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Windscreen wiper motor needs replacing

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Is there anyone in Central London who could very kindly fit a new windscreen wiper motor? 


Yes, the windscreen wiper motor has given up ghost on my 987.2. Well, the car is 2011, so getting on, and actually the wipers were a big hesitant even three years ago when I acquired the car. Went to RSJ Sports Cars in Slough yesterday and Chris there checked the system over and confirmed the need for new motor. He ordered one online, Porsche part, for £450 + VAT. Agreement was I'd return on Mon to have  it fitted (£100 labour approx).


At home I looked online and purchased a second hand motor for £27 on ebay (Chris had asked if I wanted to do this and I'd declined saying I didn't know how, but on the drive back to Pimlico I was thinking, 'that's gonna be £700 all-in, which is about 5% the value of the car -- and that's just no good for one part replacement!' So I looked into it and it was fairly easy to find the part, 99762410601 for RHD).


Rang Chris, he's cancelled the Porsche order but still willing to do the fitting, but it's a long drive to Slough. My part should arrive Friday/Sat.



cheers Adrian

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Thanks for your response and the video link, Lenny. There is definitely something to be said for doing it oneself, especially as in my case my £27 motor might itself need replacing!

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