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Anyone getting out for a drive in this 'Lockdown'?

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Whilst I respect (and observe) the need to limit the risk of spreading COVID, the last I recalled I still lived in a free and democratic country. 


That means, if I want to go for a (safe) drive on my own in my car, I can, and will exercise my free and democratic right to do so. And before I get flamed for ‘breaking the COVID law’ I suggest you read the Coronavirus act 2020, in which nowhere does it say I cannot go for a drive. 

For those unable / unwilling to  inform themselves of fact heres a link to all 395 pages of it for you - you’ll particularly want to read schedule 22, from page 271.




(As an aside - I personally find the sections 89-93 the most alarming that the 2 year expiration date of the act can be amended seemingly at will by a ‘minister of the crown’, and that the expiration clause doesn’t seem to apply to a great many of the acts sections in the first instance.)


One purpose (of many) of the act is to prevent the risk of spreading COVID. So I’ve performed my part as a responsible member of society - I’ve worked from home for 4 weeks now, and exercise (alone) in my local park. I go to the (food and domestic supplies only) shops once a week for essential food and domestic products, wearing a mask and gloves. And no, I’m not ordering an endless stream of ‘nice to haves’ from amazon/online which place an unnecessary burden and increased risk of exposure on delivery drivers and the postie.  And no, I’ve done no DIY this Easter wknd, not during 4 weeks of lockdown, which incidentally has a statistically higher risk of incurring NHS resource burdening injury than driving does - so I hope none of you judging my choice to drive have picked up a drill / hedge trimmer / circular saw / climbed a ladder these past 4 weeks whilst you’re locked-down at home. 


2017 Road Traffic Incidents Stats

~171k RTI casualties & deaths (source: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/744078/infographic-2017-annual-report.pdf)


DIY accidents in 2002 (last recorded data) requiring A&E visit

~200k (source: https://www.saxtonblades.co.uk/blog/diy-safety-infographic/)



So if I want to go for a drive in my car I damn well will, so long as the law permits me to (which it currently does) and those of you who disagree with that are entirely entitled to your opinion (after all, opinions are like arseholes - everyone’s got one), and you can equally keep your insults to yourselves too, rather than turn our community forum into little more than a Facebook playground of sanctimonious opining. 


Of course, in a Millenial age of soundbites and 30-second attention spans the government could never prescribe for every single variable, and so they have to cater to the lowest common denominator (you’ll know who you are) on the daily news feed - and to that end the 3-phrase slogan of “stay home, protect the NHS, save lives” works. It’s short, succinct, and easy to remember. But of course the primary point being - don’t spread contamination. And driving alone in my car is clearly not spreading contamination to anyone else. 


And for those less content to sleepwalk into an authoritarian police-state, here’s an interesting perspective from those who make the rules for our law-enforces  to follow - Source: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/mar/30/uk-police-guidelines-coronavirus-lockdown-enforcement-powers-following-criticism-lord-sumption


Police chiefs are drawing up new guidance warning forces not to overreach their lockdown enforcement powers...

... The intervention comes amid growing concern that some forces are going beyond their legal powers...


... the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) and College of Policing are rushing through guidance reminding officers that despite politicians’ warnings they cannot bar people from going for a run or a drive...


... former supreme court justice Lord Sumption said that excessive measures were in danger of turning Britain into a “police state”... ... Sumption attacked the behaviour of police...he said, “This is what a police state is like, it is a state in which a government can issue orders or express preferences with no legal authority and the police will enforce ministers’ wishes.”



Stay safe and healthy people, and respect thy fellow person, and the sanctity of free will in a democratic state. 

(and if you’re offended by any of this, it was not intended to be aimed at you personally...)

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The world isn't black and white; at least we should all recognise and understand the grey we live in.  Nothing this complicated can be solved on a car forum.  


There are disagreements on both sides, but I think we can all agree that this continuing is only going to end up with somebody being offended needlessly and what it will achieve is absolutely nothing.


Perhaps this is best left be... :)



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Ok guys, lets just chill out a bit.  I realise this is somewhat of an emotional topic and has hit closer to home for some of us recently. Lets not resort to personal attacks on other members though please.  


I appreciate everybody can interpret the request to stay home in different ways but it's not for the OC to enforce any such requests either.  Follow your own moral compass on this one is my advice.  


Lets not fall out over this one everybody :)  

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