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1 hour ago, CaymanDave said:

Does anybody know?  


Have you tried your OPC? Maybe phone the three nearest and see what they say? Let us know too.


However, I believe the T20 Medium Tank replaced the "Sherman" M4, so perhaps one of those would be a more appropriate upgrade?

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On 9 February 2016 at 19:35, CaymanDave said:

Does anybody know?  


I spoke to the Nottingham Centre and they're more than happy to take a deposit for one but they don't have any pricing or spec details yet.

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So, not yet is the official line - like you say happy to take a deposit but won't confirm.  


Anyway, the point is redundant...because I placed a deposit on a new 981 Cayman GTS in Carmine Red - I had originally specced a Cayman S but when I went to the OPC they said with the options i'd specced (Sport Design Package, -20mm suspension, Sport Exhaust etc) that it would actually be a better deal to just get the GTS!  


Can't wait!!! :D

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Carmine red is THE red to have I reckon. I saw a GTS in this colour at an OPC a few months back. The Guards Red car next to it paled in comparison.


Carmine really is "lipstick" red.


If -20mm does away with the standard GTS PASM altogether, as I believe it does, consider that you're throwing away a £300 difference in option cost AND that PASM is the best option I stumbled across in my used 981. I'd test driven four 981's with standard suspension and found them to be a little crashey at low speed round town, but better than my TTS, so found the ride acceptable. The car I bought just happened to have PASM and I really notice the difference in day to day driving, as well as when pushing on in Sport mode. If I were speccing a car PASM would be my first option.

BUT... you may be after an out and out track type ride in which case the -20mm Sports Chassis may be the one. Have you tried -20mm Vs PASM back to back?


Here's a view of why, like you say, the GTS can be cheaper than the S (Ooooh, nice colour combo!):



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