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My old R and the 2 current rides old and new.


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Less involving, feels very solid though.

Might even say I prefer driving my Spyder for fun at weekends but only roof off when the suns out :-)

not really used the GT4 enough to see if I want to keep it long term yet.
It's a mega car but maybe too good to enjoy to the full, if you know what I mean.

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I do miss it, a great car with the perfect amount of feedback.


But I have the Spyder which has even more (tweeked), so owning 2 cars the same for 2.5 years I was after a change.


The GT4 is mighty as most know, but still not 100% sure about it yet.

If I kept the R I would have spent £8k on it to fine tune it to me and having done that with the Spyder again did not want 2 cars the same.


On track the GT4 will mullor the R with it's big foot print and more torque but then you can say the same with a 911 Turbo S with cups, that is faster than a 991 GT3 !

The R is the right BHp and speeds for the roads, hence it's now sort after as a driving machine.


what will the future bring, maybe for me no porkers ! I might go more hardcore for the weekend and even more soft for the daily, but the 2 cars I have in mind are not for sale yet so test drives to come in 2016.
ATM the GT4 the 987.2 tweeked Spyder and my new Audi TTS are working well for my needs. but I would like to get back to 2 cars not 4 !

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I'm sure it'll take a while to get used to it, I found the 981 in general to be quite different to the 987 anyway, the GT4 I imagine is another level of different. 


Any plans to take it on track?

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13 hours ago, DKR_77 said:

I thought the mods were on the Spyder...?  Either way, quite interesting to hear more.  


I mod everything :-) factory restrictions are a pain in the arse, why people keep oem is a wonder to me :-)

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