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  1. My Carnewal exhaust was the best mod I I've ever done - loved it!
  2. For the cost of buying the R suspension components I'd say you are better of looking at the Ohlins kit which IMO is very sensibly priced for what it is.
  3. I never had problems in the standard seats, always found them comfortable enough on long journeys. The buckets in the CR were great seats but they were a little too upright for me, not by much but they cramped me up a bit. Assume you've tried adjusting the seats all sorts of ways to see if it helps? Height and angle of the seat base?
  4. It was a no cost option on the CR to revert to the standard size fuel tank.
  5. Or Xpel do ship their kits to the U.K. - works out about £75 for a set including shipping, which I don't think is too bad
  6. Speak to the guys at They import the Suntek and Xpel products so may be able to help you, or cut some to the correct size from a roll.
  7. Anybody know the best stops/hotels are? @verysideways any tips mate?
  8. I'd quite like to do the NC500, be good to get a few of us up there?
  9. What kind of manifolds are they making for you Aaron?
  10. Been quite painless actually and haven't had to worry, certainly worth the extra few £k I got from going that route.
  11. I know, i'm gutted to be honest. I had to turn it in to bricks and mortar All is not lost however, I am already planning a new Cayman project - I think the R can be bettered, or at least i'm going to attempt to prove to myself either way! I'll keep a project thread on here so watch this space! I was never afraid to use the R but it was never a daily, had many fun European trips and stuff in the car though, some good times. I think what I was most afraid to do was make any significant modifications to it aside from geo/spacers/exhaust. So hence why i'm quite looking forward to a car I can do some bits to.
  12. They can yes, in the OBC set daytime running to 'off', then only the LED strip should come on with sidelights selected
  13. Well... Here she is, sale advert for my CR
  14. Ooh...I've got one that might tick this box! Not a great photo and won't work for the banner, but hey why not...