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another vote for MPS4S, highly rated! - grabbed a set for about a month ago- 1000 miles in and they grip very well for a 300 treadwear tyre!


They don't like letting go when pushing on, the technology has moved on a lot in the last 10 years of tyres!

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Just put 4 new P zero's on my Cayman S replacing the original factory tyres that perished and split,

I wanted MPS4S's but the tyre shop couldn't get them in time for a trip we were going on so went for the Pirellis's and so far so good, very compliant on rough surface, plenty of grip so thumbs up.

Actually the Bridgestones Potenza's that were on it had done 25k miles and were performing brilliantly until one split open on the motorway..hardly noticed but for a vibration but I wasn't going fast.

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