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  1. Yesterday
  2. Guys, today they are arrived and I could not wait longer, so I am just back from the garage. I chucked them on and....I am super super happy! I just switched on the car and the lights waiting for some flickering or error message, but nothing like so! The light is a beautiful and omogenous white. Unfortunately I can’t say more because I did not have a spin, but tomorrow very early morning I am off to the airport so I can test them in the dark. So far I can only recommend them. Ah, just a thing: they come in pairs, so if you want to have a go, just order 1 as quantity. I ordered 2 and now I have a spare 🙂 Cheers, Andrea
  3. Thank you Mavrik, I will give it a go.
  4. 7.45 at Village hotel sounds perfect. See you there. Anyone else fancy a trip please join. Darren
  5. The clutch in my S1 was changed at around 45k miles (receipt/service from last owner) Ime... Longevity usually depends on whether the car spends its time in stop start traffic or mainly on the motorway etc Clutch on my 350z went at 73k...
  6. @Cito I did mine by hand using a flat sanding block... No need for a specialist DA polisher/sander! Just ensure you sand in straight lines & it'll be reet!
  7. My clutch went shortly after purchasing, 70k on the clock.
  8. @Beanoir his comment just made me laugh... you always get some idiot on here with no idea what he's talking about....I also had front coolent leak which is becoming to be common.. New hose modification now available
  9. Probably a bit unfair to suggest poor driving is at fault. The clutch on my CS was on its way out at 45k - and I’m a driving god! 😉
  10. Wow. I've never seen anything like that before. Will be interesting to see what Porsche's response is.
  11. On my old 350Z which suffered quite badly from hazed plastic headlight lenses I used various polishes over the years including Meguiars NXT metal polish which was recommended to me (and apparently toothpaste and brasso are used by some!), but to be honest I found T-Cut to be as good as any if you are doing it by hand. But the kits with wet and dry sandpaper are supposed to provide extra longevity to the refurb job so would be interested to hear if that is indeed the case from those that have used one!
  12. if you are burning through a clutch at 66 k maybe you should lease a ford until you learn how to drive a manual hommie
  13. OK mate, here is a picture of the rear wiper motor in case you wanted to know.
  14. I've never considered a clutch as preventative maintenance. Clutches can last upwards of 100k. The worst that's going to happen is it will slip under low RPM and heavy load. Eventually though, it will slip constantly. I tend to change it at the former stage.
  15. It was indeed! Good memories mate 👍🏻
  16. Thank you Nick . I like you're signature photo, taken by Mario by any chance?
  17. Well it starts at 9.30 so how about meet at the Village Hotel at 7.45 say hello, grab a Starbucks for the Drive and aim to leave at 8am, which should be plenty of time on a Sunday morning? Any other Kent drivers feel welcome to join us.
  18. sorry but I didn't buy a Cayman S to drive normal.... id buy a Ford if I wanted to drive normal FFS
  19. Last week
  20. Ended up getting one of these (in RHD obviously) https://www.drivesafeandlegal.co.uk/brodit/vehicles/Porsche/Cayman+(Type+987)/2008/853540.htm Not fitted it yet but it seems sturdy, just need a magnetic pad kit to stick to it.
  21. to be legal, I believe the light units must be driver adjustable and must have washer jets. that's why I went down the Nighteye route for both dips and mains. really happy with this choice too.
  22. driven normal it should last much longer
  23. Thanks jcm, much appreciated. I’ve gotta drop her into the garage in a couple of weeks or a couple of other bits, so I’ll get them to check the motor out too. If she’s dead, i’ll defo buy yours. It’ll mean another trip to the garage, but I’m good with that as my mechanic skills are non existent. Will keep you posted!
  24. Sure! I was thinking to take some pictures before/after but I need to find a dark spot before. Anyway, I will let you know as soon as I will put them on. Cheers, Andrea
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