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  2. Thanks. I don't doubt your experiences for one second. However - there's so much difference in opinion of volume needed on the internet though; it's quite frankly frightening ! This is from a moderator of another Porsche forum in reference to changing the oil on a 2007 Cayman 2.7: "The amount of oil you can fill til the display shows 4 segments - depends on the time that you have to let the engine dripping out. The work-shops have no much time; and they fill approx. 8.00 L - 8.25 L ( they have also the PIWIS tester to check the level ). If you do the job by your self and you let the engine dripping, let's say overnight, you can fill approx. 8.75L. starting witch 8.50 L." ****And believe it or not - that's not the highest volume i've seen quoted either ! **Back to mine......after draining overnight i had just over 7 litres go in; to still read 1 bar low from the correct fill level on the gauge. Bearing in mind its supposedly around 400ml needed to top up between lines on the gauge - I don't think i can possibly be more than 400-500ml over absolutely worst case. But again........my gauge now reads that the level is 'perfect' with right around the 8 litres it has in it 😏 ?? The only way i'm going to clear my head is to dump some oil / remove the filter housing as suggested; and to top-up small amounts at a time (giving time to drain down between checks). Which i'm going to do this weekend hopefully...... Cheers again.
  3. Needless to say be careful with this. Over filling can be harmful. When I did an oil and filter change earlier this year it took just under 7 litres, and this filled it to the top little line and not the top of the window, this is correct in my opinion, that top little line is there for a reason. When my oil is hot, (due to expansion) the gauge shows to the top of the window. Your concern should be that when your oil is hot the gauge will not show any more than the window, If you think there is about 8 litres in there then you need to drain about 1-1.5 litres approximately. Good luck...
  4. Get the socket that fits the filter cap and it's much easier to remove with an extension or two to give your ratchet room.
  5. Have you checked after the engine is up to temperature what the reading is? These dials are a nightmare mine is super sensitive I was convinced my garage was completely flat until I got my Cayman!!
  6. The oil filter is a bit of a pig to get to.
  7. As for "heel n toeing"....yes! Plenty of that going on now. I'm able to do it pretty much without thinking now, the only time I really struggle is if the pedal goes long on the brakes and therefore I can't get over to blip the throttle. There's still plenty of room for improvement, but it's very satisfying when you nail it!
  8. Thanks! I was very happy with how the video came out, however I did need to work on it in post production. I've been researching how to improve the quality of video coming out of my GoPro for a while and this was the first attempt, and it's actually a pretty easy process. The camera is a GoPro 6 black, set to 1080p and 30fps. EV is dialled to -1.5 due to the bright sunshine. Then I used a programme called Davinchi resolve and followed this Youtube video (below) to produce the results you see. It's super quick to do once you get the hang of it.
  9. Agreed, I'd be interested to know what equipment was used, its really good quality!
  10. That's the best in car video track day I've seen....clear view of the track, the cabin, instruments, your hairy arms and gauntlets etc....great work. And that track looks epic! Nicely driven of course. Was there any "heel n toeing" going on?
  11. Last week
  12. No guard = American Chopper stylee 🤣 ***I've seen a couple of horrendous accidents happen this way. One nearly life changing. Anyone who use's one frequently has done this at some point. But as mentioned - proceed with caution. Good luck to the OP BTW.
  13. Good idea. I take it removing the oil filter will mean i'll only lose the contents of the housing and thats it ? I've just checked the 2nd 5 litre can of the 10 litres i bought; and it has got exactly 2 litres left in it. Meaning exactly 8 litres have gone in for the oil and filter change. And the car is on the flat in my garage; and the level still reads to the top level indicator.....not overfilled like the picture in my first post. Truly feeling like the Porsche newbie i am tonight 🙄
  14. It's a pig of a job if the bolts have corroded to the arm. Before attempting it take a wheel off and undo the sub frame nut. If the bolt comes out then happy days, if not it will need to be cut out, and it's difficult to get the tools in there to do it. I've done it with a reciprocating sw and 4" battery disk cutter. The disk cutter is much faster method but you need to be well versed in using it because you have to take the guard off to get the blade in there, not to mention not slipping and cutting through something you weren't supposed to! 🤣
  15. IMO if the worst case scenario is that you've put in an extra 500ml, then it really isn't worth worrying about.
  16. Just back from a trip to Spa and the Ring. I'll put a more detailed post up about the trip, but Spa is EPIC. Enjoy!
  17. If you're worried, remove the oil filter and dump the contents. I think that it holds about 250ml possibly more
  18. 400mm between levels I’ve read online Craig ???? I’m not exactly sure. That’s what now worries me slightly. I filled a 1l litre bottle to top up with at home, shot a bit in, left to drain down and was surprised when I came back and it was one the mark’ upon checking. All I’m able to do tonight when I’m home is deduce the total thats gone in from what’s left in the 2nd 5litre can..... **Only good thing about this is i’ve not used the car since !
  19. How much was your own "top up"? I thought each oil gauge "block" represented circa 250-300ml?
  20. 3.2 is Guards too! Can’t wait to get a “couples” shot of the two of them. You on IB.com? Would be great to catch up. Maybe we could organise a meet for CR owners?
  21. Amongst other things my garage changed my oil and oil filter last week. They warmed the car up and left oil overnight to drain..... When I arrived the next day (In a rush to collect and disappear in my dinner hour at work) he’d already got in 7 lites, it was reading one line down from maximum at that point....so rather than wait I said I’d take as is and do the final top-up myself at home. Having now read the approx amount needed to make up 1 level on the electronic display I’m now doubting myself - and the fact I may have overfilled. [I can easily see what’s left in the 2nd 5 litre can tonight to see exactly the volume that’s been put in]. But my question is this: The gauge is reading on the top / correct / max level and I’ve just found some info online showing gauges reading / showing an overfilled level. (Included). Should I be worried / do I need to drain some off and refill more carefully / if it’s now showing the correct level - which it is - am I ok ? ***Feeling slightly stupid and ‘worried’. Info appreciated.
  22. My bet is the switch, there are a few on ebay for sale
  23. Hi Wingnonut, Congratulations , that's a beautiful car, guards red works so well on the R. My Carrera 3.2 is guards red. You have excellent taste in cars! I hope you enjoy it as much as I am enjoying mine. Hopefully I will get to meet up with some of you in the near future.
  24. Fellow Caymanista's My front control arms have been flagged as items needing replacement in the not too distant future so I've procured a pair from Meyle. Anything else worth replacing/doing at the same time? Everything is standard and original as best I'm aware, circa 56K miles now Cheers Craig
  25. Thanks for all your thoughts and insight guys. Remap booked. May still add a Sprint Booster later depending on....
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