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Re map or boost chip ?

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hi all 

I’m pondering on the idea of either a remap or trying one of the boost type chips that plug into the throttle 

has anyone had experience of either ?

I’m driving a 2006 2.7 987.1 

Carnewal gt exhaust 

k & n air filter 



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I had mine mapped and I was genuinely surprised how much of a difference it made.  


I'm running exhaust, intakes and the map on my 2.7 and it happily sits beside my friends S all day.  



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Hi Scott, I've the same set up on my 57 reg CS (have to get the breathing right 1st!), and went with a remap from DMS near Southampton (I'd steer clear of any of those instant "pop in a chip and hey presto" type deals...plenty of reputable mapper out there). Mine has been on the dyna at both DMS and Regal Motorsport, both came back almost identical re 310-313 hp at the wheels (the multiplier for "at the flywheel" sits b/w 1.12 and 1.15 I believe).

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Mines the 2.7 but your right 

I’ve asked around and I’ve found a guy that remaps bespoke for the car writing his own software he did say the gains won’t be huge but throttle response and acceleration will improve  

AutoMark in Stokesley

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I had mine done recently at Regal in Southampton and am very happy with the results. Remember that without a turbo the gains won’t be massive and it always helps to have done the intake and exhaust mods first. 

The key is how the car drives and the increase “below the curve” are what you really feel - more than absolute power at max revs. 

I’d recommend Regal but as long as it’s a “bespoke” tune (not a chip in a box) you should be happy. 

Another bonus is you can write in extra noise on the over run if you like that sort of thing 😁

good luck !


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