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  1. N rated PS4S are currently not approved for any model (ref. current Summer Tyre Approvals list). The current N rated 20" 35`s in 235 / 265 appear to be a legacy from the intended but delayed OEM supply to the 718 models. Only other N rated are 20" 245 / 35 and 305 / 30 ... for new 718 GT4 perhaps ? Maybe ... Porsche only N rate new `model` tyres in conjunction with their new model releases ?
  2. 1. Nope but have traversed some adjacent / intermediate routes ... choose your timing very carefully, off peak preferably. 2. Check out https://www.northcoast500.com/explore-the-route/ if not already done so. Also consider ... https://www.northeast250.com/ , again ... have not run this exact route.
  3. Take it to your local OPC ... I had similar and they repaired it.
  4. I changed from a manual (12) CR to a (63) 981 CS PDK last year, did 8k in the CR and now at 8k in the CS. Overall ... I have no regrets but individual model spec. can confuse comparisons. i tried a (15 / 65 ?) 981 GTS PDK but considered that it was not worth the premium over the spec. of my CS. Most of my driving is two to four hour non stop runs in and around the Highlands, have also taken in eight to ten hour motorway trips when allowed 😉 down South.
  5. Not a daily driver but PDK preferred nonetheless; daily driver is a Manual. PSM vs. PCM ... yes, my mistake. Epaulets issue ... a hand / wheel position consequence ?
  6. PDK - PASM - PSM - PSE - Sports Steering Wheel (incl. paddles) - Sports Plus Seats - Heated Seats - Auto Dimming Mirrors - Cruise Control - Split Heating Controls - 20" Wheels
  7. Ian ... pp `Bushman` I have a spare 987.2 towing eye available if required. Genuine item, used at the rear when on track (once) with my previous CR. Also, for interest: http://www.design911.co.uk/fu/prod135256/Rennline-GoPro-Camera-Tow-Hook-Mount-For-porsche-cars/ http://www.design911.co.uk/fu/pt62_2340_-cma81-cmo82/Porsche/Boxster-986-987-981/Tow-Eye-Hooks-and-Tie-Downs/
  8. Mk1

    Premium Membership

    I have no issue with the adverts, as a free site it works well enough.
  9. I use 17" PS4 on an Audi B5 S4 Avant and 20" PS4S N0 on a 981 CS, am extremely happy with both. My OPC are well versed on the PZero N0 `issue` along with similar regarding other brands. The `lightly cracked` PZero N0`s that preceded my PS4S N0`s performed extremely well.
  10. I am not concerned, perhaps my wording / composition is incorrect ?
  11. This is exactly where I am ... `I` fitted the PS4S N0 (20") to my OPC Warrantied 981 last January. In shopping around, the OPC quoted for the PS4S but did highlight that they were not (unsurprisingly) the recommended tyre pp Porsche`s listing (that being the PZero N0 / N1). I elected to source via a Michelin agent after they had had confirmation from Michelin Technical that the PS4S N0 was OK for my car. As for any warranty implications, I am not unduly concerned that my action would be a potential problem (gut feel only, no supporting evidence ). The PS4S N0 may have been designed for the 718 but was not on the Porsche Approved Tyre List hence any potential warranty issues would I assume apply to them as to myself ? As regards the B rating for Wet Grip vs the A for the same sizes` non N0 Rated tyres ... prior to purchase I asked Michelin Technical the reason for this, their exact response I have quoted elsewhere on this Forum but was not considered to be an issue. They (Michelin Technical) still advised that the N0 was the best all round option, the margin between the B and A rating being due to Porsche`s N specification.
  12. Agreed Paul ... likewise the recent https://www.northeast250.com/ .
  13. Same here 5k in 6 months, just back from a 1200 mile round trip weekend. Return trip 575 miles - 8.75hrs - 31mpg.
  14. Not identified in ... http://howtoporsche.com/cayman/987c-2005-2013/2005-to-2013-cayman-987c-fuses-box-diagram-location-amperages-list/ ... maybe combined with something else ? When mine was not working (at collection from OPC), they told me it was the fuse, I didn`t notice anything else not working though.
  15. Check the fuse ... I had similar (no message) with my previous CR.

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