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  2. GlosRich, I looked at all sorts but wanted something uniquely quick. The RS I found is a Mountune 375bhp, 0-60 in 4.5 secs. It goes like stink, the test drive blew me away. Being the last of the RS, I believe it’ll hold its value well.
  3. Shame I missed that, but probably wouldn't have fitted the R anyhow.
  4. Give 2 years at the most and you'll be back. That Porsche itch has to be scratched one day...
  5. I'm looking at upgrading to r springs due to what should be a subtle drop. May end up changing to b4 or b6's now. This guy on youtube has installed r spring on what looks like oem shocks and looks spot on. This suggests the b8 shocks could be the issue if it does indeed look to low.
  6. Take the 25kg sack of spuds out the frunk... 😉😁👍🏻
  7. You might be right. I'll give it a few weeks and then tweak the camber and see what I think. Other than the added camber (and added LCA length) I can't think of anything that would cause it.
  8. Not totally convinced. If you ignore the arches and just look at the sill gap, to my eye there's quite a bit of rake. As I said, I had my own issues in this area with my gen one and have seen plenty of other reports (mainly on Planet 9), so I personally think there's something going on and that your car is running more rake than an R and is probably lower up front.
  9. It has the standard top mounts. As mentioned though, it is running quite a lot (a little too much at the moment) camber on the front which will make the outer edge of the wheel look closer to the wheel arch edge. With normal camber (~0.75 degrees) the arch gap should look ~15mm higher on the front (so flipping it the other way, it currently *looks* as though it is lowered 20mm on the rear and 35mm on the front). The actual ride height shouldn't be any different (assuming minimal tyre deflection). I'll dial the camber back to ~1.8 at some point. It'll still look a little lower on th
  10. There's something going on re ride height and the front axle of these cars. An R definitely isn't that low and definitely doesn't have that much rake. I had problems with my 987.1 and Eibach lowering springs that came with the B12 kit. The front axle was far, far too low. To me, this car with R springs looks too low up front (for R springs) and has too much rake. Does the R have the same front top mounts as the 'standard' 987 models? What top mounts does your car have, Lenny?
  11. Sounds like a reasonable compromise. With the Cayman being only a 2 seater, its always a 3rd car if you have kids or need to take more than one passenger. Have you looked at the Civic Type R, they are a fair bit cheaper at a similar age?
  12. Last week
  13. Thought I’d close this discussion out with a bit of a left field! After some discussion we as a family have decided against another third car and opted instead to trade in the wife’s ST for a 2018 RS Edition. Gives me a fun car to drive and take on track and is practical enough for her needs. Thanks for all the input you’ve given, pretty sure I’ll own a cayman one day in the future.
  14. Well the car is sold, sad to see her go tbh, but I just don't have the time or funds to fully restore her to my standards. Got a Stormforce 4 layer outdoor cover available and a boot tray if anyone is interested, message me.
  15. Selling my Stormforce 4 layer outdoor cover if anyone is interested, message me.
  16. Using a bit of trig, I've worked out that the front 'looks' 15-20mm lower than it actually is.its a bit of an optical illusion but this should give you an idea on what it'd look like without the camber (I assumed 0.75 degrees as my baseline)
  17. A friend in England is also looking for an R and will be starting a thread soon....if anyone's looking to shift one
  18. I've had the R for two weeks now It really is a cracking road car. Lots of little mods you can't appreciate until you own one. I've sorted the PSE always On mod....10min job
  19. I have powerflex camber bushes (they came as part of a kit) which push the coffin arms out. They're actually really good... I just wasn't expecting that much when I told them to "max out the front."
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