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  1. Best driving roads website

    Agreed Paul ... likewise the recent .
  2. Just loving it!!

    Same here 5k in 6 months, just back from a 1200 mile round trip weekend. Return trip 575 miles - 8.75hrs - 31mpg.
  3. Radio off?

    Not identified in ... ... maybe combined with something else ? When mine was not working (at collection from OPC), they told me it was the fuse, I didn`t notice anything else not working though.
  4. Radio off?

    Check the fuse ... I had similar (no message) with my previous CR.
  5. Cayman R Rattle

    Welcome ... Is it audible when mobile and / or when manipulating the part by hand ? Also ... Could it be the hatch or `if fitted` the luggage blind ? For the hatch ... try adjusting the rubber `bump` stops, they `screw in - out`. For the cover ... remove / replace.
  6. New Porsche Conundrum...987 or 996

    Thanks for the video ... ... ... get it ! Having driven RPM`s CSR Boxster I seriously considered `something 911` CSR prior to joining Porsche ownership back in 2016 ... maybe next year ? Good luck with the selection / decision process.
  7. Cayman R Owners

    I prefer the black, without the silver `rim` would be an improvement perhaps ? My previous car on silver rims ...
  8. Tyre wear

    PS4S N0 fitted yesterday, 100 miles so far ... a few more `running in` to do. Geometry check (Hunter) prior to fitting revealed front to be slightly out of spec, reset front and rear to `personal preference` (assist from other enthusiasts). Initial impressions being a quieter, smoother ride with a smoother steering feel. The acute steering lock tyre shuffle with the PZero`s is very much reduced / eliminated. The expensive wheel balancing machine ...
  9. New Porsche Conundrum...987 or 996

    996 ... it sounds similar to an RPM CSR ? Never driven one mind (only early and modified air cooled 911`s).
  10. Winter tyres/wheels

    A tyre specialist ?
  11. 2018

    You all too ...
  12. No ... but have you seen `the scoops on this` That 987 looks ? ... maybe better without the transfers ?
  13. Bilster Berg ...

    Good looking circuit ... car and driver not bad either
  14. Tyre wear

    Not sure that I have an answer that would completely satisfy you ? .. I shall try though. What are the "thoughts" about the rear tyre development based upon? The fact that the Michelin dealer that supplied / fitted said tyres to `that Cayman` in November said ... that they were the first set supplied / sold in the UK. The fact that the front tyres are date marked 4616 and the rears 3817 ... fronts not released until the rears were ready. The fact that Michelin (including your contact) have continually delayed their release. For you to be specific about the rears suggests you have some knowledge about the need for more time to sort them. The knowledge is based on the facts above; association with the owner of the 718 CS that has them fitted; association with the said supplying dealer. Could you please elaborate on where this comes from? As above. Who told you? As above. What information have you found on the 'net? Porsche Club Great Britain ... Forum discussion. Other information ... not directly associated with your questions The 235/35 x 20 N0 & 265/35 x 20 N0 are rated B for wet grip ... the exact same tyres in non N rating are rated A for wet grip ... reinforcing Porsche`s development / performance requirements pp Michelin`s direct answer to my associated question of `why` ? The PS4S N0 is not on the current, published Porsche Approved tyre list. The PS4S N0 in the above sizes is on my OPC`s approved tyre list but not for my 981 CS ... I do not know which cars it is approved for? Amen ...
  15. Tyre wear

    Agreed ... few completely understand them, few can use them anywhere near their full potential ... the best that we do is afford them.