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Jet Washing Car Mats

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So I discovered a neat trick this weekend, completely revived a set of car mats for my other halfs car, probably looked way past their best but decided to give the following a go on the basis I was likely to bin them anyway. 


1) apply an APC (I use G101), leave to soak for 10-15mins 

2) agitate all over with a stiff brush

3) jet wash the mats until all the APC solution has gone and the water runs clear.  you'll see the brown muck and gunk during out at first, very satisfying 

4) hang up to drip dry 


The result was amazing, the mats look like new and saved the cost of a new set of mats! 



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1 hour ago, Buggyjam said:

They don’t go curly?

If they are really cheap mats then there is a risk. But a good quality mat should be fine. I would use Jet washing as a last resort and would always use a wet vac over this. 


But if a jetwash is all you have then its a great idea and does work, Just takes a little while to dry!

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