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Any 981 S owners?


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I'm starting to see 981s creeping into the Cayman R price range which is interesting. I know the regular S will never have the cache of the R but the main reason for me looking at the R is that it has a LSD from the factory which is a feature I always try to have with my cars. I see the Porsche Torque vectoring features a diff I would be interested to know peoples experiences of the system. 

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Interesting, and you're right the 981S is pretty close to CR money, best go and drive both cars though as they're very different cars IMO, but not in a case of one is better than the other as such.  I was juggling with 981GTS/CR when I was on the hunt. 


With the LSD though, it almost irritates me that I honestly can't say that I've ever derived any conscious benefit from it, my 987S didn't have one, went straight into an R and it doesn't make itself known...perhaps thats the idea or I'm just not Ayrton...

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