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  2. Finally got the Cayman back from service after service. Had a few challenges with the lady running the office first she tried charge me for items that were not done. The went out to car and she had forgot to stamp book. Even though she had put it back in the car. Got the car home order front brembo disc and pads from design 911. They arrived the next day. Yesterday stripped the first side down and got disc out. New brembo disc are uni directional but disc I got out was a old style which is directional. Then I looked at the other and they had given me one new style and one old style. So mad dash from Kent to Brentford, 90 mile round trip via dartford crossing, not ideal in rush hour on the Thursday before bank holiday 2.5hrs and made just before they closed. So this morning got first side completed. Started second side and the first bolt I touched was the bolt that secures the hydraulic pipe and the bolt sheared. I tried an extractor no luck. Finally had to drill out and retap. All done now but had a few stressful moments and barked at wife. Now taking her out to dinner to apologies. Still smiling😁
  3. This is the oddest thing, I couldn't work out how they did it. I leave my key in a draw far away from the front of the house to stop any remote scanners but my girlfriend also sent me a photo of a strange chip on the door handle that was never there before. It made me think back to when I locked myself out of my E39 years ago by leaving the key in the boot before I closed it. The AA man checked a database and found the solution to unlock my car. He said I should really look away while he did the solution but let me watch as I must have an honest face haha He put a wedge between the back of the boot and the C Pillar to expose a cable. He then shorted that cable and all my doors/boot unlocked with no alarm!! I do wonder if the chip was a result of something they used to access a cable behind the door handle?
  4. Great story, lovely looking car, well done for taking the time to sing their praises 👍🏻
  5. That’s 5h1te Michael, gutted for you. 😦 How did they actually unlock it and get in? was there damage to the locks / car?
  6. Welcome Wanderer - great to see Niks car back ‘in the fold’, and glad she’s found her way into the hands of someone whose clearly going to care for and cherish her. Ive had mine for 2 years now and I STILL do that cheeky little look back when I ‘put her to bed’ 😍😉 one of my my favourite views is of her rear quarter ‘hips’ as seen in the wing-mirrors when you’re driving. I’m not ashamed to say I find them quite ‘sensual’ to look at and run my hands over when washing/drying/polishing 😉😁 my wife complains that the car has my hands on it more than she gets 🤣🏎👍🏻 Enjoy, I don’t think there’s anything in the car-world quite as satisfying as owning and driving a Porsche 👍🏻 (and if there is, I dont care, because I own and a drive a Porsche 🤪)
  7. Yesterday
  8. Thanks. Really nice. I have the embossed head rest but not the arm rest.
  9. BMW 520D M sport. Perfect support vehicle for carrying the Caymans track wheels.
  10. Could be that Nissan 350Z colour? Nice rusty wheel bolts though...
  11. My local specialist says you can remove the glass and clean them up inside, then glue back and seal with some clear sealant or similar. He reckons it a common problem. Maybe its possible to spray the reflector silver when you have cleaned it up.
  12. 2004 Polo 1.9 SDi. 150,000 miles 60mpg Non-turbo diesel £600. Makes the Porsche feel colossal in comparison. My wife has a 2019 Mercedes E-Class for when the dogs need to travel with us.
  13. Its great when you find a good dealer. i purchased my Cayman from Cavendish Porsche in November 2017 and found the entire experience very pleasant and easy I could not fault them. It gives you a much better level of confidence in the car even if there are a few niggles. Great looking cayman as well.
  14. Needs more mods to pull that off but I like the colour
  15. 2007 Volvo V50 2.0D Sport.....in black.........firmer suspension....and a RICA remap (179bhp, and 360nm), coming up to 183K miles . It's my weekly commuter (I spend a few days a week based in London so drive up from Poole), and manages 50+ mpg sitting at motorway speeds. She's done some advanced driver training days with me, including at Millbrook (I saw 134mph on the high speed bowl). Same chassis as the Ford Focus and Mazda 3 of the time, so not the world's worst drive in the twisty stuff. Not quite on par with the CS however.....
  16. Finally got round to taking some pics of the embossed bits...
  17. Sorry to hear that. Sounds like they’re signed up to neighbourhood selective watch, only watch and poke your nose in with innocent people. That’s the problem with curtain twitchers, finger waggers and nimbys, their modus operandi is them and the world that orbits their dramas, it’s “me, me me me”. So if it’s not affecting them they won’t even glance. shouldve told that granny “hey, people in glass houses and throwing stones etc - naff all use you were when I was actually burgled”
  18. Haha well.... you would think but when I was travelling I get sent this photo from my partner who had got back from being away herself to find all my car unlocked, doors and every compartment wide open and ransacked! It had been left in that state for at least 2 days and not a single neighbour or passerby was kind enough to just close my doors! There’s never a busybody around when you actually need one 😂 Got a tracker with a motion sensor when I got back which texts me if anyone touches my car. It goes off for as much as a parking ticket on the windscreen but strangely it did not trigger my new Pen-pal?🤔
  19. Last week
  20. I bought my Cayman from them last October. Very Good garage to do business with..
  21. Not one for me. The orange just doesn't look good in my opinion.
  22. Not to my taste either, did see it a couple of weeks ago on Auto Trader, it’s kinda right in your face but would of looked better without the bonnet stripes. Guessing the text on graphics is some kinda private joke .......... each to their own though.
  23. Sweet Jesus I think you're right......I can't "Unsee" that......
  24. Jonny I've put you as first Reserve. If there's more interest we can look at an additional day. Paul - great to speak and thank you for your patience with me this morning! Updated status showing your payment has been received: 1. Paul Stevens - booking form & full payment received 2. Junky (Adrian) - confirmed 3. Craiglm68 (Craig) - booking form & full payment received 4. beanoir (Nick) - booking form received 5. Windymiller (Jason) - booking form & full payment received 6. Chateauneuf (Nick) - booking form & full payment received Reserve 1. Jonnyb
  25. I do hope this isn’t against forum rules posting links for cars for sale. I found this for sale, I’m not looking to buy myself but thought it interesting and unique so worth a post. It’s been seriously driven at 120k which is admirable in itself but I seriously love the paint job :D. Not to everyone’s taste but I think it’s bonza. Are my eyes wonky or does it say “poosh” down the side?? https://www.dtperformancecars.co.uk/used-porsche-cayman-nuneaton-warwickshire-1997779
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