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  1. Tyre wear

    Had a slow puncture in one of my rear 265 35 20 GY F1 A2's. Whilst off the rim I asked them to measure the tread: 4.75mm at the outer grooves. 4.5mm centre. Mileage 19,000. So, a bit more wear to go on these. 25k miles down to 3mm would be acceptable. How have your Goodyears or "other" brand tyres faired, and what type of driver are you? I'm not an aggressive driver and the car is my daily, 12k miles a year.
  2. Tyre wear

    Havard, there's a couple of issues here... Pirelli may claim there's a correlation between lack of use (8k in 4 years) and perishing of the rubber. I seem to recall reading about this somewhere, as well as cold affecting rubber, but you're best to do some research to be ready to argue against this if they do. I don't recall any official source saying either of these are correct, but it's been a while since mine were a problem. When were the tyres manufactured? Look for the date code, such as "4913" (week 49 of 2013). Don't forget that in my case OPC Reading said they were fine and then, being worried still, 6k miles later Pirelli said they were not fine. I guess you mean deemed safe by Pirelli? Overall though, if you notice something which doesn't look right or safe in your eyes even if the best authority (Pirelli) say they are fine it may (and should) niggle away at you. To put it another way, you go into a tyre retailer for new tyres and they pull out four with cracks in the rubber. You spot this and say "You're not going to fit those to my car surely?" They tell you not to worry and "They're often like that sir." Do you stand your ground or do you accept that what you think doesn't matter all of a sudden and they must be right? And one other thing... your tyres are THE most important part of your car, safety-wise, so be careful.
  3. Tyre wear

    Pirelli said my cracked tyres were "defective". That's good enough for me not to use them. But my own eyes had already seen the cracks before purchase, at Reading OPC, and afterwards. I believed my own opinion that they were bad, replaced them, and was found to be correct when Pirelli agreed with my opinion. The GY F1 A2s are vastly superior to the PZero N0s. I ran the PZeros for 6k miles, enough to be able to compare to the Goodyears, now at 19k miles. I have PASM also.
  4. Tyre wear

    Ah... I see what you mean. As you may have spotted, I've been chasing Michelin for over a year now as to when the PS4S will be available in 235 and 265 20" N-marked, with a view to fitting them next time. Last month they told me "November" but I won't chase again until my Goodyears are nearer to the end of their life.
  5. Tyre wear

    By the way Mk1... before I purchased the car at 13k miles I took it and its owner to OPC Reading, the supplying and servicing dealer, and showed the N0s to their tyre "expert" who said "they all do that" and pronounced them fit for purpose. I wasn't ever really happy with this, hence my contact with Pirelli 6k miles later and their engineer's pronouncement that their own product was defective and that they would pay for my Goodyears as a gesture of goodwill. I must say Pirelli handled the issue superbly with no fuss or argument. They even sent the engineer to my home so as not to cause any inconvenience. When faced with what appears to be a defect, who would you believe?
  6. Tyre wear

    I ran Conti SC2's and 3's on BMW's for years, getting 30-35k from the rears. Switching to SC5's gave me only 15k miles. The earlier versions were excellent too. I'd rather get 25-30k miles from my tyres than 5k, hence I do have a concern as I have to pay for them.
  7. Tyre wear

    ...and you're still rolling on sub-standard rubber? How/why did your contact satisfy you they were OK? The pirelli engineer who came out and inspected mine commented that the rubber compound was faulty, leading to treadcracks. I'd already decided this myself, replaced them with Goodyears, and retained the N0's for inspection.
  8. Tyre wear

    Cracking is not standard, it's a defect. Mine were taken away by Pirelli and a cheque sent by them for my new Goodyears. If you need the name of their excellent customer service lady, let me know?
  9. When I type in the search box it's hard to read... Black font on blue background. Doesn't look too bad below as it's enlarged 4 fold over top right of my screen. Maybe a white font would be better?:
  10. Have we stopped meeting up once in a while on a Sunday morning then?
  11. See:
  12. Aha! I've been told AutoFinesse citrus spray is good for removing the fly poop I'm struggling with (no, not due to size) on my wife's white BMW X1. Could you... a) Bring along a bottle from your sponsors, suitably discounted. b) Bring along 5 AutoFinesse employees who can in turn bring along every other product they make and demonstrate how they all work on the first five members (or their cars) who turn up? c) That would be most kind. d) The owner of the most highly detailed car using AutoFinesse products, as judged by all COC members there, will buy you a butty, although you'll be starving hungry by this time! e) There's something odd about the new phrase "COC butty" but I can't lay my finger on it?
  13. £22,000, and it was a maisonette.
  14. DP at Porsche Leicester said he'd host a meet once their new £9,500 coffee machine had been installed. I believe it's there now BUT... they're closed Sundays!
  15. 718 Cayman vs. 981 GT4

    A few hours in a 718S on the road, and once around Rockingham, made me realise my base 981 is a nicer place to be. Engine is the deciding factor naturally... ...aspirated.
  16. KDH Creative - 'Ratty Cayman'

    If you did... how would you know if you'd missed a bit???
  17. Michelin PS4S tyres for the 718 CS

    21st September, from Michelin... Dear David, Thank you for contacting MICHELIN Customer Care. With regards to your enquiry about the availability of MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4 S with the N0 marking for Porsche, I would like to inform you that I have spoken with our stock and these tyres will not be available in the UK in the next 12 weeks. As I mentioned on the phone this is the information we have for now and it could change. I would be happy to check the availability again in November. Please drop me a quick message and I will get back to you hopefully with a more precise information. These are the details for the two tyre sizes: MICHELIN PILOT SPORT 4 S N0 EXTRA LOAD 235/35 ZR20 92(Y) Product Code: 541068; Wet Grip: B; Fuel Consumption: E; Noise emission: 071 dB MICHELIN PILOT SPORT 4 S N0 EXTRA LOAD 265/35 ZR20 99(Y) Product Code: 459004; Wet Grip: B; Fuel Consumption: E; Noise emission: 071 dB At the moment, these are not available for purchase in the UK. I hope this information is helpful. Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns, I will be more than happy to help. Kind regards, Vassilena MICHELIN Customer Care Passenger Car & Light Truck Tyres Tel: 0845 366 1590; 0845 366 1535 E-mail: Contact us: Web:
  18. How do I stop flies landing and crapping on my wife's X1?... I'm not interested in removing the mess but in preventing it by buying a shampoo or polish or wax which contains an insect repellant which won't harm the paint (like diet WILL). Why can't I find any trace of such a product? Google tells me this is a worldwide issue on white cars. Anyone?
  19. Been there, done that. Looks s**t in no time without any flies!
  20. Yes, I've considered area spraying the drive where it sits, much like pest controllers do in hot climates around houses. But what to spray it with? I've found two products in the USA which can be added to paint to make it insect repellant. But will they harm already applied paint on cars? Hmm....
  21. I'm waiting for someone to come out with a wax which contains an insect repellant so that flies stop crapping on my wife's mineral white BMW. Seems they only crap on white cars. Must be because the colour is the same as the majority of bog rolls?
  22. Simply Porsche Event buying an Audi estate? The new model without the engine, just 'lectric motor?
  23. 99 RON fuel

    My wife's 9 month old BMW X1 threw an alert today "Drivetrain warning - power may be reduced - contact service partner". She returned home and I called BMW emergency services. 30 minutes later a mature technician arrived. He'd been with BMW for 17 years and they also held contracts previously for Porsche, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin. He'd worked on a lot of exotica, not least his own series one E-Type with it's own octane issues and solutions. The problem was the BMW's EGR valve. Carbon deposits most likely. He ran a cleaning program but that didn't solve it so removed the EGR on my drive and cleaned it. "Are you using supermarket fuel?" Yes, I said. "Well, the supermarkets add sulphur to boost the octane rating and this assists the build up of carbon deposits. Shell, Texaco, and BP don't do this but instead double refine their fuels. If you switch to one of these you'll find you'll not have an issue with this type of problem." I could judge that this chap wasn't spouting forth crap and so I shall respect his lengthy experience and seek out "proper" diesel in future. "No need for Nitro+ diesel in this, just the regular will be fine, but do always put Nitro+ UL in your Porsche" he added. Those of you who feel all fuel is identical please carry on... until you're stuck with reduced power, or worse, due to it.
  24. 99 RON fuel

    This seems a good article: Where I can't find Shell, I seem to only use Tesco 99RON. Can't think of another supermarket which has 99. Plus I get my club card points too.
  25. First world problem

    2 SEATS? So it has to be the Cayman? But wait... it can't be now... I guess you're taking the M5???