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Loss of coolant

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Hi guys, just after some info,


This morning i went out to check the oil, water and screen wash...You know the usual things tire pressures as well. 


Well my coolant level was down 200ml, i basically pre mixed some up in a measuring jug and then poured fluid in until it was on the max (200 ml).


Now i can't see any leaks anywhere, and i didn't get a coolant level warning, its just part of my weekly checks.


One thing of note is its bloody cold here at the moment but i can't see that making 200ml of fluid difference. 


My initial thought was Oh s**t here goes one of the head gaskets but there is no bubbling of the coolant when the engine is running which normally means exhaust gasses are getting into the coolant.


Im at a bit of a loss, other than a small coolant only under pressure leak thats evaporating in a hot engine bay.


Anybody any clues? 

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Have you checked the radiators at the front of the car Mark?  


They're a common issue on these cars, thats why giving them a clear out regularly helps to prevent corrosion and also means you can inspect them regularly.  



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Okay, try to answer your questions,


1) The radiators are less than two years old. I have receipts where the previous owner changed both radiators and the two a/c condensers.


2) my car lives outside but I took her for a spirited drive this morning, checked for leaks while she was hot and idling but I can't see any. 


The coolant level is still at full....I'm thinking pin prick hole in a hose perhaps. This could be a pita to fault find. Going to monitor the level as it doesn't seem to be going down now. 


Of course the other option is that there was a small 200ml air lock somewhere that's vented out.


987monkeys, sorry to be a pain but which wheel arch am I looking in, I assume your talking of taking the wheel arch linings out.

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That was my next plan. Might try and find a local garage that can do it for me tomorrow. It's due a major next month and spark plugs so I thought about getting a compression test done at the same time as they already have the plugs out..

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Some good advice here, let us know how you get on Mark.  


The water pipes I think Monkey is referring to are accessible from the passenger side front wheel arch, you don't need to remove any wheel arch liners that i'm aware of to see sight of them although you may need to crawl under the font of the car - they will be visible also along the steering rods.  Should have been inspected really when the rads were done, although not everybody would.  

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Even, just checking the car over this morning prior to setting of for the CaymanOC meet. I've done 400 miles since topping up the coolant and it's still on max. Had a look at the hoses under the radiators (using a mirror) and I can't see any leaks, even when she's up to temp and being held at a constant rpm. 


Maybe it was an airlock after all. I will keep monitoring. 

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