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Swapping my 987.2cs for a 981 - S or GTS


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I'm thinking of swapping my 2010 27k mile old version for a 981  but can't make my mind up whether to plump for a GTS or the S.


WBAC value my 987.2 the same as I bought it for 12 months ago at £25k, however they value a GTS at £38k with 45k miles and £34k for a 981.S.


All the GTS's I see for sale are at the £46k price bracket whilst the 981 S versions are only about £3k cheaper. Not sure if I should buy at the moment as I really don't want to suffer massive depreciation in 12 months or so.


Any thoughts, 981 owners?

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Believe me when i say you will not get a 981 S for less than 40k for a low miles nice specced car. A GTS in the same guise is 50k+.


Yes you can get an S for 35k if your happy with 70k miles and very few options checked. The GTS however doesn't rely on options as they come equipped anyway but that reflects in the price.  There are the odd higher miler but will be a private sale and would need a keen eye to check condition. 


I say all this because I've just been down this road all the while watching the prices sky rocket. 


The demand for 981 models in general has gone crazy. 


I wanted a low mile, fully optioned S with a known good specialist and warranty so as you can imagine i paid top money but it's worth every penny.

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I'm even happier with my purchase now.


Contested a sprint at Curborough at the weekend, sharing the car with my multiple formula ford race winning son.


We came 1st and second in class, less than a second apart. Recieved some nice cut glass awards.


Great day out apart from the result, had a great time with the family attending!


Car performed brilliantly, but going to fit an X73 rear roll bar to help with the slow speed understeer.



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