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  2. I nearly bought a 3.4 gen 1 last year but the issues scared me off but fortunately my budget could stretch to a gen 2 this year so happy days ๐Ÿคฉ. I can imagine these chassis are a dream on track! I must give it a go if I'm brave enough! ๐Ÿ™ˆ.Yh the S2000 had its limits but once you knew where the limit was it was such a great car to drive, albeit tiresome on long trips. The Cayman is certainly going to be a great all rounder!
  3. It's definitely the best colour ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love the stealth look! Yes I really enjoyed the auto ZF box I had in my M135i and this one being dual clutch seems even better ๐Ÿ‘Œ
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  5. I have had my 2.7 since October last year. I didn't really want the extra cost and perhaps worry of a 3.4S. It is no faster than my S2000 was but is much more refined which was my goal really. I have not long got back from my yearly Ring trip and it was epic, added bonus of arriving still relatively fresh. Needless to say it has much more grip than the S2000 had, even though my one was properly sorted, albeit standard. Good luck with yours...
  6. Welcome! Basalt black is the best colour. Not that I'm biased or anything like that... I daily an S2K and the Cayman is a different beast - you'll see. Also, PDK is better than manual IMO for two simple reasons: Left foot braking and no heel & toe required. You can concentrate on actually driving (like a go kart, for example) versus trying to do tap dancing whilst driving a car.
  7. Hi buddy, yes I recognise you from the S2ki also . How long have you owned a Cayman? I have missed my S2000 ever since I sold it and hoping this will be even more rewarding to drive ๐Ÿ‘Œ.
  8. Hi mate, welcome. I think I recognise your user name from S2KI. Not been on here long myself. I'm sure you will love it, totally different kettle of fish from the S2000, not as chuckable but much more refined which was what I wanted.
  9. I was under the impression that one of the Thule bar sets fit, not the perfect fit of the official bars, but certainly well enough.
  10. I have the 981 S PDK. The gear changes are instant, whether moving up or down. It doesn't really feel like its out of it's slippers until to you get over 3500 rpm, when in 7th it will do (allegedly) 85mph at around 2700 rpm (hence the 30pmg+ efficiency). Town / daily driving is completely fine with PASM. Over 3500 rpm it's a tamed but still angry beast, plus you can rev all the way up to crazy - 6k plus then in 3rd or 4th it feels like you and car are the same being. I recently drove through fast deserted a and b roads of North Devon and Cornwall, didn't get above 5th gear using sport mode and my paddle shifts, to get (safely) past the tractors and caravans along the straight bits, was the most driving fun I have ever had. then checking the MPG I still had well over 25 across a two hour drive. If you get the chance, definitely buy a 981. Fill it with 99 RON. Keep the sport button on. Worry about your tyre wear, the planet and your wallet tomorrow - after the adrenalin has worn off..
  11. First Post so hello and nice to be here: (background: I have been driving a 2013 981 S PDK for 6 months and completely love it, was supposed to be a 3rd/weekend/dry weather only car but you can't get me out of it) I've got the juddery / lightening of brakes issue when slowing down over about 40 mph - is this likely to be ABS or discs/pads? My car is fortunately under an extended warranty but would like to go along to my OPC with just a little knowledge... Also, I also have the thing where the passenger seat belt rattles both when connected (inside the clip, more of a clicking squeak) as well as when hanging open (definitely a rattle) - is there an insider tip on minimising that? thanks in advance for any guidance.
  12. You are confusing the Gen1 with the Gen2. 95% of the Gen1 for sale are Manual indeed, 95% of the Gen2 for sale are PDK....facts.
  13. Yes, same experience for me. I saw lot of manual but not a lot of PDK. Probably because who bought a PDK would not sell it? ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway, you will not regret it. Personally I would not buy a manual anymore. The gearbox is great.
  14. If you search they are all PDK. Plus regardless of what 's on the market the Gen.2 is when PDK was introduced so people loved it. Manuals are just rarer cars and they all well above 27/28K mark......with just a couple of them under-priced. PDK is good indeed...not my choice tho! Enjoy the car, it's a beast!!
  15. I saw more Manuals than PDK examples when I was looking for some reason... The PDK is a great gearbox but I do see why the manual would be a good choice also. Hopefully I don't regret my decision.
  16. Hello Rich ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for that list. I will forward that on to them to check for me. They are a Porsche and Aston Martin specialist so do all the servicing in house by ex Porsche techs. I have AA gold 6 month warranty also.
  17. If anything MANUAL cars holds the value way better than PDK. Only few manuals were made on the Gen.2 Plenty of PDK out there hence why prices are lower....
  18. To me it sound like a bargain. In black is awesome! Good choice
  19. Hi and Welcome, Make sure you check it for the usual problems, so the dealer can fix it at their expense. Hopefully it has a good warranty. Rattling front suspension, usually the control arms, ยฃ200 a pair plus fitting. Or sometimes top mounts. Check the front fog lamps are perfect as they are ยฃ200 each! Also look through the front grilles and check the aircon condensers are dry, no wet patches, they get damaged by stones, so you may want to invest in some Zunsport grilles to protect them. Also look at the exhaust and check the brackets around the tailpipe aren't cracked and rusted. Coolant pipes at the front can leak at the connections also. Other than that enjoy! Rich
  20. Hello, Andrea. Thank you, itโ€™s a very nice example and I love them in black! Would love a black edition if I had that sort of cash. I will just have to make mine look like one instead. It is a PDK Cayman also so thats why price is a bit higher than a manual.
  21. Hi Childsy, That's a great piece! I really like it. I think that if it is a PDK the price is good, otherwise it seems ok. Average. Anyway, I am pretty sure you will enjoy it a lot. I simply love it. Cheers, Andrea
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