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  3. Just booked as it’s the nearest, and earliest, non-week day session that isn’t already fully booked 😳 am on reserve list for Bedford GT Cct all-dayer for Sat 6th too 🤞🤞🤞
  4. 9 days postage from China ! Not sure if these are 'quite as good" as the ones i paid £40 or £45 for (?) But if anyone wants them - and to try them out - i'll post these 1st Class to your door for my exact costs (£10 all in for 4 caps) and "you" can then report back to the group maybe.......??
  5. Mine x 2 arrived safely too also thank-you very much Jason. SUPERB ! Nearly free: free-er engine aspiration indeed 😎
  6. Thanks for letting me know Lee 👍🏻 Hope fitting goes without issue, and enjoy the ‘free-er’ engine aspiration 😉
  7. Last week
  8. Whilst in London having a drive around to checks out the sites whilst no traffic is about i stumbled upon Porsche Centre Mayfair and could not resist taking this shot. The polite employees even waited for me to finish a couple of shots before coming out of the doors and complementing the car - Top guys! So happy I upgraded to these wheels!
  9. @GlosRich I think I will do this summer, if COVID19 lets us!
  10. Thanks Gert, will do - I presume I’ll have to get under the car again to get to the Y-splitter 🤔
  11. Check the vacuum lines between the PSE solenoid via the Y splitter to the actuators on the exhausts. If there is a leak, the exhaust will remain loud and/or the actuators start rattling as there is no enough vacuum to shut them
  12. How annoying. I'll take your insolvable exhaust problems in part-exchange for some random alarm issues if you fancy a change ? **PM me if interested 🤣
  13. Bit of an update on this: Both valve actuators (the moving-thingy on each rear silencer just up behind the bumper) have full free range of movement by hand - they have a tendency to stick in one position or other. The ‘push-rods’ from the actuators to the silencers are undamaged and appear connected - these can sometimes snap. The vacuum pump is assumed to be working as it provides vacuum to other systems (eg brakes servo), and these work, so.... 🤷‍♂️ I replaced the Vacuum solenoid switch in the engine compartment with a brand new one from Porsche. During fitting I checked the vacuum draw to/from the 2 pipes connecting to the solenoid and they seem fine (so assuming no holes/leaks in these pipes). so I’m at a bit of a loss now. The only other ‘component’ in the PSE system is one of the electronic control units through which the PSE operation signals pass (under passenger seat I think). ok, so it’s not the worst problem in the world to have that I can’t switch off my sports exhaust, but it bugs me that I have a switchable exhaust that isn’t working 🤨 any thoughts 🤔
  14. Got the car back on Tuesday with a new OE Porsche supplied pump fitted - no leaks / drips, problem solved 👍🏻 Supplied and fitted by DS Automotive in Aylesbury, Bucks (used previously for my clutch replacement last year), a former privateer Porsche race team mechanic, always has unique cars up on his ramps and lots of porkers. http://www.dsautomotives.co.uk/ £560 (incl VAT) comprised of: pump £320 coolant £60 2.2hrs labour £180
  15. Hi all I was off Googling recently (idle fingers make the Devil's work or some such) after recent discussions re the vents, and came across PDP Composites,who seem to have a great reputation in the US and are making some interesting items. The chap kindly sent me a long detailed email and some photos (some jpegs very large so I cannot share here but happy to send on if you PM me, those attached I've cropped right down ) "Our last year in business has been one of the busiest (good and bad) we've had. Demand for products built and support tooling has overwhelmed us to the point we cannot keep up and are back logged 6+ months on many things. The Porsche parts while a small percentage of sales require the most experienced craftsman to maintain the quality of product we sell. At the end February, we made the difficult decision to suspend production of parts for the Caymans and Boxsters with a planned assessment in July. If you wish to check back in Mid August, we should have a good idea of how production will look. A quick check on shipping a Spoiler alone to the UK is around $105.00 and the combination of Spoiler and Side Vents looks about $170.00 USD but need a postal code to obtain a firm cost. Rear Spoiler, Cayman 2006-2012 For painting:US $550.00 (These are either black or gray in color and easily painted at any body shop) Black Gelcoat: $595.00 (High Polish) Carbon Fiber, Plain Weave: $1,040.00 Carbon Fiber, 2x2 Twill Weave: $1,050.00 Side Vents, Cayman and Boxster 2006-2012 For painting: $667.00 (These are either black or gray in color and easily painted at any body shop) Black Gelcoat: $688.00 (High Polish) Carbon Fiber, Plain Weave: $1,040.00 Carbon Fiber, 2x2 Twill Weave: $1,050.00 Front Splitters Cayman 2006-2008 For painting: $505.00 (These are either black or gray in color and easily painted at any body shop) Black Gelcoat: $550.00 (High Polish) Easy Installation* No modifications are required to your car on the Spoiler and Side Vents* Front Splitters do require 1 small hole be drilled inside each wheel well opening* Hardware provided* Install with hand tools* For payment we use PayPal Each part is hand built to order, 5% discount on all parts if you buy two+ items at the same time or if you purchase different parts at a later time No website or catalog but I am happy to send more photos, links to social media or answer any question if you like. Dave Sodergren Precision Design Plastics pdpinc@yahoo.com"
  16. All posted gents, see photo for your Royal Mail track and trace Code highlighted to your Respective post codes. use this link: https://www.royalmail.com/business/track-your-item#/ hope they arrive safely for you all before the wknd. Jason
  17. Awhile back, I bought a pair of gloss black ones from Kyle for my black 987.1 and still remain pleased with them. jD
  18. I think my inbox must be full, I’ll empty it now. All grilles will be in the post tomorrow. Jason
  19. ##For some reason it's telling me you cant accept msgs, so here you go: Craiglm68 Craig Morling 9 Grasmere Rd Poole Dorset BH13 7RH Black Cheers, and great work again Jason
  20. ##Am happy to wait it out and join in with you fine fellows also
  21. Okay just FYI the print out you have is in degrees and minutes. So 1 degree 30 minutes = 1.5 degrees.
  22. I've been quoted £140 from my indi for geo done on a supertracker STR410 computer 4 wheel gizmo
  23. This is a printout of the standard settings that were on the car
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