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Welcome aboard!


With me it was a lot of persuasion... of my other half!


I was a little nervous as I'd gone from my 9 year love of my 330ci MSport Cab, to a crap E350 Cab, to a rather dull TTS, in the space of 21 months. Would the Cayman 981 live up to my expectations. YOU BET!!!!! :)


Crazily good car. I was stuck for 2hrs on the M6 the other night, stop start traffic. MPG came down to 19mpg average at one point. But, after driving 70 miles to Brum and back it ended up at 35mpg for the trip. Mad to have such a good engine and economy at the same time. 


Garage-wise, every time I open the door I wonder if it will be there or if I imagined it!


The DB7 had the same special "event" feeling, but after it had hissed pints of rainwater over me ankles for the third time it had to go. Nice looker, but nothing in the handling dept.


This Cayman's a keeper!!

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3 hours ago, M999PSW said:

A forum dedicated to a great car and I Just found it by accident .


After motorbikes, some classic cars, 2 TVRs and a Z4 I thought I would try a Cayman and bought an ex demo Gen11 from Guildford OPC. 18 months on I saw the GTS and with little persuasion ordered one. Its just over a year old now but I can't think of a better fun car to have in the garage. 


Welcome! :)


May I ask how you found us, if by accident? 



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I do frequent Pistonheads, and have done for years, but I am not much of a keyboard warrior in comparison to some of the members. It was a post about a January meet that gave me the link.


I am going to try and make the February one!


I will have a go at uploading some pictures over the weekend.



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