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Easier to drive quickly , the front end on the 996 took some getting used to ,similar performance which figures as they are near identical weight and power , I am only using as weekend toy so will take some time to to discover its limits , made my business car feel like like driving a settee..

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Nice wheels, and the wheels too! They look sort of minilite-ish. Do you know their model name?


What's with the profile name? A previous folly perhaps?

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10 hours ago, Astonmartin said:

Yes they are 19 " thanks for the info optimum size for me retain some ride comfort ..


You're welcome! They're nice wheels.  


Have you got PASM?

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2 hours ago, Astonmartin said:

No just PSM I think is it worth having?



Well I don't have it and i've got 19s on mine and even harder suspension so IMO, no!  


I was just wondering, most say you need PASM for 19s to be acceptable ride quality, but I don't but it personally.  


It's a lovely looking car by the way, a little bit individual which is nice to see.  Be good (like the others have said) if you can make it down to the meet at the end of the month.  

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