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Hi fellow Cayman enthusiasts, i just joined the forum and wanted to share my new ride with you, I am nearly 50 years old now and  have owned a few Porsches in my time , but this is my first new one, I toyed with the idea of an older 911, but was put off by the examples i saw here in Michigan, the bad roads and weather beat the hell out of cars here so I decided that the Cayman was the car for me, (  I have loved the Cayman since it first came out and  i have no kids so don't need rear seats,)   to my eyes the Cayman is perfectly proportioned. 

So what did i buy ?  -  a 2.7 because the police are everywhere here and i struggle to get my Mustang above 4000 rpm so there was no point in spending the extra 10k on something i could rarely use,  i wanted PDK and sport chrono with the paddles not the push pull buttons.... i also wanted Bose and heated seats. I did not want 20" wheels as i have had too many damaged rims on my company cars so i found an example with 19's which i think suit the car well.

I also wanted a non black interior and a rare exterior color so i went for Dark Blue metallic with Luxor beige interior.


I am a few thousand miles in now and love the car, it's bigger than i expected and heavier - not unlike my old 928 but it does sound lovely.  I'm still  bonding and using it as often as possible.

I don't see many Cayman's in and around the Detroit area so most people i run into in gas stations have no clue what the car is, they usually like what they see though.


I still enjoy using my 944 though , it's also a 2.7 and it's amazing to feel the progress Porsche made in 26 years...





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I remember when the 944 was THE best handling car when it was still being produced. How much of a step up is the 981?

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Off at a tangent... have you downloaded much to the 40GB drive? I have only 8GB of music tracks but it'll only record maybe 20-30 on, say, a 2hr drive before it cuts off. Re-starting it, it starts from the beginning again! I think the solution is to transfer only a few hundred MB at a time, then get the next set of tracks and do the same, yawn!....

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I have uploaded about 8gb into my jukebox, it took about an hour , i felt like  a right pillock sitting in the car park with the engine running listening to the stereo.... it sounds great though, i also have satellite radio which is so, so  depending on the channel , you can hear the compressed signal . 

Much more useful is the maximum speed display in the multifunction display, it shows you the speed limit for the area, it;s great when you are not sure if its a 30 or 40 zone.

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