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  2. Hi Excellent what a relief😀 it must have been an air lock. Refilling coolant system is a right pain. Keep checking level for a couple of weeks to be sure. Barry
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  4. I installed LEDs in my fog & running light housings in my 2006 CS for something less dim. Unfortunately, those color temp are 6000k whereas the factory low beam HID is 4300k. I've looked at YouTube for replacing the low beam HID bulbs and it appears that they have a small circular base held in by a wire spring clip. I just received 6000k HID low beam in the mail and they have a rather chunky sheet metal aluminum base (1.5 X 1.5 X 1") although just above the aluminum base is a plastic, grooved collar. The bulbs were advertised as direct replacements for an 06 CS with bi-xeno
  5. Excellent info. I'm happy to tackle it myself since I have alternative transport if it all goes a bit Pete Tong. Just discovered a broken rear spring too so I'll add that to my list...🙄
  6. Probably the fields again, in rows, but I've just messaged the venue and asked the question...would be great to have the Church ruins again
  7. Been past it a few times lately and its been closed Obviously we also have cars and coffee place, thats quite a nice place to go on a sunday or evening, as they are open for outside eating and drinking
  8. I see tickets are available So do we know if its back in the normal grounds once again this year, rather than the overflow field like last year? If its back in the grounds then i am in
  9. Hi have finally got cooling system working,ended up lifting valve near header tank running engine at 1500 rpm for 20 minutes system now working
  10. Conti SportContact 2 & 3 were great on my various BMWs. Newer versions just as good but wear in half the time. My original 981 PZero fronts were faulty and Pirelli paid for GY F1 A2 to replace them. The fronts developed splits on the inside all the way around 5mm from the rims. Goodyear have declared them faulty and refunded the appropriate amount less wear. Now of PS4S all round - hopefully better luck this time!
  11. Those error messages are standard/common when the battery supply has been interrupted... Starting & driving a few yards resets the system... No issue here...
  12. Hi Went for a drive today since having my battery replaced (as per the thread below). When I turned the key it came up saying: Drive Off Assistant Failure and another said PSM fault. I then figured I'll drive it around the block. Then switched it off. Then back on again and the error messages didn't show. Then went for a drive, no errors, came home, switched off, back on, no errors. So could it be just an oddity with the new battery replacement? can it do that? Best regards Julian
  13. How are we doing with confirmed attendees guys and girls? I've booked in so look forward to seeing you all there on the day! EVENT TICKETS A reminder for those who haven't yet booked your ticket, the link is https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/126891896077/ EVENT T-SHIRTS And for those who want a souvenir of the day and to really turn up in style, the event t-shirts are available here for purchase https://the-piston-works.creator-spring.com/listing/cayman-r-10th-anniversary?product=387
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  15. Yip did that. The ball came with the arm! The rattling makes sense now.
  16. You can pop the ball connector off the valve actuator ‘pivot arm’, but first you have to remove a small pin/clip that ‘traps’ the ball connector onto the actuators pivot arm.
  17. I’ve just replaced one of my actuators on the drivers side of my 987 Gen II as it felt seized and also had the rattle one of you guys also had. More annoyingly it seemed to be stuck on quiet mode. Frustratingly however I’ve noticed the removing the old actuator has taken the small ball like part with it that presumably opens the valve inside the exhaust! Presumably this part can’t be fixed? Cheers
  18. Craig: I bought some cheapies advertised as 6k ‘Bright white’. And a pair of these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/264026610242 They are going in Tuesday along with a few other bits. Ill get before and after pics buddy and let you know which ones worked out 👍
  19. Thanks Ben I found a guy breaking a couple of Porsche 987’s and he had 2 at £50 each Scott
  20. Am after the same upgrade S Man, let me know how you get along!
  21. Sounds like the 2.7 will fit the bill just right for you, whether 5 or 6 speed. I love my S, do 2-3 track days / yr, give it a spanking once warmed up, and don't lose a nights sleep re IMS/RMS/B Score/getting struck by lightening the sky falling on my head etc. All are great cars, drive a 2.7/2.9/3.4 against each other and you'll likely feel the difference, but not feel shortchanged whichever you decide on. Test drive LOTS.
  22. I went the DMS route a few years ago down here, bespoke maps and own rolling road, I sense checked the numbers with Regal Motorsport not long after (also on the coast near Southampton, also have their own rolling road), numbers pretty much bang on (post Carnewal GT install)
  23. Am looking forward to this (so long as none of you spit on my lowly S......😁
  24. This date seems to have dropped off their events calendar with the first event now being 17th May in line with COVID restrictions lifting for pubs & restaurants. so the next first porker night is 31st May 😕
  25. sadly am now pulling my hair out. left hand radiator gets hot however right rad and centre rad remain cold temp reaches 117c front fans blowing full bore seem to keep it there . anybody know where i can get a layout of the cooling system pipe work as local porsche people are not very helpful (not responding to my requests for help) mick
  26. That's correct mate. It is where the 2 pipes from the compressor meet the long fixed pipes that run under the car front to back. The pipes themselves are ali on each end and rubber in the middle. The larger bore pipe is the return pipe and the thinner one is the pressure pipe - this is the usual culprit, they leak where the rubber and ali are crimped and you will see UV dye running down this pipe. Replacement is not for the faint hearted and can be expensive (see my thread) I ended up doing it for £25 + the re gas I would imagine a specialist would charge 2-3 hours labour (too
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