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  2. I had mine mapped and I was genuinely surprised how much of a difference it made. I'm running exhaust, intakes and the map on my 2.7 and it happily sits beside my friends S all day.
  3. Hi Scott, I've had both a remap and run a Sprint throttle booster. Link to my thread below: My car is running a few modifications though, so the outcome won't not be the same. I went to DMS Automotive near Southhampton for the remap. The car is mapped on the rolling road and I highly recommend them. The throttle booster certainly makes the car feel more urgent, but this is done by changing how quickly the throttle responds and effectively changing the throttle position. I run mine in the middle setting most of the time, it definitely helps when heel and toeing on track (and I NEED help!). So I get used to the throttle response in all conditions I keep the car in the middle setting on the road as well. Bang for buck I think the sprint booster is the way to go. At £100 odd quid they aren't expensive, easy to install and you will feel a difference. (I'm assuming you don't have sport chrono?)
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  5. hi all  I’m pondering on the idea of either a remap or trying one of the boost type chips that plug into the throttle has anyone had experience of either ? I’m driving a 2006 2.7 987.1 Carnewal gt exhaust k & n air filter Scott
  6. hi all I’m pondering on the idea of either a remap or trying one of the boost type chips that plug into the throttle has anyone had experience of either ? I’m driving a 2006 2.7 987.1 Carnewal gt exhaust k & n air filter Scott
  7. Keith and myself will be travelling down on the day from the Midlands and might have another car with us
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  9. Its going to be a 6 cylinder model based on the standard 718 platform, so nice, but not special enough IMO 718 GT4 will use the GT chassis, not 100% on the engine yet but looks like it will be available with PDK unlike the current GT4
  10. Sorry gents I pulled out a few weeks back due to family challenge. Have a great day and I hope the weather is kind. Darren
  11. Thanks all for the replies, Update is as follows: -Topgear have finally made contact when I emailed them to question the fitment of the manifolds. Said that if they wanted to fit and adjust them then I'm happy to do that. Or just get another set that does fit sent out / exchanged. I'm dealing with Alexander one of the directors. - Emails have been sporadic but latest was that I've sent pictures to them as requested of the manifolds so they can investigate on their end. So as of yet they are still in the box. 🤣 - New hardware is fairing up well. We'll be properly checking it this bank holiday to make sure nothing has come loose or leaking - Drilling jig is to be rented out so any interest do let me know. Its pencil booked for a couple of weeks starting next weekend. But let me know dates and I can organise how it will get to you.
  12. Will be along 😁 1. beanoir 2. Daz 3. Adrian Turner 4. Draven 5. Craig 6. Kai 7.Equinox (Tom)
  13. Hello Caymanland. Ive got a colleague at work who has finally got rid of his insanely quick but seriously unreliable Excige (less than 3 months of roadworthy use in 15 months) and wants a proper car. An R or 981 is very high on his list and he has £30k+ burning a hole. does not want a white one but aside from that, anything considered. would like to stretch to a GTS if poss. He knows his cars and how to drive em too and will be doing track time with it. Anybody seen anything or might know of anything that I could pass on. cheers guys.Steve
  14. have a look through the ebay breakers Jason, its not a known or common fault so there should be plenty out there from Boxsters or Crocs that have met an untimely demise.
  15. Hi Kev & welcome. There only about 128 manual 981C GTS in the UK. If you see one you like, grab it. There is a lovely Blue one on Autotrader at the moment which I would buy, if I didn't already have my 'Queenie'. Good luck with the search.
  16. Hi all, My first post and whilst not yet a 981 owner, hopefully that will be rectified soon. I test drove a manual 981 GTS last year and loved it. That particular car didn’t have NAV so I didn’t pursue the purchase but it made my mind up that’s my next car to have (after quite a considerable time thinking I can assure you!). Nearly every 981 GTS for sale is PDK, the manuals seem very difficult to come by. This is a fun/weekend car for me and has to be manual. Any ideas on how to locate a manual 981 GTS? Maybe there are car finder services that people have used they can recommend? I’m up in Aberdeen which doesn’t make viewing cars very easy but happy to travel South for the right car. I would have posted something in the Wanted section of the forum but can’t seem to, maybe because that’s I’m a new member. Thanks in advance for any ideas. Kev
  17. I've not heard from Junky or Beanoir - not sure if they are still wanting to join the day. If not, Jonnyb could be offered the option? KR Jo
  18. Cheers Dougle. I found a 996 wiring diagram (obviously different to 997/987, but have some similarities...) and it shows he seat belt warning system being linked with airbags via the SRS control unit - so that makes sense that the airbag light is now on. It it also shows the belt buckle has 400ohm resistance in it, which corroborates with the measurement I took. I do now think it’s the buckle microswtich that’s at fault. A new buckle is £140 from design 911, but I bet the switch is pence 🤨 doesn’t look like the buckle comes apart (without breaking it). So so think I’ll need to order one, fit it, and then have an excuse to drive out (like I ever need an excuse to drive her) to you for an airbag light reset. Can also have a good look round your mods then too 👍🏻
  19. coffin arm bushes are a known wear point, as are shok top mounts. check these first before you commit to new shox
  20. I’m about 30miles / 1hr away in Bucks. Where will you be travelling in from?
  21. If you start the car with the yellow connector undone that will throw an airbag light. It can be reset with Durametric, happy to help if your down my way (Twickenham).
  22. Yeah really looking forward to it! Look forward to meeting you all too. Are you all fairly local to Millbrook?
  23. Jason Just checked mine. If I start car without sitting in seat the seat belt light comes on. Darren
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