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Good morning all,


After experimenting with time and money trying to find the perfect exhaust system for my previous 2.7 Gen1, I'm not too sure which route to go down with my latest car - another Gen1 2.7 -and would appreciate your views on any systems you have had fitted.


The problem I kept encountering in the past was Drone.


Drone loves the shape of the Cayman's cabin as well as the large flat area of glass which it bounces off into every corner and then into your ears, picking up the deep boomy tones of a Subaru WRX all along the way up to 3000 rpm.


I have been down the Carnewal route twice - too much drone.


I have done the Gundo hack where a bypass pipe is fitted but I didn't particularly like the tone.


The last exhaust I had fitted was a switchable Valvetronic Top Gear system where I ended up tuning the exhaust note by soundproofing various areas of the cabin, tunnel, wheel arches etc but still not 100% happy. Plus they are out of stock for 3 weeks. I would however go down this route again.


And there are other exhausts that sound great from the outside but barely audible or too droney on the inside.


A Capristo Exhaust at over £4000 fits the bill nicely but unfortunately not my wallet. It's the best sound I've ever heard.


So, any suggestions for a nice raspy Ferrari-esque exhaust to fit the Cayman 987 Gen 1 that will satisfy an audio anorak?


Many thanks!





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Thanks for the reply,


I do like the PSE exhaust and the tone and volume. Problem is, finding a used one. The new ones they supply are £2200. Then you've got fitting.

I didn't think Carnewal have those in as 'trade-ins' ?

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I’m weighing up exhaust options too. From what I can tell online, the only one I’d be tempted with is the miltek option at around £1000. Problem is I think it’s likely going to drone as you’ve previously found with other systems. 

I had been looking at the gundo hack myself, I wonder if a different diameter pipe might produce a different tone?

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I'll second the used PSE route.  Not the loudest but its a guarantee of no drone which is the most important to me.  However, a good condition used PSE is a harder to find than a unicorn.

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Alot of R&D time and €€€ went into developing Porsche stock exhausts.


I find many aftermarket ones are louder yes, but seem to have more of a 'bark' than the classic Porsche flat 6 'howl'.  I guess it depends on what you're after. 


Also notice most aftermarket don't have details like heat shields in the wheel arch sections etc.


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That’s fab news KdH, glad you got one from Gert 👍🏻

I’ve only heard Gerts other exhausts on cars from the outside when they’re in ‘full song’ and they do sound fantastic, certainly more ‘race car’, but can’t comment on their sound from within the car at ‘cruising’ speeds 🤷‍♂️

I suspect, should my system ever need a total replacement, I’d most probably go the Carnewal route 👍🏻

For me the OE PSE is a good mix in that, when ‘on’, it has a nice burble at idle and a bit of ‘grumble’ at low revs eg pulling off, and when you get into higher revs ~4.5K+ its banshee howl just gets better and better and seems to have a direct link to size of grin splitting ones face 😆


And then if I want a nice quiet cruise at 2800revs sitting at 70mph on the M’way I switch it off and it’s barely audible 👍🏻

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8 hours ago, Windymiller said:

In what way? What does changing the manifolds actually achieve? 🤔

(a genuine question - not trying to be argumentative)


I changed the manifolds on my CR here:

My goals were the same: no drone, more theatrics.  The car sounds alive now.



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Thanks Windy,


I can certainly recommend Gert's service (mine's arriving Monday) and great customer comms. He's a very helpful guy and offers a service where he'll fit the exhaust himself if you drive over to Belgium.


I do believe that in the Cayman, the exhaust sound does need 'tuning' because sound is so subjective. Personally, I don't like the sound of the gearbox that comes up through the centre armrest, so I soundproof that bit allowing me to hear the exhaust note clearer.


Bass boom gets trapped in each of the far corners of the boot, so bass reducing pads work well in eliminating the drone, allowing the exhaust note to come through clearer.


Top picture is just foam, not corrugated! Used in sound studios.


Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 16.56.44.jpg

Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 16.56.59.jpg

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 very surprised you complain of drone from the carnewal, i have literally zero drone at all in the cabin! My Father who is the fussiest of passengers in any of my sports cars doesn't even complain of the drone from inside the cabin. To me its very close to OEM.


I was in the same dilemma about 6 months ago and also got quote from carnwal on the PSE system with new actuators but decided to go for the GT system fitted by the man himself.


Are you putting the bypass switch in the Ashtray? one if the reasons i didn't go for one is having a tacky computer on/ off switch hidden somewhere in the car.

Best decision for me by a long way having heard PSE in and out the car


All subjective of course and can't rate Gert high enough :)



edit...i'd be interested to know what decibel you read in your cabin? complaining of gearbox noise from the arm rest? i can't say i've ever heard anyone say that before driving a sports car 🤕....what car did you come from an S class?

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Yes, putting the switch near the handbrake, and yes lots of gearbox noise coming from the armrest. Put your ear down there and you'll see what I mean.


I've had a few sports cars before, including a Cayman, various air-cooled 911's and a Ferrari Dino GTS so I'm not new to the noise they make. I think I've had an S Class at some stage as well.


As for Gert, yes a top man. Very helpful. He said I may have got a rogue exhaust the first time round. Sound and drone is all very subjective of course.


This time I want it switchable as I don't want to make a noise in Waitrose car park and wake anyone up.

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PSE Exhaust now fitted and sounds very nice, completely drone-free but a nice crackle when the valves are open without shouting 'look at me'. Highly recommended but two day's work for my garage fitting it and they said they'd never do it again.

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