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  1. Good excuse to come back to Wales though !!
  2. Just before the winter set in and the road tax renewal demand reminder dropped onto the doormat, the R was serviced, drive belt changed, and brake fluid refreshed. The battery decided life was no more in the same week and so it was swapped for another Porsche OEM item. I've had the car on a SORN since end of October, but my wallet has now recovered from the earlier trauma and so the next phase of cost begins.......... Tyres seem to be headed towards GY Eagle F1 Asymmetric N0 - largely on price vs the aged Michelin SP2 currently fitted which seem to significantly more expensive for probably not a proportionate return in performance advantage for a car driven only on the road. It'll get a track outing but it will be a very rare event. Any experiences and anecdotes with the F1's would be appreciated. The new battery has barely been used. The car did about 300 miles between the service and battery replacement before being locked away in my garage and hooked up to a Ctek MXS 5.0 charger for the duration of its winter slumber. However, having taken it off charge a couple of weeks ago, and taken for a very short drive of about 5 miles to agitate the fluids and rotate the tyres, the battery has refused to allow the charger past the test for it retaining 12v. With red error light brightly glowing, it fails and refuses to step onto the next phase of the program. I've tested the charger on another car (no problem) and disconnected the battery from the car to ensure nothing is draining it during the charge cycle (still errors). Any suggestions ? Could the car just want a damn good run to warm the battery up chemically, so to speak ? I've clearly no idea but don't want to go back to OPC and look like a muppet for not doing something basic! (The battery is not draining or losing charge that prevents the car from starting). Lastly, the service showed up that the bolts on the exhaust where it joins the manifold are corroded, but they wanted to charge me approx £400 to drill them out and replace them. I don't know if they tried to remove them, but I suspect not. Do I let OPC do the work, or do I go to a specialist ? The car is still under OPC warranty. I'm on the verge of taxing it for Feb 1st as I really miss driving it. I feel I should leave it to March so that the salt is washed away more so from the roads, and temps begin to improve. The novelty of driving the car has still not waned in the slightest and I am truly gagging to get behind the wheel for a decent run out. These winter months and salty roads are driving me insane and the 13 year old Mini Cooper S just isn't cutting it !!!! Well done if you made it to the end of this lengthy monologue - all advice, thoughts and opinions greatly received.
  3. That paintwork is looking awesome. What sort of money does paint correction of that nature cost ? Do they sort out stone chips etc as part of the package ? Nicely done mods that are pretty sensible too.
  4. Today was a good day ! ?

    Nice choice - best colour - cheaper to run than the M3 too. I had an E90 and the 21MPG wore thin after a couple of years. Enjoy the ride!
  5. Another cars and coffee event in aid of charity this weekend on Sunday. 10am start. I'll try and find a link - but they are advertising it via Facebook on their page so shouldn't be too hard to find. Also, previous events on you tube for an idea of what cars turn up - and there are some amazing motors there. £5 per car entry fee for the charity.
  6. Tyres which are best

    Search online and there are explanations of what it actually means when manufacturers have a tyre "approved" against their cars. The tyre width can vary slightly, and there can be other differences in the make up of the tyre - likely to be subtle differences, but differences nonetheless. Not sure about the insurance aspects but I think it unlikely to be an issue - have you ever seen anywhere a story on non-payment for using tyres without the approval stamp on any car ? Look at how many people ditch run-flat tyres. I am in the warranty trap so mine will stay n-rated, but if my car wasn't under warranty, I'd have no hesitation in going for the non n-rated tyres of a premium brand.
  7. What have I done....?

    it looks like you've been very lucky there! From the marks, the jack seems to have come off the jack point and skipped over the area where the pipe run (just). I'm glad for you that it didn't go badly wrong and that luck was on your side!
  8. Sunday Woes!!

    Got my £70 diagnosis fee back from Seat........... and it only cost me £760 !! (repairs and service included!) PCR all serviced yesterday too with drive belt and brake fluid @ £660. With the PCR battery costs (£190) and recovery of the Seat (£55) its not been a great week financially but at least its all over now !
  9. New Tyre Time

    Just watch the manufacture dates of the online stuff - they can often already be well over a year old. It's never stopped me using the onliners such as Oponeo, but if you do very low miles it's just something to be aware of as you might not get the full use from them.
  10. Ftat as a witches t^t

    It does - I changed my battery today for a new, shiny, expensive, over priced, genuine Porsche item (yep - still a Mol) and can confirm that all the errors were gone within a few yards of driving it. On the plus side, the engine is running much smoother. The slightly uneven idle is now absolutely smooth. Perhaps the uneven idle was a symptom of an old battery starting to fail ?
  11. Ftat as a witches t^t

    I think the PSM failure is an alert because of the flat battery. I've read that you can get the same when you disconnect a charged battery and put it back on again. A short drive let's the brain decide all is well in PSM land and cancels the alert. My battery died yesterday and will be swapped tomorrow, so I guess I'll see similar errors.
  12. Sunday Woes!!

    I know - double ouch! New battery is going to be £190 after a 12% discount for asking nicely. That'll be on the car tomorrow. The Leon has cost £55 for recover to Seat this morning, and then they want to pull my pants down and charge £70 to read the error code I already gave them, even though an error code check is part of the major service it's having there tomorrow - we'll be talking about that particular charge later! If they insist on charging then the service will be cancelled in favour of an independent.
  13. Sunday Woes!!

    ......and so another Mol battery bites the dust!!! Took it off the CEK trickle charger this morning, ready for a nice Sunday blast. Got in. Turned the key. All sorts of error messages on the dash, then the windows dropping an inch every time the key was turned, accompanied by the starter clicking like a toy gun! 1 week ago it was fine -used it with no trouble, put it away, connected the charger as normal. Decamped into the Leon, got 3 miles down the road and that went into limp mode, then after another mile, overheated. Typical - our new S3 is due to arrive at the dealer this week, and now the car it's replacing is about to cost me a load more wedge. Porsche Assist sent me the AA for the PCR and, after the usual story of "they all do that", a jump start at least let me get it out of the garage to turn it around and reverse it back in so I can at least access the battery to jump it again to get it going. The AA confirmed the battery was giving 12.4 volts, but only 114 amps - dead cell. Being the battery I suspect OPC won't want to know on the warranty, even though I've only had the car a year and 4k miles. An already expensive week ahead - 6 yr service (belt and brake fluid) on the PCR, plus a major service on the Leon. The week just got a whole lot more expensive! So now we're just down to old faithful - the 2003 Mini Cooper S!! Happy Sunday!!
  14. Glad it helped!! You were unlucky with the unmarked police and the weekend traffic, but you can still see the potential of the roads and that it's worthy of a return trip some other, less busy time - especially as you are so close compared to where I am! I've only been there during the weekdays and outside of the school holidays, so have been much more fortunate with traffic and police.
  15. Road Trip

    Plans changed so I didn't make it this time around. Might not be possible this year now for me. Shame.