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Loud Engine Noise during Cold Start - Cayman S 987 Gen2 with PDK

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Hello everyone,

I'm reaching out to seek some advice regarding a concerning issue I've been experiencing with my Cayman S 2009.

Whenever I start my car from a cold state, the engine emits a tremendously loud noise, reminiscent of a motor sound. It's quite alarming, to say the least. However, after the car has warmed up for a while, the noise gradually fades away. It seems to only occur during the initial cold start.

I've tried researching online to see if others have encountered a similar problem, but haven't come across much information specific to my model and year. Hence, I'm turning to this forum in the hopes that someone here might have some insights or solutions.

Has anyone else here experienced such a noisy cold start with their Cayman S, especially from the 2009 model year? If so, I would greatly appreciate hearing about your experiences and how you managed to resolve this issue, if at all.

Any advice, suggestions, or even shared experiences would be immensely helpful. I'm quite attached to my Cayman S and want to ensure its engine is in optimal condition.


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Welcome!  I would suggest posting a video so that we can hear it.

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Sounds like the secondary air injector/pump, which is supposed to reduce cold start emissions by dumping fresh air into the exhaust. It’s normal to hear it kicking in during cold weather, but it’s an ugly noise.


Have a look on YouTube for 911 or 987 secondary air pump noise — there should be some examples so you can compare to what you’re hearing.

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