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  1. Nick, it may be folks are seeing the thread title (again) and not realising you're suggesting a new meeting date. Might be best to start a new thread for 25th Feb meet?
  2. Have we stopped meeting up once in a while on a Sunday morning then?
  3. Google "galvanising primer." I've no idea which to use, but it occurs to me that you may be able to re-galvanise the areas you're un-galvanising? I'm guessing the Bilthamber Epoxy mastic anti corrosion coating is like an undersea which will absorb rock impacts without damage under? Ah... here we go... According to Bilt Hamber, after the Electorox (6) and before the Mastic (7) "galvanised steel should be etch-primed with etch-weld self-etching primer." As here: (3rd from last sentence). 2 here may help too: as may the rest of page/site. Fair play to you for having a go at this. I can imagine you must have done hours of confusing research trying to find the correct process? What we need is an "expert" to come along and dissect your plans. That is NOT me!
  4. My rusty calliper bolts have remained rust free since applying some Kurust and a permanent marker pen. Looks like you're going overboard! Can't blame you for that. On Car SOS, Ed usually sprays any restored steel with "stone chip" - I've often wondered what's in it? A magic solution perhaps?
  5. Surely someone should come up with a while you wait oil and filter change, using genuine parts, at a REASONABLE price? I'm guessing most of us would like the reassurance of an oil change more frequently that 20k miles however much our OPCs recommend against it? I'd even supply my own Mobil oil and Porsche filter, so I know it's genuine, if someone would do the dirty work. Don't get me wrong, I've done this many times when I was younger but the Cayman seems a little fiddly in this area and I'm too old to want to bother. If you supplied the oil/filter, how much would you be willing to pay for someone to do the under-car work?
  6. Bore Score

    Your last sentence suggests the one you're looking at has done some miles? How many?
  7. I'm in Leicestershire too, so who would you recommend? Mine's going into the OPC 2nd March for its 40k service so this isn't urgent, but it's on my mind now as I'm driving around with 19k dirty old oil in my sump.
  8. I guess there's no reason I couldn't "shop around" for a competent garage with a ramp? I'd just be a little wary that they knew exactly how to change a Cayman's oil and not be a bodger. Might ask my tyre retailer. Known him for 20+ years and he's an enthusiast, having just bought (and of course sold) a Vantage. Would be good to have a "trusted" network of back-street oil changers but that would perhaps rely on more than one of us recommending each of them, knowing what they're supposed to do, and watching the work being done to OK it? Indy prices don't seem that far removed from OPCs for what is a simple job if you have a ramp.
  9. 718 Cayman servicing

    Best to call your OPC and then shop around a bit. Did this recently and ended up with 15% off a major service just by asking for a discount.
  10. Is "Boxa" to do with Boxsters, or Boxer engines? I wonder how the forum name originated? Anyone? Cayman owners club seems easier to work out!
  11. Just loving it!!

    26,000 miles in my base 981 PDK and I intend to keep it forever if possible. Out today in the dry and sunshine and still loving it as much as when I bought it 27 months ago...
  12. Would you think these should be replaced under my Porsche warranty? Car is May 2014, 20k miles. Warranty to Dec 2016. OPC, where it's going for 1st service tomorrow, have seen photo and say they're not covered and don't come separately from the caliper. This is O/S front. Nearside front is fine, no rust. What are they for anyhow, the bolts?...
  13. UK / Euro road trip

    I find even the shortest "convoy" trips require maximum concentration trying to stay with the group. Then some want to speed, others don't. Beanoir knows a great chap who organises these sort of trips so everyone can go their own pace yet meet up along the way. Pricey, but perhaps the most enjoyable way so as not to feel constantly pressured to do things outside your comfort zone.
  14. Slow heater warm-up

    Yep, they're slow. Bum warmer max. Temperature max. Fan up a bit. 5-10 mins to get warm-ish.
  15. Although my local tyre and brake centre recently told me my discs were "fine", my 981 is due its major 40,000 mile service in a few months so I thought I'd enquire as to the cost of having front discs and pads changed at my local indy, to Porsche spec with original parts as it's under extended warranty. GCR Leicester said £500 all in. I may pop in shortly to have them tell me if they DO need changing or not. I found this video which makes a DIY change look as simple as I remember when I last did this job many moons ago on some distinct relic... But IS it this simple? No anti-squeak grease applied; doesn't look like he's using a torque wrench for the calliper bolts; what size hex head for these?; where's best to get the OEM parts (discs & pads) and what markings should they have, where, so my OPC doesn't say "they're not Porsche"? Naturally I could buy from my OPC, but I suspect there are cheaper places - must be proper Porsche parts though! Thanks for any help.
  16. Subliminal message from bank

    This Targa, at RPM last Sunday?... Or...
  17. 3.4 Engine - good or bad?

    If the car fails the Porsche inspection, get Cridfords to agree to pay you the cost of it. If they say "no way" they can't have much confidence in their car so walk away immediately...
  18. Thanks to RPM for measuring my discs on Sunday. 27.4mm thickness. Original is 28mm. Minimum 26mm. So some way to go. Original pads good too. 38,600 miles on original discs and pads but mostly motorway. Mirror test on inside showed good condition. Ammunition for impending 40k major service at my OPC.
  19. Joe Toth Composites

    No chance of understanding my weird sense of humour?
  20. club meet at RPM

    ...and some of mine...
  21. Joe Toth Composites

    Welcome prebbs. Are the dive planes Japanese, and are they used? If so, much impact damage?
  22. New Porsche Conundrum...987 or 996

    I quite like the 996 headlights now, after years of hating them. But for me it would have to be a 997. Also, with a fettled 911 or Cayman, think of residuals on resale. Most buyers want stock-ish. I hear a well specced standard 996 will be an investment. A Gen2 987... Maybe? Out of your choices I think you'd be happiest with a "cheap" 987 S Gen2 and mod it with a eye on re-sale too, i.e. don't spend £40k modding it for it to be worth £20k.
  23. Tyre wear

    Had a slow puncture in one of my rear 265 35 20 GY F1 A2's. Whilst off the rim I asked them to measure the tread: 4.75mm at the outer grooves. 4.5mm centre. Mileage 19,000. So, a bit more wear to go on these. 25k miles down to 3mm would be acceptable. How have your Goodyears or "other" brand tyres faired, and what type of driver are you? I'm not an aggressive driver and the car is my daily, 12k miles a year.
  24. I've fitted one of these: I chose the non-GPS version. GPS plotting mount is around £10 more. Recording speed can work against you too! From: Plus one of these ("right angled"): And: Fitted here... So this is my view... May need to be removed from its mount for future MOTs: From the mirror, the cable is hidden completely under top windscreen trim, down left hand side... ...behind glovebox, to the 12v socket under the glovebox... My first test run had some buzzing on playback (see my other Youtube test videos) from the lower three buttons. I know this is the source as I taped them over and the buzzing went. (I've now dropped a tiny drop of UHU clear glue on the gap between the lower buttons and the case and the buzzing has gone) Here's the result... ...and some night time footage too... NOTE: YouTube degrades picture quality from original 2560 x 1440P 30fps. It's very detailed on my MacBook. If I'm really fussy (I am!) I just need a CPL filter (polarising) to reduce the reflections from the top of the dash. The manufacturer is about to release one as an accessory which may or may not fit the non-GPS version of the dash cam as it has a slimmer mount and so the lens surround is fairly close to the screen. Playback is via or on a MAC. (Windows versions available). When parked the other day, I found the cam continued recording after ignition off for 32 minutes before the 12v socket cut out. THE END.
  25. 1. Beanoir (Saint-Nic) 2. Crafty1 (Charlie) 3. Woodhouse (Derek) 4. Windymiller (Jason) 5. Andy (...Andy) 6. Bushman (Steve) 7. Equinox (Tom) 8. Masher (Mick) 9. UKtom (Tom) 10. Magic8080 (Stuart) 11. Nis200k (Nik) 12. noddy (Jo) 13. Andrew L (Andrew?) 14. Junky (Dunky) 15. Lodgey (Jon) 16. StevenG (Steven) 17. Bilko (Phil) 18. DJMC (Rudolph) 19. Nail it (Duncan) 20. Glenn W (Glenn) 21. SR911TT (Stuart)