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  1. don't need a man bag Windy, wife carries everything
  2. I have a nice one from custom covers but I am hesitant to use it for long periods in damp conditions, With temperature changes from day to night and with moisture coming up from underneath, condensation will form and not evaporate or wick through a damp cover this is generally worse than the car getting wet and allowing air to circulate round it. a car, after all, is designed to sit outside and be driven in the wet and then air blowing over it will help to move the dampness
  3. its amazing what you can find in Turkey for about £30, the red polo was £1.50, the white one was less than £3. rucksack and cap were a tenner each. Happy days.
  4. dental floss is a good way to "saw" between the letters and the body without damaging the lacquer.
  5. Hi guys. I did have a good chat with their events manager, she showed me a couple of function rooms that we could hire for a more formal agm type meeting if we ever needed one, there is a fabulous café/ restaurant that serves great food , (best carrot cake, ever) all homemade. the carpark/apron outside the café can be 'reserved by arrangement' and will easily park 50 or more spaced apart. lots of clubs now meet there. the museum and workshops have tours and guides that need to be paid but I have a retired work colleague that works there now and might be able to sort something out. Beanoir has the details and will reach out to them when he can. Amazing place though, worth a visit on an airshow day.
  6. fit an external jump point like I did. never get caught short again.
  7. do the doors actually lock. if they don't lock or the car thinks that a door, frunk lid or rear lid is open, the interior light will stay on. likewise if you leave the headlamp switch in the vertical position, the headlamps will stay on for 30 secs after remote locking but will stay on if the system thinks that something is open.
  8. I fitted one about 2 years ago. only a cheapie from ebay but I really liked the shape. think it suits the car. Ive had a lot of compliments too. I wrote a feature on this forum about fitting it. if you look back on my posts to Oct 2016 for a post called 'rear spoiler' you can pics and the write up of how to fit it. the Jacamond equivalent is over 2000 euros. Porsche wanted about £1500 for theirs, mine cost £79 and a hundred to paint it. hope this helps
  9. Hi Jason. I had this problem last year that took me 6 hour to sort. I did post about it back them. the fuse box link didn't work for me either but the ciggle lighter socket by the ashtray did after about 15 mins. I made an adaptor from a plug in ceramic demister/ heater cable and plug, wired onto a large battery charger or spare battery (cant remember which now). think I left the ign switched on too. the emergency pull cable goes through the slide mount of the left hand headlamp and stops just inside the wheelarch liner in line with the front of the wheelarch and level with the bottom of the lamp unit. On full lock, there should be room to get behind the liner. there is a rear one too at the back of the LH rear arch. After this I installed an external jumper link wired directly to the battery. good luck mate
  10. can you txt me your cell and email address to 07889 276815 i thought i had yours but dont. i will forward on the email from shuttleworth events. cheers. Steve
  11. sorry I missed you Nick. didn't see this post till a few mins ago otherwise I would have belled you mate. we had a really good time too. . got email today from events manager so will let you have details.
  12. Kate and myself are just about to head off to the Shuttleworth Collection for one of its evening air show events, while we are there, I will see of I can get the events manager to give me their club package details including entry, discounts, café menu and available times and slots for club meets. I can post details over the next few days for all to see. this may be another venue option for a central meet. I know other car and bike clubs have meets and events there and the reports are really good.
  13. same as Windy but the leather seats must be heated

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