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PCP or Car Lease for new Golf


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We're looking to change my other half's car (and ageing Focus) and treat her to a new car!  Now I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to new cars as I've never (apart from company cars) ordered a new car.  


We both quite like the VW Golf GTi or R, fits the daily driver box for us, relatively economical and fun factor for her.  I won't be driving it much.  


Im going to finance this car, again a bit of a novice here and what I can't decide is whether to get the car on a PCP type arrangement with a balloon payment from VW or go to a lease company and get the car on a straight lease.  They both seem to me to be the same kind of thing assuming you are not keeping the car after 2/3 years.  


Is there anything in particular I should be considering (aside from mileage restrictions etc) as the straight lease idea appears quite a bit cheaper... 



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A personal loan is a possibility but the monthly cost of a £20k+ loan is more expensive than I'd like to fork out every month twice as much as a lease structure.  


It's not a car I'm fussed about keeping at the end of the 2/3 years - kind of just jumping on the band wagon I guess...

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