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  2. --------------------------------------------------------------- I only JUST pass the drive-by db limit at Brands (been black flagged a couple times) so I would have no chance at Bedford! 😨
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  4. I would say on you tube. There are plenty of videos. Lucky me, I found a guy who is going to help me to fit everything up and do the coding
  5. Thanks Andrea. A better search of eBay has meant I've found the 4 stalk column and the panels for £331 delivered to me. Not bad. Is there a helpful "how to" guide around?
  6. thanks Adam. I'm having to work on suspension first, engine is come later so will have more time to check it out. Let me know if you manage to make it work.
  7. I found the cruise stalk on eBay (in USA) and the 4 stalks (I did not find just the cruise alone) costed me 200 $ all included. Arriving today. On top of that you have to buy the steering wheel column lower panel. I found that always on eBay USA. Both, top and bottom, paied 74 $ all included. Plus you have to find someone able to do the coding. To a specialist it should be around 80£. I am planning to sell the remaining bits after the mod, so you at the end I’m very far from the quote you got... i will I’ll let you know as soon as I have done all... cheers, Andrea
  8. Hey, after dealing with porsche who have done alot of research even went to the motorsport team. The plenum that is on the gt3 thats meant to take the 82mm throttle body, they dont fit, its a smaller throttle body. So i ended up leaving it for the time being to sort other things out.
  9. This is the second time I've read that the IPD maybe isn't all that its cracked up to be. Did you manage to get the problem sorted? I'm looking to do the same to my 987.1
  10. Anyone taken the plunge on these yet? They come in three stiffness? levels, it would be interesting to try
  11. Can you buy all the parts necessary these days? I'd like to do this myself... My friendly neighbourhood Porsche specialist quoted me £492 which is cheaper than Porsche but would like to save the pennies.
  12. You could try talking to these guys: http://www.clusterrepairsuk.co.uk/repair/make/porsche https://cartronix.co.uk/product-category/manufacturers/porsche/ And see if they can help with a 987...
  13. I'm at Bedford on the 1st April if you fancy it?
  14. Well, something happened because it's started working again. There was a little flicker and it sprung back to life. I think it's a bad solder joint. I've decided to wait for it to totally fail or flicker beyond my patience before I do something about it. Problem solved (until it reappears).
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  16. Thanks for the info, I was about to email PCGB about this as I couldn't find the reference to it on their site anymore. Won't bother now! Shame, as it seemed like a good perk.
  17. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Didn't realise it was an R 🙌 ... Good luck!
  18. He's referring to the "Vehicle Features" tab listed on Lutterworth web page! Just generic spec info I assume but doubt that is hindering a sale? As said above it's at the high price point for a 2.7 despite its low mileage & niche colour. I'm sure it'll sell eventually?
  19. Not sure what your saying? its not got red calipers or S badging? or claiming to be an S in any way? just totally factory standard, not a mark on it? I drove many caymans including S models before setteling on this one (didnt choose an S with higher milage due to bore scoring issues) and an only selling due to a bargain 981 i couldnt say no to.
  20. Spec implies Cayman S which it is not! Red calipers, Cayman S door guards etc... Would attract people thinking they are getting an S but then put them off.
  21. __________________________________ Come say Hi then fella... I'll be in my Lapis Blue CS (prob the only one in that colour lol) I've also put a post in the Track Day Chat sub section about this "No Race Car Evening" Be great to have a few of us there?
  22. Booked on for the open pit lane evening sessions. Anyone else going to be there? Julian... https://www.msvtrackdays.com/car/?&page=4
  23. I did a "Porsche Only" day at Brands with 911.UK in August... There were still plenty of spaces on the day too... I was in awe of quite a few GT3 RS's 😵 My CS held its own however ( was quite surprised that a few drivers there seemingly forgot they were at a race circuit & were taking the corners at Paddock, Druids & Clearways like they were off to do their shopping!! 😳) I did get a tad over zealous in the 1st session & lost the rear going into Druids (too much trail braking) 😄
  24. Nick Looks like I am out of date. Data protection that old chestnut😁
  25. I believe Porsche stopped issuing them at the end of last year Daz under the auspice of ‘data protection to the original owner’ PCGB members were up in arms about it as it was a club benefit they feel they paid for.
  26. I believe PCGB offer vehicle authenticity certification as part of membership.
  27. Yes track 'only'. I only ever brake very hard! 😆 I've had DS1.11 on lots of cars and never experienced the same problem, (It happened mid way through a track day). Now I've swapped pads all is well, zero fade, even on longer stints.
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