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  2. ------------------------------------------- The wheels are from a 993 GT2RS so not OEM for a Cayman but imo, I like to be different! The colour is "marmite" too, I agree but I see shed loads of Black & Silver CS's around my way & I've got the only Lapis Blue for miles (I keep telling myself its more exclusive!! lol)
  3. ------------------------------------------- I wish it was a CR !!! ... Alas, it's a "fake R" with the R side decals 😜
  4. Just the standard GT back end. It’s brought the car alive. Since getting the car I’ve always thought that it lacked sound. Not talking crackle and pops just general sound to accompany the performance, most notably under 4K rpm. As you know to hit that sweet spot to need to be pushing on and that’s not always practical, if you value your license. What this has done is brought it down by 2k. On a neutral throttle ie steady 70,80,90 there’s no perceivable difference but as soon as you hit the gas it’s very noticeable. Also on start up...... especially when on the train on the way back. Decent little overnight road trip too. Lunch in Ypres on the way and an overnight in Bruges, where we had the pleasure of paying 28 euro for a bottle of £5.00 wine!
  5. Superb ! What did you go for ? Do we get to hear it too ? 😎
  6. Well that the road trip complete, very happy with the results. Amazing what difference a bit of noise makes.
  7. ‘Voting’ would suggest this is a democracy Jason?? 😛
  8. I’d agree on the wheels too - worth selling them separately? Price is about right, but if you ask around most indies will tell you the market has gone a bit slow recently. Seeing offer prices on the more expensive models coming down a bit, but I think for early cars the prices won’t move much.
  9. I'd agree with a couple of others and say it's probably the wheels. They don't look OEM. Other than that, lovely car.
  10. Ha ! New tailpipes mate. And was after a clean. Plus being new - I seem to be going through Autosol at quite a rate 😎
  11. Are you selling your R Julian? i can’t open the eBay ad link whilst in Egypt for some reason. Im back in the U.K. on the 28th, I’ll take a looky then. What are you asking for it?
  12. Didn’t realise you still had any ‘voting rights’ Nick since you ‘jumped ship’ and bought ya yellow-peril 🚕😉😛😁
  13. Price for spec, miles etc looks good to me. As above: low if anything ! ? The wheels are ‘marmite’ imo. And as initial impressions count for a lot....MAY be dividing opinion ? Either way - do not lower price. Good luck !
  14. As requested.... I just don’t know why the original buyer didn’t spec my centre console in white too, when he did all the other bits. And yes, the rear parcel shelf surround trim does look good in body colour (AND adds 10BHP.... 😉👍🏻)
  15. In my opinion I think the price is bang on, maybe a touch low. Good spec, condition, history etc. The colour and wheels will be pegging the interest possibly. Unless you need the money hold out, the right buyer will come along. Good luck 🤞
  16. Yesterday
  17. I think a set of standard wheels would help resale better
  18. Just wondering what the usual private sale price of something similar to mine would go for?? Am I asking too much? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/153587249598?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Cheers, Julian...
  19. More pictures of all the trim in white please. I have been wanting to do this for ages. The rear trim in white looks ace.
  20. I expect a COC Mod’ to be along any moment now to tell you off for ‘other marque’ blasphemy.... 😱🤨😉😁
  21. Thanks Jason, Happy to share - I paid £175 for the paint, but bear in mind the base console was from an R so didn’t have the rubberised finish which I imagine is a total pain to remove.
  22. Sadly I don’t have a 718 S, nor do I live in the USA, but I’ll shamelessly fawn over the fact that one of the co-hosts of one of the best online car ‘video-mags’ is now a member of the COC 😍😁 i love your cayman generations episode from season 2 - very objectively presented, and I like that you and Todd actually drew some (differing 😉) conclusions as to the ‘best’ (obviously a 987R 🤪), where many car-shows would ‘cop-out’ and say ‘they’re all equally great, in their own ways....’. Nice reporting gents, keep the episodes coming and I hope you find a 718S owner stateside soon 👍🏻
  23. I think it looks great 👍🏻 As you say the R has colour-coding, and i found my S with various interior trim pieces (cupholder strip, gear-gaitor surround, rear parcel-shelf cubby holes) exterior paint coded, but strangely not the centre console. Having removed my console a cpuple of weeks back relatively easily I’ve thought I’d like to colour code it over the winter whilst off the road. Ive been quoted £220 for removal, paint and refit. As I’m now comfortable doing the removal and fit myself I wonder how much the painting alone would cost - what have you paid for the colour-coding if you’re willing to say on here? cheers, Jason
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