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  1. If anybody wants a CR exhaust to send to Gert to convert then mine is up for grabs guys! Gert ordered me brand new CR exhausts and converted them for me, expensive option but it means I’ve still got the original exhaust which came off the car at around 9k miles
  2. Ok folks, updated the list... 1. UKtom (Tom) 2. Nail-it (Duncan) 3. Woodhouse 4. Keith W 5. Gadgit 6. Guzzi 7. Bushman (Steve) - Maybe 8. Richjar (Rich) 9. Davyrob 10. Craiglm68 11. Craig’s mate in 996 12. Nick 13. Nis200K 14. Ryan Chan 15. Mavrik  16. Budflicker  17. Kai 18. Andrew Batson We’ve booked an area at the show and you will be directed by the marshalls when you arrive to the area reserved for us. In in terms of meeting up ahead of the show, I propbably won’t be able to head out prior as I’ll apready be there but obviously if others want to then great. I’ll enjoy watching you all arrive together👍🏻 Is anybody staying over the night before? I’ll be at the Master Builders late afternoon on the Saturday if anybody fancies a beer!
  3. Having just the Carnewal on my CR took me just over the static limit of 105db at Hethel, but they turned a blind eye 🤔
  4. Welcome along mate Great colour, a unique car that one!
  5. No, it doesn’t. But it does remove the flat spot and the dead patch on the throttle and it livens up throttle response better than sport chrono does. Transformed my car.
  6. Sprint booster is the best mod I ever did on my CR!
  7. That’s mega early!! I might be nursing a hangover....
  8. Love that Gt2RS!! Great pics mate 😀
  9. That’s exactly the decision I had once - drove both and bought the CR.
  10. Looks like it is a 718 to me..??
  11. Shocking really, not made like they used to be...?? Mind you, suspension components have always been something requiring attention after c.60k miles, even on the 996/986.
  12. Congrats Dean, looking forward to seeing the pics!!
  13. This ^ Nearly always caught between the rear of the disc and the sheet metal shield