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  2. Old topic resurrected, but I had the same issue. You can buy a new OE scuff plate from Porsche or similar - I got mine from 9 Apart if I remember correctly, for around £50. Straight forward if a bit time consuming to remove the stuck down old sill (hairdryer, patience and brute force required) but a 2 second job to stick the new one in place. Looks good as new now.
  3. CAR magazine has used the piece we assisted with a few months back in 2018 and used one of our member's cars for the shoot. Always good to see exposure for the club - it's in the Feb 2019 issue if anybody is interested Thanks to @Junky for turning up with his yellow beast!! 👍
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  5. this is a great thread and very helpful my heart wants a 987.1 S but my brain is screaming about the IMS and scoring -- I am giving back a car that I was paying good money for to only do 5000 miles in 3 years so I want to keep the cost down where ever possible and not tie up cash I looked at a 987,1 S special edition with 40k on the clock for £18k yesterday from a specialist - it really ticked all the boxes.... he keeps phoning me to take it for a drive I worry if I buy a 987.2 non S I will always be thinking if I did the right thing
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  7. thanks @Dougle_turbo I will look at doing that.
  8. @Dougle_turbo At Brands hatch with no baffles it was over 104db, with baffles and shifting at 6.5K its 98db. Will do Bedford one day as it isn't too far. I think I met that guy at the Cayman meet at Caffeine and Machine, going to give the video a watch I remember his car sounded good. Tyres - I fitted 245 Toyo R888 on mine and because the car is quite low it was rubbing the wheel arches at the bottom of Paddock hill bend at Brands Hatch. Even with > 2.7 degrees of negative camber it was a bit of an issue rubbing. I loved the sharp turn in and front end grip and never experienced lift off oversteer. Maybe that was because I don't turn in to a fast bend lifting off as it unsettles the balance of the car. I went down to 235 Too R888R and they feel better. So going to a slightly narrower front tyre was probably the best for my setup with 275 rears.
  9. @pstarkey I have the deep sump kit from Design 911 fitted to by Cayman and works a treat, I haven't seen the one from Porsche shop before so can't comment. So far its done 20+ track days on semi-sicks/high Gs and all is good. Just keep changing the oil regularly. The sump is a piece of cake to fit and only took a hour or so.
  10. Yessir ! We still sell the GT exhaust as exchange system and as straight purchase for those that have a bad exhaust. I don't know if this was already posted on this forum :
  11. Hi Gert - you still doing the GT Exhaust for the 987.1?
  12. @Dougle_turbo I've still got the 4 Mich Pilot SS tyres but I'm keeping them as spares 😃 There are a few part worns on eBay though...
  13. @Dougle_turbo It's all to do with engine placement imo... Like I said I found the 245 fronts created too much lift off oversteer for the mid engined set up... Conversely I have 245/265 on my 350z GT 313HR but as it's a FR set up i.e front engine/rear drive it's more balanced with that stagger. In this clip its clear (to me, anyway) that the 245 fronts created too much lift off oversteer... I've not had the same issue with the 235 fronts!
  14. Interesting...so they did give you a lot more front end grip. have you still got the 245s?
  15. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I had 245 Mich Pilot SS on the front of my Cayman S.1 (265 rears) but I found they gave too much lift off oversteer... I went back to 235 front (swapped to Yoko AD08R all round) giving much more balanced stagger imo...
  16. I'm also interested in the 245 front tyres he's put on. Any thoughts on that?
  17. That's a baffled sump... Best "cheap"option to go for if doing a fair few track days imo (fit an Accusump if you have deeper pockets) I had a baffled wet sump in my Fireblade engined MK Indy kit car which is a must if taking to the track... Don't really think an extended pick-up is needed as the baffled sump is more about keeping the oil from "surging" which increases the chance of oil starvation due to cornering/braking G's...
  18. Not sure if I should post this here or in the technical section but here goes. I am new to Caymans and have recently purchased a 987 Cayman S 2006, plan to do a few track days so have been looking at a few mods including a deeper sump to prevent any oil starvation issues and ordered the Brey Krause kit from Porscheshop; https://www.porscheshop.co.uk/deep-sump-oil-pan-kit.html What I have been sent by them is this kit; https://www.porscheshop.co.uk/deep-sump-pan-oil-baffle-kit-1ltr-996-997-carrera-boxster-cayman-1997-2009.html which looks far more substantial, but there was no extender included for the oil pickup, which did not seem correct to me, surely you want the pick up to be deeper into the oil? The comment from Porscheshop is with the extra baffles in the sump it does not need the extender for the pick up, however the same deep sum Design 911 are selling looks to have an extender with it; https://www.design911.co.uk/fu/prod6303/Deep-Sump-Oil-Pan-Kit-Porsche-996--997---Boxster-986-987--Cayman/ Anyone got any experience of fitting the kit I have been sent and if it needs the extender or not? Don't want to risk oil pickup on this engine so need to get this sorted before fitting anything.
  19. Thats a shame, i didn't realise yours was so loud! It's a great track for pushing the limits of grip. How many DB is your car? Came across this on youtube the other day. Not a sure about the presenter, but the car sounds incredible.
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  21. Some great Christmas pressies there guys! I got Lego
  22. @Dougle_turbo I can't do Bedford due to the noise limit, even with the extra baffles I will just get black flagged instantly.
  23. @Mavrik I'm afraid so yes its sold.
  24. Great to have you 'officially' on-board with the OC Gert, many thanks for your contributions and support! 👍
  25. Bradley Ralph cayman 981 L
  26. Thought you'd all appreciate (in lieu of the actual things arriving!) the print mock-up with the label in etc.
  27. I had to do this on mine a few weeks ago when I fitted the short shift kit. In the end I had to do it once the shifter was off the car. I could only get it free by holding it upside down and hitting it with a rubber mallet and some penetrating oil. If I were to do it with the unit in situ again I'd tape a pulling hammer to the gear knob and use that to tap it free.
  28. Can you squeeze Bedford in on the 28th? I'm itching to get out and can't wait till March! 😆
  29. @Mavrik many thanks. Yes, I have seen that video and also tried the wedge but nothing. I even had one leg either side of the console to try and get enough leverage to pulling power, feels like a forged single piece! haha I don't believe it has been removed before on my car. Just wondered if there were any other tips.
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