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Hello from Luxembourg


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Hi Prindone, thanks for the email. I have just joined the forum. I bought a 2014 Cayman S last month. I haven't driven it much yet.  I think I just added a picture of it. I had put in a bid for an R but the bid was not accepted. So I got the S. I am learning how to drive the car presently. I am 79 years old and this is the first "sports car" that I have owned. My son and grandson can drive it very well. I know you are looking forward to your new car. 

I have visited Germany several times and have studied German language but still have trouble pronouncing the words.

Send me a picture of your new car


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On 15 May 2016 at 09:03, Prindone said:

Hi people,


i introduce myself the best i can do.....


Paolo, 31 years old and Fanatic Porsche.

actualy i have a Cayman R (the real one) whitout airco and radio, just the necessary....

In july my GT4 ordered will arrived in light grey.


In the familly aswell big fan of the Brand with the 996 GT3 MK1, 997 GT3 RS, 991 GT3 RS the dream???






Rare to see these with no radio in, I reckon most were optioned with.  Nice car...a proper R ;) 

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Some little upgrade are to come.


-short shifter (hope its not to difficult to fix it)

-GT3 brakes air scoop

-K&N air filter

-pagid RS29 and RS14 with new rotors

-Harness Bar

-2 RRS Red Harness 6 points

-Carnewal cat modification

-full Xpel clear covering as the old one begin yo be yellow

for the moment thats all but i thinking at the IPD plenum kit asweel?


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