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981 wheels on 987


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Enter the details into this calculator to find out: http://www.willtheyfit.com


By "odder" do you mean "offset"? 


The other most important thing to check out is your insurer's view of fitting wheels not to manufacturer's specifications. Do the calcs then OK the wheels with your insurers before you buy. I wanted to fit rear winter wheels with a 4mm offset difference and 10mm narrower tyres and it took a lot of arguing for SAGA to accept them, eventually.

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Most 981 wheels have the same off-set, PCD and centre bore as the 987.  See sizes below.  


987 Gen 1 Cayman





987 Gen 2 Cayman













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@Beanoir aren't those you have listed just the fronts?


It was the rears I had issues with.


Perhaps a link to the site you got your info would suffice for the OP, unless you fancy doing the rears too, as above?

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Correct, very minor difference in the rear off-set.  


Amended. Minor difference in off-set between the 2 cars, so with the 18" wheels, 4mm difference (inwards).  Probably ok, but i'd check what your inner clearance is first, my preference would be to fit a 5mm spacer. 


Cayman 981 




Cayman 987



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The 10mm narrower (255) rears negated the spacer issue with the ones I was contemplating (CMS rims) which were 4mm inwards, as Nick says, but created another issue with the insurers. They eventually accepted narrower winter tyres are a good idea so went with both the different offset and tyre width. 


In the end I decided not to switch as the Nokian winter tyres already fitted to the used CMS rims weren't N marked, I'm not in Scotland, and the 18's in silver didn't appeal aesthetically.

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