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  2. Been thinking to get a steering wheel extender for a while but been put off by the price of the Carnewal and 9products offerings (over 500GBP) Then I found this unit made by engineering manufacture Girol (GiacomoRS on rennlist) -- they make rotary bushings / joints for industrial use so that sound pretty solid to me. http://www.girol.it/porsche/ Units seem well engineered and produced and comes at a much more attractive pricing (280EUR shipped) Gives about 2" extension on top of the max achievable from standard. Original thread on rennlist with pics and specs https://rennlist.com/forums/parts-marketplace/989453-steering-wheel-spacer-for-oem-steering-wheel-with-airbag-2.html
  3. Today
  4. 2 days until our next breakfast meet! Our Designated Car Parking Area at Shuttleworth will be Coned Off & Signage has been created to guide you from the entrance at the venue. Weather still looking great! See you there!
  5. Well, essentially its number of posts that drives the forum ranks, which honestly is just a bit of fun, but does help other members understand who are the most active contributors. Ranks are; Newbie Member >10 Established Member >50 Senior Member >250 Distinguished Member >500 After that you're into the 'Gold' ranks, and the titles are a secret
  6. Hey all So some of you guys might have come across my European Driving Tour survey I posted back in July. Anyway I've finally put together an itinerary for the tour on my website. The plan is to have a diverse mixture of cars, and I'll be pushing it across as many cool car forums as poss. So please share if you think anyone might be interested. https://www.theblackrunrally.com/europe/ If anyone has any questions - feel free to hit me up on here or email me on blackrunrally@gmail.com Unfortunately I'm not a Cayman owner - but think they are awesome! Anyway hope I can get to see at least a couple of Caymans and if anyone has a GT4 - you have to come on this rally! Thanks guys
  7. Oops sorry for delayed response - must turn on my notifications! Unfortunately I had to cancel - the dates didn't work for most as I originally planned it as a Friday, Saturday and Sunday run. Anyway this was only meant as a warm up run to better understand what people wanted from the driving tour - as the main run is for Europe next year in June. I've just updated my website - www.theblackrunrally.com - with European tour itinerary. Let me know what you think if you have a spare min
  8. Yesterday
  9. Dark navy blue, you’ll look beautiful, come on put your name down 😉
  10. Easy to install... Roughly 10mins once you've got the wheels off!!
  11. Just bought the GT3 master cylinder... Not had chance to fit yet but I'll post up my thoughts once fitted 😉
  12. @MarkGTS Booked on for the "afternoon" session on 24th October ;-)... You going?
  13. Only interested in the Black tbh... Makes me look slimmer
  14. Beanoir Let us know when you need the cash. Will go radio silent from Sunday for a week. Off to NYC. Timing a shame as wanted to go to Shuttleworth. Going to PGB south meeting on 28th if anyone's attending
  15. I had mine done by a local specialist for about £300 - not easy to do unless you know what you are doing. They had to cut some of the bolts off (some rust into place then rust away giving the exhaust rattle)
  16. Question I've been meaning to ask for ages. Does anybody know the forum ranks, i know there are a number of, what look like small Fuchs wheels? But how do we achieve them etc?
  17. Some very good reading about rotors and all things brakes... https://www.zeckhausen.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=6446_6514 https://blog.firestonecompleteautocare.com/brakes/5-brake-myths-busted/ http://www.stoptech.com/technical-support/technical-white-papers/brake-system-and-upgrade-selection
  18. Last week
  19. The one I ordered are the Ferodo parts Here you can see fitment is across 996/86 and 997/87 model range https://www.ferodo.co.uk/catalogue/7472/ferodo/premier/braking/brake-disc/ddf2020rc-1.pd.html
  20. Anything come of this? Will there be an article?
  21. What would be helpful is visibility of the legal case referred to in the article. Its referred to elsewhere on this forum somewhere. The plaintiff won several thousand from Porsche as a result. It was with regards to the ‘safety’ implications for the flat-spot in the Rev range supposedy to aid emissions that many of us bemoan. Any legal eagles amongst us that can search and access U.K. case histories... 🧐
  22. thanks dudes. i‘m still on the list.
  23. They seem to have part numbers that start with ‘986’, are you sure they’re right for a 987... 🤔
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