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Brake pads - what is this?...


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981 goes in for 1st service next week. Expecting OPC to phone and say "your brake pads need changing". They look fairly meaty, as below, with the friction material at the bottom of the photo, but what is the circular bit sticking out at the top of the pad, toward the disc? 


Is it just a guide/locating pin fixed to the calliper which goes through the pad, rather than something attached to the pad itself?


This is front O/S. Rears have even more meat on them. Thanks for any info, so I can understand...



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just a buffer I guess, the pads wear more at the bottom though so they might be about done.


if its going to Leicester you get a % worn at service time.

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I realise that this is an old post/thread but the small lugs/boss' are for carrying the friction pads. There should be 4 one top and bottom left and right of the disc/rotor.



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