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A 2.9 with 60K miles - buy or avoid?


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How much should I worry about buying a 2009 2.9 PDK with 60K miles? Spec looks great. My mileage will be about 5K per year.  Anything special I should look for? 

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2 hours ago, pandalf said:

 Anything special I should look for? 

A really good deal! ;) 


on a serious note, if it's price reflects the mileage, which isn't high in isolation by the way, but is suitably cheaper than a car with say 20k on the clock then it might be worth considering.  I'd have it checked over to gauge things like wear on suspension components which tend to be the weaker aspects of these cars with high miles.  


Is is it an OPC car, specialist or private?

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15 hours ago, pandalf said:

How much should I worry about buying a 2009 2.9 PDK with 60K miles?


I hope you will not have to worry about anything at all - I bought mine (privately) with 69k miles last year, so far after 3k miles I'm still happy and problem free. My car had a full Porsche service history. I was slightly concerned that the previous owner only kept the car for 9 months but the previous one owned it for 5 years having bought it as a pre-registered car when only a couple of months old.


Before purchasing I had mine put through the 111 point check at an OPC, other than needing new pads and disks the condition was good enough for them to have sold me an extended if I'd chosen to buy one.


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Mileage sounds good for the year. I don't like cars that sit around for ages unused.


When I was looking for a Gen II 2.9 in 2014 I don't recall being warned about anything especially. I remember being put off the Gen I models but not specifically why. The only reason I didnt buy a 987 was it felt a little cramped and old fashioned inside. But you could call that "classic".


What is it going for? About £20K?

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When I was researching 2.9 Caymans before I bought mine, I found one example of scored bores on an early car with very low mileage.  I think the general consenus is that they are fairly reliable. As others have said probably worth checking out suspension components at that mileage. 

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