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15mm and 7mm spacers

Nail it

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Brand new 15mm and 7mm spacers that I got for my GTS, but sold the car before I got a chance to use them.

comes with longer bolts for front and rear, which I have painted the heads satin black 


£150 plus p&p


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43 minutes ago, Red Square Images said:

Do you know whether they will fit a 987


Kev - I looked into it and the centre spigot diameter for the 986/987/981 are all the same, 71.5mm so yes they should fit given that the PCD on all modern Porsche wheels are also the same.  


The 7mm would be well worth sticking on the front of the R :) 


I was tempted to get these for the Boxster but i'll be getting rid soon so no point really. 


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Are these still for sale Duncan, I missed the other thread, i'll unlock this one if so? (and a free bump) 



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