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This is what your Cayman GT4 can do...

Uncle Dave

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It's a point to point measurement on the Nurburgring.  Most people measure their laptime from 'Bridge to Gantry'  but sometimes people measure from slightly different points on the track.  The Corvette's quicker laptime could be explained by it having to travel a slightly shorter distance than the Cayman


Better explaination here - http://bridgetogantry.com/2/index.php/nuerburgring-guide-by-btg/46-guides/180-what-does-bridge-to-gantry-mean

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2 hours ago, PhilCS said:

Those Corvettes are not to be underestimated just because they're 'yank tanks', they're quick! 




Straight line quick, yes. But going round corners quick? Who knew!?

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4 hours ago, DJMC said:


Straight line quick, yes. But going round corners quick? Who knew!?

You obviously havent been in a z06. You're completely wrong to assume that most of the american muscle isn't capable of going "round corners" Z06's are very very very capable machines 

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No, I knew they had come on some recently. Just didn't expect them to be faster than a Porsche! Guess it's the power that wins out.


We had a laugh when we arrived in Florida in 2014. For the previous 16 years we always had the kids with us so rented an "I4" typical 4 door saloon...yawn. Every year the rental person would say "Can I get you an upgrade on that?" and every year I'd say "No thanks."

This time, for the first time with no kids, at the Alamo desk at Sanford, instead of saying "no thanks" I said "what do you have?"

"I got the black Camaro out there (pointing)." 

So that's what we had for an extra £90 for two weeks. What fun! We drove down the east coast, having found an "oldies" radio station which had just about every cruising track you could think of. Absolutely idyllic.


But I did notice the HUGE profile tyres and the wallowy ride. Still, the Americans have a weird respect for the Camaro and we found people gawping at it as though it was a Porsche! And they're not uncommon over there. Must be its iconic status, and it's quite a sharp looking motor.


Example pic...


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