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  1. I enquired of Classic Motor Hub last night and their reply this morning is... "Hi David, Thanks for the interest in our July 1st Coffee and Classics. You've picked up on an error I must have made a couple of days ago when updating another event (Our VSCC Rally to Prescott on August 5th), so thank you for that. Our Coffee & Classics events are open to all, and whilst we do emphasise that people come in interesting cars (rather than fill up our space with boring daily drivers), we are very happy to welcome cars and motorcycles of all ages. You are very welcome to sign up to the event, but please note we do not accept "mass bookings". If other friends in the Cayman Owners Club would like to attend, they must sign up on our website individually. Thanks again for getting in touch and for pointing out the error. It is now fixed and so I look forward to seeing your booking, and perhaps meeting you on the day with members of your club. Kindest regards, Ben Stinson Marketing & Social Media Coordinator The Classic Motor Hub T: +44(0)1242384092 M: +44(0)7446507000 ClassicMotorHub.com"
  2. I read that as Yorkshire Pudding Festival! Specsavers I think... 👀
  3. Has anyone followed this up? I note on the registration page that only cars up to 1989 are "allowed": https://classicmotorhub.com/shop/coffee-and-classics-at-the-hub-july-1st-2018/ "THESE EVENTS ARE INTENDED FOR OWNERS OF CLASSIC, VINTAGE AND SUPERCARS"... puts me off a little. A Cayman may be a "classic" but are we the kind of owner they're looking for? That's just my interpretation from the website, but they do also have modern cars for sale. Anyone know what reception we'd get?
  4. I passed a lumber truck on the motorway a while back. A piece of timber fell and rattled under the car. When I got home there was a wooden spike, around 5" long, stuck, point in, in my Zunsport grille. No damage to the grille, but imagine if it had stuck in the rad!
  5. You mean Porsche CLUB GB, which is 20 minutes? You haven't mentioned this in your "1st July" thread. Is it a non-starter at that location? Or was that just you and Dunc meeting up there? 🤔
  6. Is that when just you three meet again?
  7. Ah... so "Tardis" speccing then. I'm with you.
  8. Only the 987 PSE is wanky. You're speccing a 718 remember, as that's the only car you can spec. And PSE on the 718 is bound to be very un-wanky. 🤨
  9. 1. PDK 2. Cruise 3. PASM Standard PDK steering wheel comes with paddles now. Is PCM standard too? Can't find it as an option on the configurator.
  10. When my Goodyear rears are ready to change in a few months (at 23k now) my Goodyear fronts will be only half worn. This suggests buying another set of Goodyear rears rather than swapping out all four and chucking the good Goodyear fronts. Maybe Michelin (and others) should offer a discount scheme to compensate for each mm of binned tread to persuade me and other brand users to switch?
  11. Sorry, should have said. It was Camskill. Tyreleader were £835 for the same last week. Prices seem to change daily so do a thorough search.
  12. So difficult... On the odd Sunday, when the roads are dry and the sun is shining I love a good run to nowhere in particular. BUT we have families, grass to cut, DIY "jobs", other hobbies, all of which all get in the way of standing around chatting to other COC members. The SS is a fairly dull ride down the A5 for me. Bicester is more fun as there are loads of roundabouts and short road stretches to blast along, but Bicester is an all day thing and I'm not "invited" to it. Anyhow... I'm game for the SS most Sunday mornings if you want to come to mine Keith (LE17 4HX) and run down together perhaps BUT we need a few more for a discussion to be worthwhile?
  13. Set of 4 PS4S in 20"and Porsche N0 marked for under £800 last week... Rears: Fronts: Total: £794 🙂
  14. This is the one which explains the upcoming "sound"...
  15. I hear it will have a noise. Not a synthetic engine noise but one that reflects the electrical goings on. Only one noise worldwide.
  16. I believe the Dog & Partridge is purchasing the Woodhead Tunnels to be able to attract more car clubs there. Two of the three tunnels are being cleared and surfaced internally with tarmac, the third remaining a service/emergency service tunnel. The idea is for cars to be able to blast down one tunnel when the entrance traffic light goes green to indicate the tunnel has been cleared by the preceding vehicle, then back through the other, just for fun and to hear their own exhaust sound. Microphones and cameras along the tunnel ceiling will feed video and sound back to the pub. The air vents on top of the tunnels will have seating areas around them and provision for occasional drinks and snacks when the weather is good (ice cream, bacon butties, etc). The pub car park will be expanded and the pub will become a central hub for car and bike clubs to meet up. Or did I just imagine all that...? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Woodhead_Tunnel
  17. My overriding memory of the 59 club was 40 years ago, getting a pillion ride on a Kawasaki Z900 through east London. Terrifying! Is it all british and Harley "snobbery" now?
  18. DJMC

    Manuals Matter

    Shouldn't this be under "Porsche Chat"? ...Oh, it is! 😉
  19. Anyone else a 59 club member? https://www.the59club.co.uk Not that any Porsches would be welcome! Just wondered?
  20. If I hadn't found the article I wouldn't have put a deposit down on this one!!:
  21. I could even become a manual fan again!:
  22. No, we just hooked on to BBs from the first COC meet. I like sausage butties with ketchup but feel it overpowers bacon rather. None for me thanks, but thanks for asking.
  23. Yes, A/C is standard on the 981, but not climate control. From what I can see, I believe the Stratstone car has these options: "Bi-Xenon headlights including Porsche Dynamic Light System (PDLS)." Night Design rear lights. Seats are Sports seats but not the Sports seat plus you're thinking of with the shoulder bolsters. Front & rear parking sensors. Rear wiper - if worried, see: https://autouniversum.wordpress.com/2015/04/30/the-rear-wiper-a-vital-strand-of-porsche-dna/ Windows look dark tinted in the photos? If so, with aftermarket film, check the fronts are legal. PDLS...
  24. Not far from me. I could do that. How are the bacon butties?

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