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Help, what is this leak? yellow/green liquid


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Moved my car out of the garage this morning and there are a couple of yellow spots on the floor, probably a metre apart under where the engine was.  They are not oily so bit confused.  Potentially power steering fluid? Or could it just be exhaust condensation dripping over some rust?


Couple of pictures that may help...





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No smell although it's dried out and stained the floor, so water based rather than oily.  Searched some of the US sites but can't find anything conclusive

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I'd keep an eye on it, maybe put some white paper down under the engine over night and check again the next morning to see if it's still there and whether you can catch it whilst its still wet.  


Unusual colour, I assume your coolant is the regular pink/red type and not yellow? 

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Yep coolant is normal pink colour, so its a bit of a mystery.  Put some paper underneath so will check that next time I use it.


I have noticed a bit of oil use, using the electronic oil measurer it has dropped from max to the the next step down in the 700 miles I've driven so far.  Will keep an eye on it.

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