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  1. Tyre wear

    Hope that you get something from them ... Mine are also four years old, next week. Was in the OPC yesterday for it`s service, received a video update during the day which included the tyre (cracking) inspection, no worse than 4k ago.
  2. Tyre wear

    Thank you. Each to their own then ... and with nothing implied I consider that Pirelli were / are covering themselves, otherwise there would / should have been a recall ?
  3. Tyre wear

    Thank you, great to hear a direct comparison. My personal experience is not so direct hence somewhat blinkered / masked ! Going from a CR on PS2`s to a 981 CS on PZero N0`s with PASM I have the `opposite` experience to yourself, the CS has more compliance / feel ... not surprising I suppose given the different set up`s.
  4. Tyre wear

    Have you any background information and experience relating to the `poor` performance / reputation of the PZero, in N0 or N1 form please ?
  5. Tyre wear

    I am running on tyres that I have had inspected by two separate `people`, who`s experience / judgement I trust ... after doing so myself. Post sending the Pirelli lady pictures of the tyres she offered to have them inspected if I took them to Edinburgh. Depending on the result of inspection, depending on remaining `life` I could be offered some reimbursement towards replacement. I declined the offer. Did Pirelli comment on the possibility of repercussions if your tyres were continued to be used ? As above ... I have chosen to rely on my own initial and subsequent ongoing inspections. I will replace them with PZero N1`s in the near future. Michelin PS4S ... your size rears are available now, the fronts in mid December.
  6. Tyre wear

    Thank you for the offer. I spoke with the lady from Pirelli when I received my car, post discussion I decided to go with my own contacts for inspection.
  7. Tyre wear

    My CR went through two sets of Michelin PS2 rears in ~ 27k, 6k with me. My current CS is on PZero N0`s, I took it over at 11k with 5mm rears and have used 1mm in 4k. My car is not a daily, it is enjoyed on rural A & B routes and contrary to other opinion I find these tyres excellent (apart from the standard cracking between the treads).
  8. Meetings

    Only New Year limitation at present is the last week in January. No restriction on which days. Thank you.
  9. Meetings

    Thank you, anywhere of interest in those areas that you mentioned. Only November exclusions are 13 - 15th and 19 - 21st.
  10. Meetings

    Happy to `pop down` ... depending on timing, any thoughts on a date ?
  11. The New Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

    News from Michelin`s on line info. (chat) is that the 235 & 265 x 20 NO is available next month; Camskill are already listing them. Even quoting stock of the 265 at £265. (Thanks to info. on the PCGB site)
  12. RPM Technik - 981 Cayman CSR

    Thank you ... a real sleeper, minus the decals. Having driven - tracked one of their previous CSR`s (Boxster) I`m sure it will be extremely potent / rewarding. OPC warranty compliant no doubt
  13. Meetings

    How far North
  14. NC 500

    Yes .... and yes. Bikes !!! ... the worst cause of gravel rash
  15. NC 500

    Not personally but many Porsche owning friends have, concensus is to travel clockwise and avoid the NE section i.e. a NC400. I have done several Highland runs and will be Oban based for a long weekend at the end of the month. Much to see without venturing on to the single track areas. I have not yet encountered any really poor roads hence do not be afraid to use your CS. Are you a PCGB member / user ... the Scotland North Resources section has some info. that may be of use. If you do venture up, give me a nod.