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  1. Plans changed so I didn't make it this time around. Might not be possible this year now for me. Shame.
  2. There was a debate on his use of launch control on his original YouTube vid where he swore that he had already warmed the car through before using it. That said, when it went up for sale (he has something to do with the dealership selling it I believe) the YouTube vids were all taken down as they were all simply abusing the car and about trashing rear tyres. Its a shame - I looked at this car just before he bought it and it was a distinct possibility for me other than the fact that it was badly stone chipped with only 9.5k miles on it and came from an owner with "other Porsches". It looked like it had spent more time on the track than on the road which put me off (whether it actually had or not, I don't know).
  3. I have a window of opportunity (ie Mrs away) in August from 4th for 4 days so potential is limited for me but contemplating doing it anyways.
  4. Are you still looking to do this trip ?
  5. I noted that on my non-Xenon setup, the sidelights, rear lights and front LED strip lights are all on with the DRL's enabled. When I lock the car in the garage, the "home" function lights up the fogs and the LED strips (plus rears) which leads me to think the LED front strip DRLs can be set up to come on without sidelights. Has anyone looked into this any deeper before, or can anyone tell me if it is possible for DRL to have just the LED strips in the front and no other lights (front or rear) being on ?