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  3. That's the opposite of my experience... I found that the 4S is pretty decent in the wet and that the AD08R is awful. Maybe we have more rain in Wales.
  4. Mine has never done this, I wish it did, I have to lower and raise the windows using the switches, apart from the auto lowering when you pull the door handle
  5. I run P Zeros on the road and they are good, I went for a 91y carcass over an 87y as its a bit stiffer on the sidewall
  6. I've found the Yoko's as good as the Mich's in the wet tbh... Just sayin'
  7. Goodyear Eagle F1 if you want a good all around tyre Pilot Sport 4/4S if you want better than the Eagle F1 and are fine with paying the extra premium AD08R if you're going to track it but not drive in the wet (damp is OK, but I wouldn't dare drive in a torrential downpour). N rating is a load of tosh, in my opinion. The original 987 N rated tyres have been superseded by more modern compounds and tyres available today (the Pilot Sport 4S, as an example).
  8. Yes it does that,I mean on the key when u hold down unlock the window goes down,when you hold down lock it will go up,mine for some reason won’t go up using the key anymore
  9. As above, but... also need to consider if you plan to do any track days? I'm running the Yokohama AD08R now after replacing my Mich Pilot super sports ... Muuuch better grip than ANY road biased tyre I've used & is also decent in the wet for a crossover tyre... Depends on whether you believe all this N rating talk?
  10. I thought the window automatically raises a tad once the door is shut? (does on mine) & automatically lowers a tad once the door handle sensor is activated? Or... are you referring to a full closure window roll up system?
  11. Hi guys I’m new to the forum but have been on a few forums in the past with other cars,this one seems great and straightforward to use!:) anyway I’ve noticed an issue where when I lock the car and hold the lock button down it doesn’t raise the window up!?it use to do but has for some reason stopped?it works when I unlock it and hold unlock down it will go down. Any help appreciated
  12. Some good advice given above , i can also vouch for PS4 on 18" rims pon my CS
  13. Yep less than a fiver and a coupe of hours of labour! Seems to have fixed it as we've had some rubbish weather over the last few days but no new wet carpets. 👍 I was trying to work out how so much water could collect in the bottom of the door to cause this issue. I noticed that water only drains away when the door is opened so maybe if you don't open the passenger door so often it could lead to a build up of water? To the extent that it breaches the seal if left too long? Dunno!
  14. Thanks Aaron that would be great. I'm away working until wednesday how about thursday lunchtime?
  15. Pete, I'm in Cardiff Monday to Friday. Do you want to get a second opinion on the car? Happy to take you out in my CR (PDK) so that you can compare, too. Things like rattles and hesitation/judder can be subjective and open to interpretation when explained in text. Being in the two cars back to back will remove any doubt.
  16. Depends on size and whether you want the Porsche recommended N rating ? Regards where to purchase, I go with those that I know will fit the tyres without damaging them / the rims. A few online suppliers ... Oponeo / Mytyres / Blackcircles / Tyreleader From experience of Michelin PS2, Pirelli PZero and Michelin PS4S ... I would recommend the PS4S, available in a minimum of 19" though ... https://www.michelin.co.uk/tyres/michelin-pilot-sport-4-s If 18" ... consider the Micheln PS4, I run them on a non Porsche and find them excellent https://www.michelin.co.uk/tyres/michelin-pilot-sport-4
  17. Last week
  18. Hi everyone, the time has come to replace the rear tyres of my 987 Cayman S. it has continentals on currently and I’m wondering what people would advice as a good tyre upgrade. (Also any places online for a good deal would be appreciated) Thanks matt
  19. Hi well it's been a long dy but im home with the car. Overall its fab, the feel of the thing is superb even though there was some absolutely awful weather to contend with. Couple of teething issues though maybe some of you can help with. The tailgate or something in the boot is making a bit of a racket over bumps. RPM checked everything in terms of suspension etc is ok but said it's possible the tailgate being as it's so large. Any ideas? Also this might be a characteristic, but when coming off or going on throttle when cruising there is a gentle judder in the car, like the power is cut on/off. I'm thinking is it the engine flexing on its mounts or the flywheel loading up? Also when accelerating hard in a high gear there is a constant judder or shimmie in the car, once off throttle it settles so it's not geo or tyres or anything like that. Again any thoughts??? Cheers, Pete.
  20. Hi Ben, Glad I could help, hope it was a cheaper option than mine having 2x new door liners fitting £££ Dean
  21. Thanks guys. From removing to putting back took less than an hour... well worth doing and not spending £££ on new buttons
  22. Looks good JB, and is easily worth another 5bhp... 🤔😉👍🏻🏎
  23. Like many owners out there, i recently purchased a porsche cayman in immaculate condition apart from the damn air con buttons wearing away. Took them off, sanded and re-sprayed in black. 1st attempt. Thoughts?? In comparison i love them, they match the rest of the buttons and bring the inside back to life.
  24. If you don’t already have a ticket I don’t think you can get in I’m afraid... ☹️ If youre a PCGB member you could always contact Mandy Sutch who manages the events and enquiry about any last minute cancellations perhaps 🤔
  25. Have you looked at US Ebay and similar US based suppliers? I've seen a few examples of this on some US based Cayman FB groups
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