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  1. Meets

    I was planning one the other week but the snow kind of delayed events. Happy for others to arrange something at at any time - but I’ll get the usual meet back up and going again shortly. Did you come along to the RPM meet Keith?
  2. I love the idea of a Gtechniq product but I was quoted over £1,000 by two different detailers. What options would you recommend (other what I use currently) for those of us that 1) enjoy cleaning our cars and 2) don’t want to spend quite that much Pete?
  3. They don’t last as long as the top of the range that can be applied by approved agents. I was going to go that route and decided on recommendation by a detailer I use to try this first, it’s brilliant!
  4. Which track days are you on in 2018 ?

    Would be a great idea, i'm sure Kev would be up for that - he loves a 'Ring trip. @Red Square Images
  5. Pumpkin Double Din Head Unit

    I think the launch cars in 2006 did not have SP+, 2007 cars then introduced them as standard equipment on the S
  6. 2018 Oulton RS Day

    How was it lads?
  7. I normally stay at the Master Builders hotel, it’s a decent hotel and room rates aren’t too bad. Will get booked up though at that time of year
  8. Replaced the M6...? Be good to see you Rich
  9. Cayman R Owners

    Front wheel spacers, 5-7mm and have camber maxed out - brings the car alive. Don't add rears, it cancels out the hard work you did at the front!
  10. Jam and meatballs...always seemed a bit weird to me
  11. Bore Score

    Is there a warranty on the car or Porsche warranty for the repair?
  12. and a lighthearted response Car looks great, to be honest apart from the gap i'm not noticing any difference - i think the stripes look good on the Cayman, i'd put them on whether it was an R or not.
  13. Lovely looking car! Just an observation, I notice the decals on both the cars posted above have been put on differently to the factory position, there's normally a gap between the inner edge of the wheel arch and the edge of the sticker. And yes, i'm anal with the decals since having some custom made for another car.