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Which Oil for higher milage/older caymans

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Okay guy/girls I'm after a bit of info here.. My Cayman is coming up for 10 years old in March and this will be the first servicing I have had to do (purchased car in sept 15). I went to OPC Nottingham to ask for a price for the 10year major and asked what oil they use to which they told me Mobil 1 new life 0w-40, it's the stuff that's recommended on every web site and was what I expected and what I have topped it up with. (I did nearly faint at the price of there servicing, I wanted a service not a new car).


After that I have contacted a few reputable indie people and the results were as follows


cavendish Porsche, Revolution porsche, zentrum  - mobil 3000 X1 10w-40

amb Porsche - Mobil 1 new life

virgin911 - recommend either but favour 3000 for higher milage cars as its slightly thicker.



Whats you opinion (only if you have a higher milage car +50k) or experiences of what there service people use. 


I realise for you guys with newer 981 variants you will use Mobil new life 0w-40.


Thanks guys/girls looking forward to your responses.

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I do realise this is all very subjective and oil threads are always full of advice. Your not the only one to say that millers nano oil is about the best. I have read this before, I believe most of the Porsche endurance teams use this. 


Mines has just clocked 52k miles and since buying it 6 months ago at 44k miles, I must admit I spend an Inordinate amount of time looking for symptoms and feel it's a case of when not if the motor fails.. To the point where it has effected my enjoyment of owning it.


When I first bought the car, not via OPC, I purchased a warranty wise policy, but upon reading the T & C and reading reviews it's quite clear if anything major failed then the chances of getting them to pay out were nearly nothing, especially since a load of extra clauses come in at 10 years or 100k miles (mines 10 years old in March). 


To that end, I just run the risk and if it goes pop in the two more years I plan to keep it then I will have to spunk he cash on hartec fixing it and will then have to keep it for a long time (not really an issue after hartec fix it.


Ultimatley if using a different oil is likely to offer between protection then that's what I am looking to do. I already plan on doing annual/10k mile services instead of the 2yr/20k mile that is recommended.


Reallly I should just say sod to it and enjoy driving a fantastic car and not worry about it but £10k for a rebuild whilst I could (just) afford it would be painful and difficult to stomach.

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Regular oil services with Millers Nano and drive it, deal with a problem if and when it comes I think is the best thing, like you say fantastic car so don't let what could or might happen ruin it for you.  :)




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Which one of the millers products do you use guys, i do seem to burn a little bit of oil and all the indie people that i contacted said its normal with these engines so long as your getting more than 600 miles per litre (Porsche figure although i can't find that anywhere apparently its in the owners manual). i recon i am getting about 2k-3k miles per litre at worst.










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Look like the millers nano drive cfs it is for carmen then lol. She has expensive tastes, what with 99 ron fuel and expensive oil lol.....Having said that she's still cheaper than the wife and champagne (sorry darling if your reading this i am just puling your leg)

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On 17 February 2016 at 18:27, jmcc42uk said:

Would it be ok to use the Millers nano stuff in a Gen 2 dfi?

Reading about the millers nano oil I would say yes. Seems a lot of the Porsche (non factory) teams use the stuff. If it's good enough for endurance race engines then I would think it's great if enough for our cars. I'm no expert but it does seem to be one of the best oils around. 

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