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987 clunking front suspension

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Another new user registering to pick your brains - sorry about that.

My '07 S has developed a loud clunk on and only on right turns above 30mph I.e. when the n/s suspension is weighted up. I can feel it in the pedals & hear it in the cabin. To this end I've changed the following:


Control arms, coffin & tuning fork


Anti roll bar bushes

Track rods, inner & outer.


On the plus side, the car has never handled so well, on the downside I still have my clunk. The car sits level & I can report the springs are ok & seated correctly. I'm now down to what I think are the final possibilities - Strut mounts/bearings or wheel bearings with an outside chance of the steering rack although the steering feels fine.


Anything I may have missed or even better, anyone else experienced this & can offer an insight?


Thanks chaps.

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I've no idea about 987 mechanics but was thinking shock absorber mounts, if it has them!?

Hub bearing, as you say, could be it too.

Do you use an Indy who could diagnose it for you?

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47k. I've had it at two indys now & both have relieved me of an hours labour for not very much in return. Pretty sure the springs are ok, the car sits level & I've had a very good look whilst doing the control arms & drop links although I freely admit I could be wrong there. Took a deep breath yesterday & ordered up all the strut mounts, bearings & bits & bobs.


Spring compressors out, I'm going to change the mounts. My gut feeling is it has to be that. It's related to steering as in it only happens when the wheel is turned above 30mph & never over bumps or under braking. I addition, there is no play in the wheels so logically I'm discounting the wheel bearings. If I'm wrong then so be it I suppose - at least I'll have refreshed all of the front suspension on the way.


The good news is it's not really much of a hack to remove the stuts, just a long nut & bolt job, really. I'll have to have a full geo after though, I'll never screw it back together with the camber right. Thanks for the suggestions guys, much appreciated.

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