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Where are my images going when i try and add them to an existing album.


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You guys are really going to start loving me with all my problems i keep having with the forum. 


Watch the video below. As you can see i select gallery, then members albums, then my own album about carman the cayman, i then select add images. I select the images and do all the editing (none as i was just recording the screen), i then upload the images. When i go back to view my uploaded images in the album i previously set up none of my uploaded images are there...


Although they are included in the new images section when first selecting gallery


Sorry guys that i keep finding issues but then again, better that someone finds them i suppose..


Sorry Tom don't ban me :-)



System info


Latest OS X.....

Safari 9.0.2 (latest at time of post)


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Oh and just as an annoyance i now see that each picture has been uploaded 3 times into the new images...None of which are in my album lol and i don't seem to have an option to delete them either..

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 08.12.07.png

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