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  1. airbag light & pcm 3 inop

    I had an airbag light issue with it flickering on hard cornering - as if it readying itself for some doomed excursion into the hedgerows - and it turned out to be the seatbelt socket thing. Replaced under warranty.
  2. 987 S Track Car Build Thread

    Nicely done sir! That is some commitment to the car and your trackday needs - can't have been cheap to do inside a year. More pictures of the car when you get back to decent wifi please! Love to see threads like this. Enjoy the JW and good luck on getting landed anywhere near London with the snowfall etc (assuming your headed home to Blighty). City was diverting to Southend earlier, Heathrow is cancelling flights all over the place, but Gatwick and Stansted seem to be relatively normal from what I've seen on the news this morning.
  3. Yep - OPC pricing was £400.
  4. took mine out today for the first time since October!! I remembered pretty well what a great drive it is, but I forgot just HOW great it is!!!! It'll get a proper clean and polish in a couple of weeks and then hibernation will be officially over! (no time to do it sooner or I would!)
  5. Dropped into Autostrasse today in Coggeshall - a well respected Porsche Indy - and he took a look at the exhaust bolts. His opinion - easier to do them now before the exhaust blow happens and before they corrode into "tooth picks" as he put it ! At about 40%cheaper than OPC, it'll be with him in the next week or so to be done. Also spotted a fair bit of soot on the exhaust tips - potentially over fueling or needing new plugs but possibly the result of (literally) a couple of starts and warm up on tickover during the hibernation since October. Might get them done at the same time once I've dug out the service book to see when they were last changed.. I've not been there before and I have to say, his candor seemed genuine and he struck me as an honest chap that just loves the cars. He had some stories to tell of his 911 ownership/driving/racing experiences. Nice fella and very knowledgeable.
  6. did you do it yourself ? What was the paint like prior to applying it ? My absolute pet hate is stone chipping but seems hard to stop it without spending about the same as a repaint of the affected areas!
  7. I wouldn't worry about what people say about making your cars look like an R - if you like the look, go for it ! Personally, I think the contrasting vents look better than colour coded, and the side stickers also look good. If you don't want to be accused of trying to be an R, how about leaving off the side stripes and going with black mirrors and vents ? Just a thought to break up the "slab" of single colour.
  8. You're not wrong. Mine has nav but it's so out of date the the M1 was still under construction!!
  9. Got up at 6:30 one Sunday morning in September, set off at 7am for the gym but decided to take the R. Ended up in Nottingham via back roads and twisties. I live in Colchester! The unplanned outing had me passing by Braintree, Bishops Stortford, Baldock, Bedford, Peterborough, Oakham, Melton Mowbray, Grantham to name but a few! Had a cuppa at my Grans then headed home on a more direct route. Just shy of 400 miles covered for a 7 mile trip to the gym! Awesome day out, awesome drive, some good roads, some crappy ones, but all that time driving the Cayman without any particular target location or time, on whatever road took my fancy was awesome. The unplanned stuff is often some of the best. What was yours ?
  10. Both nice looking cars - fake stripes or not !! Who cares - its your Porsche, you've worked for it so do what ever pleases you. Personally, I like the stripes. Welcome to the club - love mine to bits too and can't wait to get it taxed and out from hibernation next month.
  11. @Beanoir - I wont have OPC do the work - it'll be a reputable indy.
  12. I think MJ has it spot on!!
  13. I guess it comes under the banner of "preventative maintenance", and given that they probably only see these cars every 2 years in a lot of cases, they point it out as a job worth doing (if I am being generous as to the intent at least!). What gets my hackles up is that they quoted me £400 or therebouts to do it, without really working out if they were seized or needed to be drilled. I want a true price before I take the decision as to whether to do it or not.
  14. Good excuse to come back to Wales though !!
  15. Just before the winter set in and the road tax renewal demand reminder dropped onto the doormat, the R was serviced, drive belt changed, and brake fluid refreshed. The battery decided life was no more in the same week and so it was swapped for another Porsche OEM item. I've had the car on a SORN since end of October, but my wallet has now recovered from the earlier trauma and so the next phase of cost begins.......... Tyres seem to be headed towards GY Eagle F1 Asymmetric N0 - largely on price vs the aged Michelin SP2 currently fitted which seem to significantly more expensive for probably not a proportionate return in performance advantage for a car driven only on the road. It'll get a track outing but it will be a very rare event. Any experiences and anecdotes with the F1's would be appreciated. The new battery has barely been used. The car did about 300 miles between the service and battery replacement before being locked away in my garage and hooked up to a Ctek MXS 5.0 charger for the duration of its winter slumber. However, having taken it off charge a couple of weeks ago, and taken for a very short drive of about 5 miles to agitate the fluids and rotate the tyres, the battery has refused to allow the charger past the test for it retaining 12v. With red error light brightly glowing, it fails and refuses to step onto the next phase of the program. I've tested the charger on another car (no problem) and disconnected the battery from the car to ensure nothing is draining it during the charge cycle (still errors). Any suggestions ? Could the car just want a damn good run to warm the battery up chemically, so to speak ? I've clearly no idea but don't want to go back to OPC and look like a muppet for not doing something basic! (The battery is not draining or losing charge that prevents the car from starting). Lastly, the service showed up that the bolts on the exhaust where it joins the manifold are corroded, but they wanted to charge me approx £400 to drill them out and replace them. I don't know if they tried to remove them, but I suspect not. Do I let OPC do the work, or do I go to a specialist ? The car is still under OPC warranty. I'm on the verge of taxing it for Feb 1st as I really miss driving it. I feel I should leave it to March so that the salt is washed away more so from the roads, and temps begin to improve. The novelty of driving the car has still not waned in the slightest and I am truly gagging to get behind the wheel for a decent run out. These winter months and salty roads are driving me insane and the 13 year old Mini Cooper S just isn't cutting it !!!! Well done if you made it to the end of this lengthy monologue - all advice, thoughts and opinions greatly received.