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i have the 918 buckets in my GT4 and for the first time today my wife sat and traveled in the car, only to find the seat very hard and after about 45 minutes it gave her back pain, big problem as we are off to LeMans init soon and at the moment we will be in the golf.

So it looks like if I want to go in the GT it will need a seat swop for the trip and with that I am going to have to find another seat that will just bolt in, so question will any Porsche seat fit?, does anyone have a spare that I could borrow or buy, or is eBay my friend


any help on this would be great

cheers dunc

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Any good?:




Seriously though, do you know which seats WILL be a straight swap in (any electrics?), and is it just the passenger seat you need?


Might find one at the scrappie where just the driver's side was wiped out?


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Driver's seat IF left hand drive. Is it the same as RHD passenger's?

Needs an airbag too!!


Don't forget insurance and warranty issues too.



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I would have thought any seat from a 981 will fit, worth measuring the bolt spacing on 987 seats too as I wouldn't mind betting they also fit... 


Must be able to pick up some cheap seats for a 981 now.  



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