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  1. Cayman OC Meet - Super Sausage - 29th April

    Count me in for a bacon buttie, I'll be there with my new ride - Andrew L
  2. Count me in for a bacon buttie, I'll be there with my new ride - Andrew L
  3. Exciting day yesterday picked up my new 911 Carrera gen2, jet black metallic paint, 370 bhp, twin turbo, PDK, and sport chrono. Customer service at Porsche Silverstone as usual brilliant.
  4. 100% fault free in 2 years and 8000 miles, loved the jet black colour, styling, sweet manual gear change and the Black Edition extras were good value back in 2016. Only regret was not adding PASM, my Cayman 2.9 Gen II had this option and it makes a difference to the ride quality, especially given current state of the roads these days. So as I say farewell with great memories of numerous road trips, I'm now getting excited for arrival of new 911 gen 2 Carerra, yes Jet Black again, but with turbos this time. I'm told it's one of the last 991.2 cars that had rolled of the production line as the factory re-tools for mission-e. Am I deserting the Cayman club - absolutely not, just having a bit of time out to enjoy a new toy. See you all at the next meet............with my new ride.
  5. Sounds good, will put the date in my diary. See you all after Christmas. Andrew L
  6. Dramatic Scenary @ Loch Torridon

    Everyone should do this road trip, great driving roads, castles, scenery, gin & whisky distilleries, warm hospitality, good accommodation and food. 500 miles starting at Inverness, you need 3-4 days to enjoy the trip. Going back next year to do it again.
  7. Cayman 918

  8. Loch Carron

  9. See you all on Sunday, coming from Towcester my car might just be warmed up by the time I get to the SS. Andrew L
  10. pS: Adam, got carried away responding to Dave's message I forgot to say welcome nice looking car, great wheels. I only have 3900 miles on the clock, therefore I've got a big of catching up to match your mileage, but good to hear it's been virtually trouble free, sometime you get mixed messages when reading reviews about Porsche ownership with some models. Best Wishes Andrew
  11. Dave, great reading your car history, we all have skeletons in the cupboard somewhere, so you are not alone. Yes I would still have my Cayman 2.9 Gen 2 had I not gone abroad with work and decided to sell at time. That said I like my 981, the rear end and overall balance, interior is more to my liking, then again I'm a sucker for the latest tech and looks. I asked my new Alexa dot gen 2 what is a Porsche Cayman and she responded with a great description and history of the car.. Just goes to show even tech gizmos have class. Now for for the confession, but not as glorious as your car history.... Here goes"...... First car Red DAF44 variomatic, 55 mpg, all Aluminium no rust, but crawling about underneath every weekend to tighten the belts, not exactly fun, Volvo 66 was the evolution of the DAFF. Then onto better things, Fiat Strada Abarth 2.0 twin cam, Lancia Delta 1600 GT, along came marriage and an Astra GTE, children followed more sensible choices, Vauxhall Cavalier, Mondeo, Rover 400, then back to Something more exciting Saab 9-3 Aero, BMW 5 MSport, then my first Porsche Cayman.....etc.... Back where I started enjoyment reborn..... Now I'm rambling on just like you... Happy motoring. Andrew