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  1. club meet at RPM

    A few of @Andy's photos through the edit
  2. New Windscreen for 987.2

    Thats a genuine Porsche screen.
  3. New Windscreen for 987.2

    I had to replace the screen on my CR after a trip to the Alps. Your glass cover will cover the screen. My insurer was Admiral and I have to say the whole process was diabolical. Screen fitters came out 3 times before it was fitted correctly. My advice to try and avoid the same issue is: 1. Be there in person when they do it, and keep and eye on things as it happens (with tea and biscuits). 2. Insist (you will have to fight for this) on a Porsche screen - not a pattern screen 3. Insist on Autoglass, they re-did my screen on the CR and have recently done my M5. Do not let Admiral use National Windscrens or whatever they’re called 4. When the screen is being fitted, watch the gap at the point where is meets the leading edge of the roof, this gap has to be close enough for the rubber seal to seat over the edge of the roof. If the screen slips even a few mm whilst the glue sets, the rubber seal will fall between the gap and it will need another appointment to refit it. The same theory applie around the sides too, but that shouldn’t move whilst setting. 5. Make sure they don’t hack the screen out with a sharp tool, they should use a contraption with a nylon type string - it will save your A-pillar covers from being damaged. 6. They will remove some interior trim from the car to fit the screen. Make sure they don’t break any securing tabs (when it’s off whilst they’re fitting just check them). If it’s not put back properly after or it’s broken mention it there and then. Hope that helps and you don’t have the nightmare I did.
  4. club meet at RPM

    That’s @Junky!! Model my arse Nice photos Tom 👍🏻
  5. RPM Meet - drive down?

    It gets a wriggle on if you poke it! Clearly not quick enough to arrive at the venue on time though...
  6. *thread unlocked* Hope everybody had a good time this morning, was a great turnout so thanks to everybody who made it along. I think the RPM team really did well as host and organised a great morning. Lets see the photos!!
  7. RPM Meet - drive down?

    I’ll obviously be in dodgy orange BMW guys!
  8. Who’s bought Bitcoin?

    Or any other crypto currency?
  9. Who’s bought Bitcoin?

    Or any other crypto currency?
  10. Radio off?

    Hows your battery? Newish or not?
  11. 3.4 Engine - good or bad?

    Thats certainly one way of looking at it, what that says to me is the Gen1 you're looking at is a bit overpriced - just my opinion. I did sell mine for 11k...
  12. 3.4 Engine - good or bad?

    I have doubts (call me paranoid) that Cridfords warranty will cover it, but I could be wrong. But I would advise you to scrutinise the policy wording first, and check levels of cover etc. I'd try and cut a deal with Cridfords, say that you want a Porsche warranty and so the car will need to pass their inspection, if the car fails then no deal, if it passes then they contribute the cost of their warranty towards your Porsche warranty. You'd be right though, far more saleable with a Porsche warranty.
  13. 3.4 Engine - good or bad?

    will the warranty Cridfords are providing specifically cover costs of rectifying bore scoring? The other other option is to get a Porsche warranty on the car.
  14. RPM Meet - drive down?

    How about 8:15 Poplars? I need to aim to get to RPM for 8:45...