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981 rear diffuser grille research.


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Having seen Mark's Zunsport installation... 

...I thought I'd have a look at my rear end to see what could be done on a DIY basis. Now, here's an interesting thing - the black plastic diffuser on each side has a join line around the inside of it with six tabs which locate the forward (inner) section. As I'm not a fan of the grilles being flush with the outside edge of intakes and diffusers, this mid-way position looks ideal to place a grille so as to hide the dirty exhaust boxes form immediate view. Actually, this looks like the same positioning of Mark's Zunsport rear grilles which presumably have tabs using this same join/overlap...






If this inner section could be removed, it may be possible to fabricate a shaped piece of metal grille to fit into the join with individual grille wires extending under the plastic overlap so as to hold the grille in place. Has anyone removed this inner piece, and would my plan work? More photos...








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In view of Mark's comments about the Zunsport rear grilles, another one here ( http://www.planet-9.com/981-cayman-and-boxster-modifications/86216-981-side-vent-rear-bumper-grilles-3.html#post782371 ), and the reasonable cost from Zunsport (if they fit!), I contacted Zunsport with links to both and offered to go to them with my car to see how these, and the fronts/sides could be improved upon, with a view to buying a pair of rears and not having the hassle of making my own! Their MD has taken up my offer and I'm going next Thursday morning.


I also asked if they'd do a discount for CaymanOC members and he's confirmed they will, at 20%, and given me the exclusive discount code. Tom or Dave have been advised and will post this elsewhere, perhaps in a secure "member's only" section.



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