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  2. Indeed. I think I'm right in saying the Carnewal GT back section I have means the rear x2 cats have been removed. So coupled with the 200cel headers it's as free as you can make it without being straight through...? The improvement the headers made was very noticeable which isn't surprising when you look at the standard design which is horrid. Will be interesting to see what the dyno says...
  3. Here's hoping. Re the exhaust I wanted it loud in a 70's LeMans kind of vibe. I have to say the combo Ive arrived at is just about perfect to my mind. It's fairly quiet at idle but with a noticeable edge vs stock. Theres no booming on the move and you can drive it quietly with relaxed cruising etc by just keeping it in a high gear but it really sings above 4k.. Will let you know how the remap goes..
  4. Not a lot of experience with it myself, but it looks like a cleaning spray and a soft brush to agitate the dirt gently, then a clean microfibre to wipe it off with. https://www.autofinesse.com/en/blog/guides/alcantara-cleaning Its not easy stuff to keep clean, especially in these virus times. My steering wheel is standard leather, I wiped it after the garage had worked on the car on Tuesday, and the wipe was dark brown, took a couple before it was clear, yuk! Why they dont use steering wheel covers I dont know. It was pretty clean before as I cleaned and dressed all the leather a couple of weeks back.
  5. On the money. The exhaust mods will make much more gains than an intake or IPD plenum. There is always the cost of noise with exhaust mods and that can be a problem for some.
  6. Indeed, but valuable informations are always good to have on a forum. Someone could be googling that and learn something new 😛
  7. As per the title, I have gear gaitor and steering wheel in Alcantara and am looking for recommendations for cleaning and protecting. During my reading of various forums prior to buying my car I saw a thread on one of the forums with many opposing views and I'm sure the final view was just soap and water...… but of course now I want the thread I can't find it anywhere. So any real life experiences would be most welcome. Thanks,
  8. Quite a few Porsche specialists around you in Essex, Design911 is one.
  9. OP's car is a gen one, so I was talking about a gen one and indeed specified M97.
  10. That's very handy to know, thankyou for the info. That should help with the search. I see Quaife do a ATB as well.
  11. I wouldn't be waiting for a car with the LSD to show up for 3 simple reasons: - They are rare, like incredible rare! - Stock LSD needs a rebuild every 30K miles (depends on driving style of course) -Simply buy a Wavetrack LSD and have it fitted. Much better than the stock one. You'll spend years waiting for a car with LSD, I was lucky to find it by pure chance! Hope this helps....
  12. Hi Craig, The Black edition is a special based on the S model. Thats the very last of the 987 models, so the price is right up against 981 models there. Its 'all the money' for that I think. I think I would be getting a 981 as its a more modern car, better quality, with more modern interior, but you still have the flat 6 noises. If you look at an independent dealer like Cridfords for example, they have a load of 981 2.7 for a bit less or more than £30k, 2014 cars. Rich
  13. Good luck with the search and feel free to ask any questions on here. Just bear those items in mind I mentioned, or your wallet will take a bashing.
  14. I wouldn't be a car designer now if I hadn't spent my childhood "designing" cars out of Lego 😀 but that doesn't mean I have to stop playing with lego now 😅
  15. Depends: 987.1 and 987.2 have different set ups. 987.1 has 2 cats in the headers and 2 in the catback. 987.2 has all 4 cats in the headers.......so more gains to be had with just headers alone, while on the GEN1 best is change the whole exhaust.
  16. Last week
  17. My understanding is that the headers on the 3.4 are particularly poor, so I think you should be able to make good gains given you have upgraded headers. The other bits I doubt will make any difference, but with a remap I'd be surprised (assuming healthy engine) you weren't getting at least 15hp up top from the headers. I believe the 3.4 has the same heads as the larger M97 engines, so the intake side is pretty good. It's primarily the headers that restrict power at high revs, again I believe. This may contribute to the IPD plenum returning poor results. If the headers are very restrictive, no amount of imrpovement on the intake side is going to do much at the top end.
  18. G'day fellow Croc fanatics. Decided to get another Croc, so am seeking a manual gen 2 3.4. If anyone has been pondering selling, please let me know. Thanks!
  19. Thank for everyone advice I. Realy think about black edition 987 is 28 k to much for 2012 with 24 k miles
  20. We are, but equally there are people who don't want to mod cars and like to preserve them. Look at the 911R prices, basically the same car, the same parts and same amount of metal of a GT3 Touring but for 4 times the price. It's all personal/subjective......
  21. So we're aligned; buy a decent S, mod it up to your hearts/budget's content, and have a hoot!
  22. Lego rocks, for kids of all ages (ie 50+!)
  23. I use pears soap which is ph neutral apply detailing brush wipe off with damp microfibre dries to a good matt finish even on steering wheels, then just seal with sealer of your choice. If it's good enough for your own skin!!
  24. More like a third less, R are about £37K and smiler S are £24K.....but that said if you get an S and add LCAs and coilers and a tune you spend less money and get a much quicker car than the R in my opinion! Black Edition aren't anything special when you think about it...same car...why would anyone pay a premium price over an S is beyond me....
  25. R seem to sell for around £35-40k. S Gen 2 start at £18k upwards.
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