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  2. That is still for sale! But how's about this... https://www.pistonheads.com/buy/listing/10552801 ...which, beyond that infamous unicorn S, I think that is the highest 987S I have seen ever for sale over the past few years.
  3. Love it! I wouldn't want it, but that is sensational. WOW.
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  5. I have a really nice 2.9. Really enjoy wringing it out but sometimes feel it lacks a bit of mid range punch particularly when an overtake presents itself in third gear (yes i know could drop down to 2nd). It would probably be circa £6k to change has anyone driven both is there much difference in performance.
  6. How much do Porsche want out of interest
  7. https://www.ashgood.co.uk/vehicle-details/Used-Porsche-Cayman-987-For-Sale-U2588 🤢
  8. That's interesting. When I do a specific search on Autodoc for my 987.2R I just get a load of weird pumps but doing the same for 987.2S shows the Pierburg one you linked too. Their search function is getting confused and I've noticed that happen before. Out of Stock though
  9. https://www.autodoc.co.uk/pierburg/14433304 Is this not it? Autodoc suggesting it for my 2.9 and all other 987.2 cars. May have come up since you searched.
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  11. They have a weep hole (which sounds gross) which will sometimes start to weep before they fail.
  12. Yes, light weeping from the bottom of the engine. Leaves as little puddle in garage. Mines the bearing/shaft I assume as some actually lose the impeller. Maybe better on the gen 2 though. Mine was replaced under warranty at 17k miles and it's done 40k since.
  13. I'd just replace it when it goes. It's not the end of the world and provided that you have recovery, you can just get the car recovered.
  14. Oh dear, reading through that forum makes it sound like the water pump. Is yet another part that should be replaced every x years! Think I'll just wait until it fails - has yours gone or is it preventative?
  15. Just to note I can find several suppliers of the Pierburg pump for a gen 1 but not a gen 2.
  16. Anyone know where to source Pierburg water pump for a 987.2 in UK. Reading thread below, that appears to be the Porsche OE manufacturer. Not seeing them listed for a gen 2 in my usual online spots... Frazerpart, Design911, Autodoc, EuroCarParts... https://rennlist.com/forums/996-forum/1162320-water-pump-recommendations.html
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  18. I had the same issue. OPC prices were rediculous. I managed to track down a used part for peanuts. Fitted it myself, this job is a mahoosive pain in the arse. Be careful not to strip any threads though 😁
  19. Same here, my poor old ECU, must have got a bit of Alzheimer’s, silly sausage!
  20. I have considered Westfields and Caterham's but too low , i'd feel really vulnerable around here as all the roads have hedges and stone walls along them , people cut corners all the time even the big forestry timber wagons. I've actually got a deposit on a Hawk 289 FIA Cobra (kit car) , waiting time is 2 yrs and I'm nearly a year in. Engine is a 302 cu/in (5L) Ford V8 but to be honest i'm loosing interest, my initial excitement has wained and I'm struggling to re ignite the enthusiasm I once had. Someone wanted to swap my Cayman for an 88 3.2 Carrera that was in need of much wor
  21. Wow, I never believe people when they say do that but there you go it can work!
  22. Yes, I was pretty shocked how much of an effect even dropping mine 1.5psi. It was literally a new car when we were pushing hard on B roads. As well as the ambient temp increase and the normal brake disc heat conduction into hub/rims, in the Cayman we've also got the exhaust running through the rear wheel arch and the residual engine block heat too...
  23. Hi went to have my air con checked and looks like I have a leak on one of the pipes from the condenser that goes over the engine then down behind driver its feels and sounds like the pipe is leaking where the rubber hose is crimped - looking on spares page it appears this pipe is over £200 which seems ridiculous I can’t find anything after market - is the oem pipe the only way to go in the U.K. ? thanks Jason
  24. I experienced this at Donnington earlier this week. The sun came out after it was damp and my rear grip started to fade as the temps increased. Dropping the tyre pressures sorted it out nicely.
  25. That sorted it! Thanks, was a bit sceptical cos these things never work, lol. Thanks v much
  26. Slightly off topic, but on a few fast drives in my R over the hot spell I found my rear stepping out more than usual. I did enjoy it but was confused as tyres aren't worn (only running lowly PS2's fitted by previous owner and will switch to PS4S). On my last run in hot weather a week ago, I dropped the pressures all round down by 1-2psi before setting off and it certainly fixed things. The pressure in the tyres had been getting too high on fast B-road runs with the excess heat.
  27. I'm 200 miles away from home on holiday. Mr Amazon Prime is delivering a 10mm spanner here tomorrow, I's arrived at that conclusion earlier. Can't think of what else to do, there's nothing I can find on the net, only similar thing is if the sensor fails, but then you get an error message on the dash. Very odd one!
  28. Do you find in the UK, considering we don't get Artic conditions, well occasionally, do you find the 4S's can stay on throughout the year, for the most part. Or do you only use them in summer months? and if you swop them over what do you recommend for the R? I ask as looking at the temperature stats for the 4S's it seems to be around 30F, which is 0 c. Of course if it was snowing or sheet ice over the road, I'd probably not drive anyway, but keen to get your thoughts as from research it seems the temperature thresholds would, being a global tyre, be more concerning for other countries th
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