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GT4 Orders

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Hi Everyone,


Does anyone have any up to date information on GT4 orders.  Anyone know if orders in the UK (build dates) are still being given out.

Such a lot of hear say about, just people guessing.   My order and spec was placed in October 2015.  One garage actually said no point in taking a deposit in October 2015 you won't get a car.



The dealers seem to be littered with next to zero GT4's all £20 - £40k over and above.  I have been watching closely in the last few weeks the prices are starting to fall. At lot now POA get as much as we can after a chat.  Obviously as the cars get older, and they are all pre registered.  Does any one have any real facts on new cars coming through?





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With this being in the press, and 11 GT4's on offer last week on the Porsche approved used all with next to zero milage on and all £100k plus, it does make you think.

This morning the list is down to 3 available now.  The missing cars can be found though on e-bay and Piston Heads. Have they been told to get rid of the stock?

Some of the prices have fallen quite sharply too. Anyone know anything??

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Thanks for the reply, just trying for feed back on who is still waiting.  No one seems to be.  

Some cars are falling now.  Two for under £90K with delivery miles. They are just not worth £108k plus even for a full spec car. Utter madness.  We are Just trying to make some sense out of the process.

Unless the car is a decent spec, seats, brakes trim, etc, they are worth less than £89k with del miles. 

Nobody from days of phone calls can confirm..


1/ End of production, although guess of August from two sites

2/ If any builds have been confirmed this year, for a car for later this year


Had confirmation all sites have been told to remove all cars that are selling for more than retail for a car less than 12 months old.  It seems to be that some people have bought the GT4 not wanting it,  just to speculate and make money on it, and throw it back in.

It will be interesting to see the price on the cars in 12 months. Although I'm expecting slight North of RRP.

One thing is certain, no one is paying way over, although a lot are asking and have had them for sale for months.




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quite a few are selling way over, and still are, none on OPC sites so those have been returned to owners.


The £89k JZM basic spec car is sold now,  so >£25k overs is where it's at still, the big price change will be if the gen 2 GT4 is turbo or not, then it will go up or down depending on that, but that's 2 years away at best.


the cheapest cars with 918 buckets and leather are £99.9k  and only 2 of those, if you want that plus PCCB cars start at £105k  that makes all those again £25k overs.


cheaper cars with no leather are still £25k overs just have a base price of sub £70k not £75k


if you want 918, leather, PDLS, climate etc it's still > £100k car atm


cars have only dropped from £30k overs to £25k overs but that was always going to happen with OCT 2015 cars fetching £30k overs as none were for sale and that was when to cash out if you wanted to make £30k



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orders were closed a few months back, but production is till July I think for people waiting for cars.


If you did not know 2 months ago, they are gone.

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The press reports on Porsche comments relating to the 718 GT4 seem to confirm it will still be F6 NA powered. Seeing as the new 718 S Boxster out performs the current GT4 (PDK, SC), I wonder...

a) What power and performance figures the 718 GT4 will have?

b) When the 718 GT4 will be made - 2018?

c) What effect the 718 GT4 will have on 981 GT4 prices? Will there be a slump seeing as there's no downside to going from 981 to 718 GT4, whereas there is with the rest of the 981 clan going to F4 Turbo power? Will the 981 GT4 limited production run protect prices, and will Porsche similarly restrict 718 GT4 production numbers or make loads more of them than the 981 GT4 due to its success and over subscription? 

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Hi people,


i dont want to do a new thread for it so i ask here.


Does anyone can inform me about the price they paid for the services of this car until now.

Im comparing with a GT3 997.....?




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1st service at Porsche should be £500 plus vat, but you can get a discount on that price if you are a Porsche club member as that is what I have been told at my local Porsche center

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