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  1. We'll be holding the first one of the Cayman Breakfast Meets on the 16th of September at the Super Sausage Cafe, venues after that will be different so watch this space and/or the Facebook page for the events invites! See you there!
  2. Ok, thanks very much all for helping with your votes and comments. It appears that majority interest is for a monthly breakfast meet and if not then b-monthly, so on that basis seems right to go with monthly anyway. We'll hold the first one off the 16th of September at the Super Sausage Cafe, venues after that will be different so watch this space and/or the Facebook page for the events invites!
  3. What’s with all the green cars!!?
  4. That’s awesome! Are they all members?
  5. Jason - I’ll put a reminder of this up on the OC Facebook page, often helps to prompt people 👍🏻
  6. Will do chief - I assume you can't change a vote one it's been cast on the poll, but noted 👍
  7. Thanks, for what it's worth I tend to agree with that - well apart from the bit about being old
  8. We're looking to arrange a regular weekend meet probably at the Super Sausage for now but location can be flexible going forward. I thought i'd put out the feelers for people's preference on 2 things; 1. Frequency (i.e. monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly) 2. Preference on day, so Saturday or Sunday basically. Once i've got a decent amount of feedback then we'll go live and it'll be in the diary for ever more
  9. Helpful comment... ”check the controller under the passenger seat it might be wet i had the same thing 3 weeks ago it’s a common fault so i’m told my bill is up too £1000 so far with labour being £50 an hour of your handy you could probably do it yourself wish i had lol hope this is of some help”
  10. That’s issue number 2 - you’ll be very lucky to find one. EDIT: found one....! https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F132739133574
  11. Ok, a few drives I did last week in the Alps. Have adjusted a few to remove some bits that were uninteresting or busy with traffic. The Black Forest High Road, Germany So we stayed overnight in Baden-Baden, Germany which is a nice old thermal spa town in the forest. From Baden-Baden take the 500 south and enjoy the highest points of the Black Forest High Road. On the route you can stop and see the waterfalls at Hornberg, then down into Triberg where you must visit Cafe Schaefer which is home to the original 1915 receipe for Black Forest gateau! From here you can take either a scenic route or the highways, but you can follow border east towards Austria and finish at neuschwanstein castle which is mighty impressive! Link to Route: https://goo.gl/maps/7BQzwGmWBhn Lake Como Loop As I mentioned, we based ourselves in Menaggio on Lake Como for a few days, so you can do a number of drives from there as it's at the southern edge of the Alps. First one was a loop, taking in Tirano, the Bernina Pass, St Moritz and Maloja Pass. Link to Route: https://goo.gl/maps/Ayj7B5c9e4o Lake Como to Stelvio A slight variation on the above would be taking in Lake Livigno, the Munt Le Schera tunnel and finishing with the Stelvio Pass. You can stay at the hotel on top of the mountain at Stelvio. Link to route: https://goo.gl/maps/gPRU3RKijK92 Airolo to Beckenried (featuring Gotthard, Furka & Grimsel) I really recommend Gotthard Pass. There is a new pass road and the old pass road, the most exciting is the old pass road which is largely the original cobbled roads up the mountain. Carry on to the Furka Pass (Famous for the Car chase in the Bond movie, Goldfinger) and then after that the Grimsel Pass. After passing a few lakes we stopped at Beckenreid which is a beautiful lakeside town, very clean and stopped and had our packed lunch there. Link to Route: https://goo.gl/maps/No2kHXAyRb42
  12. I can certainly sort a route out for you yes. Leave it with me and I’ll have a go tonight when I’ve got my laptop on
  13. Still not home....had to stay a bit longer and certainly couldn’t leave without heading over Gotthard! The tunnel under the mountain is an engineering feat admittedly, but no fun to drive through really. The old pass road in the photo below, (not the new one), it’s a beautiful piece of road laid out like a ribbon over the mountain - heaven! As you can see we were lucky with the weather, was pouring with rain first thing this morning but the clouds cleared and the roads dried by the time we arrived 😊

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