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Just back from Isle of Man


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I forgot to mention that I ended up leading a Cayman convoy to the Chateau Impney hillclimb - I stopped for fuel at Droitwich where there was another Cayman also getting fuel, the driver approached and asked if I knew where the hillclimb was and could he follow me! I mentioned the Cayman owners Club but it would have been useful if I had a flier to give him.


Also, I can see why eponymoose likes his 17" wheels, the Isle of Man roads are generally lacking in smoothness which resulted in a bone jarring filling loosening ride on my 19" rims!


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14 hours ago, twopointnine said:

I mentioned the Cayman owners Club but it would have been useful if I had a flier to give him.


I believe @Uncle Dave was arranging this actually, he's a bit slow though bless him 

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7 hours ago, DKR_77 said:

This is on my bucket list...probably not in the Cayman mind you ;) 


How was the crossing over? 


We travelled on the Ben-my-Chree ferry between Heysham and Douglas. I'm not a good sailor and chose the ferry over the fast-craft which I've heard can suffer more in rough seas. The crossings were far from smooth but not rough enough to make me ill, during the rougher bits I just tried to sleep. I'd recommended upgrading to the premium lounge, as we did for the return journey, where you get an allocated comfortable seat with free coffees etc, biscuits, newspapers etc.


As much as I enjoy driving my Cayman I can't say that it was much fun driving it on the island as I mentioned in my original post, it would have been more relaxed and comfortable if I'd taken my Q3. If we go again we'll compare the costs of flying from Gloucester to Castletown and then getting a hire car.


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