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  1. can you txt me your cell and email address to 07889 276815 i thought i had yours but dont. i will forward on the email from shuttleworth events. cheers. Steve
  2. sorry I missed you Nick. didn't see this post till a few mins ago otherwise I would have belled you mate. we had a really good time too. . got email today from events manager so will let you have details.
  3. Kate and myself are just about to head off to the Shuttleworth Collection for one of its evening air show events, while we are there, I will see of I can get the events manager to give me their club package details including entry, discounts, café menu and available times and slots for club meets. I can post details over the next few days for all to see. this may be another venue option for a central meet. I know other car and bike clubs have meets and events there and the reports are really good.
  4. same as Windy but the leather seats must be heated
  5. I did the inner sill trim panel in situ, worked the wrap with hairdryer to soften then work any air pockets out with plastic tool /scraper card. seat makes it awkward though. trim back edges with scalpel and steady hand then tuck in edges under trim using plastic trim tools/ removers that are sold in roll up sets.
  6. there was some chat last year about doing a run to the Shuttleworth collection near Biggleswade. they have a very popular olde style café that lots of car clubs now use and a vintage aircraft restoration museum. open summer evenings too I believe. any thoughts?
  7. great pics guys. glad you had a great time. roll on next year
  8. Hi, you wrote a very useful article on HEadlights and commented that the LEDs you tried in the main beam (H7s) were poor and you replaced them with 100W Xenon Blue but you don’t say exactly which ones you end up keeping, could you share? I have just fitted the Nighteye-A315-S2 H7s to the dip beams on my wife’s Boxster to good effect an was about to invest in the equivalent mains but after reading your post decided against it as space is limited to accommodate the fan style.

    1. Bushman


      sent you a reply Mike.


  9. cant remember which online shop I got them from, I think the rears came via ebay. I'm running 19 Carrera Classics with 35 profile boots.
  10. cant make it guys, sorry. going to see my parents, they are in their 90s and wont be with us for ever, next time I hope. have a good run, enjoy.
  11. I have 10mm hubcentric spacers with 35mm thread bolts (28mm std length of thread) on the front and 20mm hubcentric spacers with 45mm thread bolts on the back. it looks like yours sits lower than mine though, but I've never rubbed an arch. make sure that when you get the required longer bolts, you get radius seat washers and not taper seat washers on the bolts as they look similar in online pics.
  12. first things to check are. : after a car wash ( HAND WASH man, HAND WASH!!), the door bottom carpet, if wet, its most likely to be door drains are blocked allowing water to seep through the door card trim clips or a failing foam seal behind the inner door skin. if not, check the window alignment when fully closed. IE with the door shut. correctly aligned the glass should nest inside the door frame rubber seal on the roof and A post and sit snugly on the B pillar rubber. when you first actuate the door handle, ( inner or outer), the glass should drop by about 20mm to clear all seals. hope this helps. Steve
  13. mine was tatty too and although I found some pattern replacements, I had some 3D carbon fibre film that we had used previously on a boat. I simply recovered the sill panel as a temp fix and added protection. that was well over a year ago.!

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