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  2. My journey to my hotel is going to be a lot longer than usual. My clutch works, I have drive, but I am stuck in gear and my gear stick is a floppy knob. When the breakdown company arrives I have elected to get my car taken to my hotel (who I have rung but only get their answer phone). This hotel is in the middle of nowhere and I am guessing the nearest garage is at least a dozen miles away. It was only serviced recently.
  3. not sure I would either, its an engine built for function not aesthetics and will never look as good as a red head V8 or 12. the loss of the rear cargo space and net seems pointless unless its only driven as a show car and then there is the added heat and noise in the cabin to contend with. but at the end of the day, its your car, your choice.
  4. MrVert, good choice. Think the platinum silver is an underated colour for the R, especially with the black wheels. Mine actually came with the silver Boxster Spyders, but put these 981 wheels on as they were black and a lot cheaper to replace than the spyders should I ding one. Bet you can't wait! It is worth it though...
  5. Last week
  6. Just bought this from OPC, collecting next week...
  7. It's got a funny looking gear stick.
  8. Buying a high mileage car is not necessarily a bad thing at all. At the end of the day it's ALL Porsche albeit with a few more marks and general wear. you'll save a considerable amount of money and as long as the suspension and engine mounts are good you'll get the same driving experience as a minter for half the price (maybe). Don't worry about engines at this level, go for the best car with best service history and maintenance, check it's had a recent clutch/flywheel/RMS as this can be a costly job. Brakes are cheap to overhaul back to factory specs and you could get them painted (calipers to freshen up looks. Wheels the same. It will be helpful if you can work on the car yourself, most of the cost of garage bills these days is labour.
  9. I have, they will repair, but not willing to sell the kit to those who need it.
  10. I don't think at sub 50k they'll ever go South. GT3 RS etc at 200K plus may do but not these as they're such great value and unique as they are
  11. Absolutely nothing to do with me but this 34,000 mile sub £40k Cayman R looks a good deal. Hope their not all heading south in value! https://www.autostoresales.co.uk/porschecaymanr Cheers Mick
  12. yepper....this one is taking off
  13. Guys, insane idea... I was thinking to see if the bike box is going to fit inside the cabin (without ruin it, hopefully). In case, do you think it is possible/legal to run without the passenger seat? Cheers, Andrea
  14. Adam, I'd get in touch with Sports and Classic Ltd in Cheshire. Never used them myself but I know they are a well regarded Porsche independent specialist and repair gearboxes.
  15. Hi Beanoir Great to know - I was getting worried too! I'm now back from my holiday - will you give me a ring at your earliest? Still silence from Junky? KR Jo
  16. source a used one from a salvage yard if yours is not practicable to repair .....a trusted yard
  17. Buy a car based on condition and servicing, not a number on the dash. Mismatching tyres usually means a skimpy owner; so do things like servicing weeks/months later than the specified intervals. Then there's the impression from the seller - are they knowledgeable about the vehicle, etc. Buying from an enthusiast is better than any main dealer or specialist. The enthusiast is never in it to make money. Mileage is just a number. There are far more important factors to consider and review in your decision.
  18. Hey all, im really in the s**t. 2nd gear has gone on my box, i had done all the reasearch on part numbers from PET and i cant even explain how wrong they are. So i have a car stuck in a garage and a gearbox in parts at another garage. What will be my best options now?
  19. Yeah, you are probably right...
  20. Mmm £400 https://www.design911.co.uk/fu/prod125843/Roof-Transport-System-Porsche-987C-Cayman/ Might be cheaper to DHL you bike to the final destination..
  21. Yep mine has had most of those issues, except the coolant leaks....dont temp fate!
  22. I was at the Nurburgring last week and the two GT4 mules were both using turbo'd engines. I also went to the Porsche Factory and saw a facelift 718 Boxster (US Market) coming off the production line. It had twin exhausts similar to a BMW 335i distance apart on a full width black plastic bumper. Was interesting to see.
  23. I’m hoping that it was just the guy I took it to booked into a place with a rolling road now fingers crossed 🤞🏻
  24. 😲 I’m shocked the software version on my car cannot be mapped ??? scott
  25. Many thanks to all of those who got in touch with me – this has now been sorted. Hope you all have a great week!
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