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  2. Emissions results from the MOT last week. No struggles to pass at all.
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  4. this one has appeared again. Listed wrong as a 718 https://www.pistonheads.com/buy/listing/10567965
  5. Thanks all for the replies, plenty to go at.
  6. I have a Cayman GTS with Sports suspension. This is what OPC set it to last time they aligned her.981C GTS alignment spec.pdf
  7. Although Centre of Gravity is great, it just doesn't make any sense (my opinion) to use them if you have stock suspension. They won't be able to use the skills on anything....pointless. Plus they aren't cheap. Near them there is A-Line, a chap who worked at the Lotus Racing team, no need to book, he does an incredible job on stock suspension for a fraction of the price! Just my 2 cents....
  8. I don't know the specs, although I suspect there's not much adjustment on the front anyway for camber that is (tends to be where most people make adjustments from OEM). You're not too far from Centre Gravity (North of Birmingham), that would be my highest recommendation for a geometry set-up, they are the best in the business.
  9. Hi I’m struggling to find online the OEM spec for the 981 GTS with the Sport Chassis option. If anyone has it to hand or a link, I’d be very appreciative. Also, if there’s a non-OEM spec which people have enjoyed, would love to hear that too. I’m not after anything extreme or lairy, just nicely balanced with a good turn in. In a similar vein, I’m also hoping for recommendation for somewhere to do the work in South Yorkshire, or surrounding counties. Last but not least, also looking for a specialist recommendation, in similar area, for general mai
  10. Yeah, there hasn't been a decent manual R with buckets since about Oct I think so the waiting list is growing. I know at least two lads personally after one and they have the cash waiting.
  11. A little surprised PCGB are marketing their track days already given current uncertainties, but they’re refundable in the event of COVID cancellation 🤷‍♂️ I want something petrolheady to look forward to and I loved Silverstone last year so didn’t want to miss out this year before it fills up. 🏎🤪👍🏻
  12. Everdays a school day 😁 I never knew that, yet it makes complete sense - very interesting. 😯 now we just need to employ a bunch of Nanas to knit us all seat covers🪡🪡 😉👍🏻
  13. Yes a used one to have a play with and most likely make mistakes on, ( measure twice , cut once, swear three times ), is probably the way forwards..
  14. Last week
  15. 'Shaving' the foam underside of the engine cover carpet somehow to make it thinner could be another option. Maybe buy one from a breakers to experiment...
  16. Hi Lenny, Yes that's possibly an option I'd pondered and was thinking I could chop a big block of the foam out but in such a way that you could re-insert the block, ( interference or Velcro), when you want it quiter.. However as mentioned the noise I noticed most was the air intake but not in a good way like induction roar. What I need to know is whether removing some foam would bring extra noise but still block out this noise? I will think on and poss have a play about. Cheers
  17. What about a compromise of removing some of the engine cover sound deadening? Ie. Cutting holes (not all the way through) in the foam. This approach would probably allow you to maintain the shape of the cover whilst slightly reducing the deadening. You could also probably save a bit of weight. The cover is pretty heavy
  18. @Edmundo2 Removing the carpet in the rear boot does increase the exhaust note, but get's very hot on track. I recorded 90 degrees once! I remove the engine carpet cover when on track, but put it back again for the drive home to make it a little more bearable. Takes just 30 seconds to do, so easily reversible. Removing some of the sound deadening from the engine bay and surrounds increases mechanical noise a lot, not for everyones taste I'm sure.
  19. Yes I had pondered this..I was wondering if the carpet in the rear boot above the exhaust being removed might bring more desirable noise but to be honest that's not that practical/quickly reversible and starts heading towards race car..The problem I found with the engine cover was that the dominating noise is just a rushing of air which at sedate speeds is just annoying... A bit more mechanical noise from gears and pistons or more exhaust noise would be nice but achieving this without excess road noise or the air intake flow noise becoming dominant is the key for me.. I
  20. Sound symposer is fine. It's real noise. Philosophically no different to sound deadening. Just another tool to tune the real powertrain noises reaching the driver. No different, indeed, from a sport exhaust tuned for a nice noise. As you imply, all of the moderns are very carefully tuned for noise in all regards, including the GT3 models. That fake noise stuff BMW does through the audio system, though, totally agree that's not on.
  21. Its surprising just how much Porsche do control the sound you hear in the cabin. My 991 has a 'sound symposa', which when I first read about it I was horrified it was similar to what BMW and others do, in that it plays pretend engine noise though the car speakers. Thankfully it's not that, it's a relatively passive device which is essentially a tube through from the engine bay to the rear of the cabin, piping in real engine and intake noise to the cabin...now that I can live with, just about.
  22. Kinda depends upon what you want from the car. A 987.1 croc with one or both covers removed is a riot for a short period but would probably get very tiresome for longer drives or if you want to take a passenger (particularly a female one). You would also lose some practicality as you wouldn't be able to use the area above the engine as a shelf and you get water in if you go through a large puddle. However if you've not driven your croc with the cover removed then you should do so at least once!
  23. Not necessarily. In days of yore then leather was only ever used for the chauffeur's seat - the seats in the back for the car owner would always be covered in a wool fabric. No-one with any class or money would sit on leather but it was hard-wearing and waterproof so well suited for people who had to operate the machinery.
  24. Not much for sale on the R front currently? I have a friend looking for a manual R with Recaros. Preference is white, grey, silver, black.. Anyone know of anything coming up or considering selling? Cheers, Ed. PS. He might consider a well modded fast road S also..
  25. Those lower dash parts are the same on 997 and 987, so one could source some 997 GT3 part. Ditto the door cards, bar the main pulls. Would no doubt be expensive. Everything GT3 comes with a silly tax.
  26. Yeah, I've always found when you remove sound deadening cars just sound harsh and thrashy. Tried it on my gen 1 Croc and it just sounded like the engine was going to implode, not nice. With cars like a GT3 with reduced sound deadening, it's still tuned / managed to make sure that the worst of the bad noises are damped. No doubt it's possible to increase the right noises but I think it would take me than just ripping bits out...
  27. Try taking the metal cover off and going for a drive, that’s insanely loud!
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