time i went out hard straight after lunch and almost spun (PSM went nuts and got me pointing roughly in the correct direction)
  15. Guys & Gals, see below from the Michelin Michelin web site What pressure should I use for track driving with Michelin road tyres (e.g. MICHELIN Pilot Sport 3 / MICHELIN Pilot Super Sport tyres)? For Michelin road tyres, we suggest “hot” track pressures around 0.3 bar (4 to 5 psi) above the standard recommended cold tyre inflation pressures. If your tyre pressures are too low, this can lead to excessive flexing of the sidewall, a sensation of sponginess, a lack of steering response and abnormal wear. Pressures that are too high can lead to reduced grip, light steering, and even localised overheating. I normally let air out after a few laps to get to the road pressure, will try this next time. Well worth getting a decent tyre pressure gauge, can pick them up for £10 or so from the usual sites. After a few laps the tyres get VERY hot and run well over 10psi more than normal.