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  2. So to scratch an itch I've booked to test drive a 718 Cayman GTS and an M2 Competition. From my many google searches it appears all Porsche have some form of TC intervention even when everything is 'Off' apart from GT products with the separate ESP & TC buttons .
  3. Another thought, if I remember correctly you can only have the comfort setting if you have 20 in wheels. You do have this size don’t you. also on mine it doesn’t say “comfort partly load”. Just comfort mode. I wonder if this extra bit of info on yours has anything to do with it.. SWS
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  5. Hi Dan, welcome to the forum. ive had mine since March 2017 and 41k Miles (shes a 2010 car - now has 58k miles), and I have no plan to get rid anytime soon - I absolutely love my 987.2 S 😍😍😍👍🏻 My first ~15 months she was my daily driver, past ~15 months she’s now my wknd toy + 4-5 trackdays a year and is ‘hibernated’ in the winter, so doing ~5k Miles now. personally I think the cayman (whichever model) is THE perfect go to sports car - everyday useable, trackday fun capable, reasonably affordable (for a sports car 😉). Go for it my man 👍🏻
  6. Thanks 748 and Dougle - it should arrive this wknd. Will let you know how I get on with fitting, having watched a couple of videos it seems simple enough and I’ll disconnect the battery negative terminal before disconnecting the airbag module to hopefully avoid any error codes. 👍🏻
  7. Yes I have set the dash setting to comfort. The gauge shows Front Axle 2.2 & 2.3 Rear Axle 2.3 & 2.3 The fill display shows Front Axle +0.2 & +0.3 Rear Axle -0.3 & -0.3 So if I'm reading this correctly I could reduce the fronts to 2.0 but the rears are asking for 0.3 bar in each tyre taking them up to 2.6 bar for each tyre! The manual says that the comfort pressures are 2.1 bar all round! So I'm still confused
  8. Agree with the above two posts. Caymans will generally be more of a toy car and lets be honest. People get bored of toys. Only a few cayman owners (and likely to be on here) are really into their car for the long term. When they get out of warranty they can start to get pricey for bits (the same as any car things do wear out eventually) and like dating a gorgeous girl who starts causing hassle, the novelty can firmly wear off for some at that point. Its a perfect car for what you describe, albeit 5000 miles a year is waaaay too low in my opinion haha. They’re reliable all weather sports cars. They’re just a car. Only thing they’re not great at is going up and down kerbs or lumpy bits. I’ve taken mine everywhere. They don’t break more than other cars it’s just when you need new bits, you’re fixing a Porsche not a Ford so the cost will be different.
  9. Hi guys, We were at Bedford last Monday in the wet - great fun! Please check out my mates youtube video of the day, plenty of slides and spins!
  10. Last week
  11. Have you set the tyre type to comfort mode? This is done on the steering wheel lever under settings in the right hand display. SWS
  12. Agree with Craig - I also think that if you're unlucky the bills can stack up quite quickly which may encourage some people to move a car on - or changes in lifestyle, as its only a 2 seater. I've had mine for a year and a half and it still feels new to me, and have every intention to keep it for quite some time yet!
  13. Cayman throttle response: particularly manually rev-matching on way down the box is significantly more responsive than my last fly by wire sports hot hatch. For reference. I don’t think it’s ‘awful’ by any means. But like you Ben: would love to sharpen up a bit. And when I’m back off Holiday I’ll properly take in Lenny’s linked article (Thankyou - all points for and against interesting !)). For the moment though I’ve voted with my own feet and will come up with my own conclusions. I never have any allegiance to any of these ‘performance’ type add-ons. And if I feel it doesn’t improve for me I’ll remove it instantly. Easy as that... Back Sunday. Hoping to fit and test same afternoon 😉
  14. I've always felt that the throttle response in the Cayman had some built in latency so am willing to give the SprintBooster a go - not expecting any kind of power gains but just a more immediate response to pressure on the loud peddle. More the kind of response you would get from a mechanical throttle control rather than drive by wire.
  15. Dan; the short answer is that Caymans are great at what you're looking to use a car for....and many other things! Yes, many people turn them over...often they brand swap as well (eg from from a Cayman to an M3 to a TT RS to an AMG Merc etc)....let's face it, most purchasers of a new Porsche these days are buying the brand rather than the experience ....driving fun, joy of ownership etc aren't of appeal compared to having a certain badge on the drive way. It's a much smaller proportion of us that choose a car that we really like and want to keep, invest in, and use as it was intended. Sad indication of the way things are going; more people see cars as "transport", rather than anything more
  16. I could do that but I have an aversion to spacers. If that wider track was the best way then manufacturer's would do it from the start... My search for new wheels continues 😁😁
  17. HI Folks, I have been admiring the Cayman for several years, and I thought '19 might finally be the year I could get one! I've been researching/following a LOT of different ones on line. When I look up a lot of the CarFax reports - it seems that the trend is VERY RARELY will any of these owners keep the car for more than 2-3 years??? I'm wondering -- what are they figuring out after a year or two that they didn't realize when they took it for their first test drive!?!? I love the way they drive, but I'm not going to race it. Probably won't show it either. I Just want a nice sporty car to drive 5,000 miles/year instead of my work pickup truck. Is this a GOOD CAR for THAT??? Thanks. Dan G.
  18. Would that not just mean you could fit them with a spacer?
  19. Great video, love the ending 👏 I have done a track day at Spa before in my previous car, cant wait to do it again but in the Cayman, such a great circuit and sure it would be even more fun in the Porsche.
  20. Just checked on willtheyfit.com and the answer is NO The rears will stick inwards by 36.1mm ! meaning they will touch the shocker.. back to the drawing board...
  21. Hi team. just wondering if anyone else here is doing the charity track day on Wednesday? I’ll be there in my blue 718 - come and say hi. Kai
  22. Thats a good find and a great price. Happy to give you a hand fitting it/clearing airbag faults if required.
  23. 2 X 235/40/18 Michelin Sport Tyres 8J x 18 ET57 2 X 295/35/18 Michelin Sport Tyres 10.5J x 18 ET60 They are from a 911. I don't need new wheels or tyres but these look so 😎 Exper opinions welcome 😁
  24. Well done you ! Great price that. And I can tell your genuine excitement 👍 Screw worrying over smashing into the penny jar. Think of all that added interior gorgeousness instead..... Looking forward to pics of it fitted.
  25. Santa’s come early for me - just found and bought a sports design wheel on eBay for £375! 🎅🏻😁 The seller took it off his 2013 991 yesterday to fit an Alcantara wheel. I can’t believe I’ve found one at <1/3 of a brand new one 😮👍🏻 Am so chuffed I’ve finally got a sports design wheel, but oddly also kinda sad at the prospect of now smashing my Porsche Fund penny-pot 🤔😱😢 🤪
  26. I run a pdk but have never had a brake issue, they have a longish pedal, some upgrade to a GT3 brake master cylinder with a bigger internal bore and quicker initial bite if that's your thing !
  27. By the way, has anyone on here owned one with PCCBs? Any interesting views to share? I've also read elsewhere the R is a touch underbraked? Rarely hear that about a modern Porsche.
  28. Thanks all. Yes. Keep them coming! I will follow up where appropriate. The JZM looks nice but I prefer one in non white! Hence the 9E one is not a consideration either - am surprised that is still on the market actually.
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